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Let Hope Arise…


With so much negativity and despair, it is not surprising why society today encourages people not to love themselves. We hear it all the time. People say ‘oh he/she loves herself’.  May I pause you there for a second, who said it was a crime to love thyself?

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So what if that person loves themselves, shouldn’t you? There is freedom when we love and accept ourselves because it enables us to love and accept other people.

If you look at statistics, you will find that those with low self-esteem struggle to accept and love people. You will also find that bullies are those with low self-esteem. What does that say about the society we live in now? Many of us struggle with insecurity and with feelings of low self-worth. Acceptance is the key to freedom. We need to learn to embrace all that we are because there is no one else like us.

The truth is the way we see ourselves affects the way we treat people. If you think you’re not worth it, you will treat people like they are not worth it because that is what you know. That’s the spirit you are projecting on to other people – a spirit of worthlessness, and that spirit can spread like a virus. Before you know, you will see a generation filled with hopelessness. The only way to break this stronghold is by letting hope arise in our hearts and in our minds.


Confidence is such a beautiful trait to have. It opens doors; it enables us to make and maintain connections. When people see someone who really believes in themselves, they are immediately drawn to them.

A quote to reflect on: ‘‘A Lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of sheep’’let hope arise

How you see yourself and what you think about yourself is what really matters!

Let hope arise in our generation and in the next generation to come.

It starts with you and I to be that light for others.

We want to be a generation that sees hope,

A generation that breathes hope,

A generation that inspires hope.

Let Hope Arise…


By Adwoa Asiedu (@AdwoaAsiedu777)

An Exclusive Lyric Dedicated To Me Firi Ghana….Written By Adwoa Asiedu

There is More….


More than what we see.

More than what we hear.

There is more to our identity.

This is why we proudly say

Me Firi Ghana


Connecting you to Ghana, taking you to another realm

To experience the unexpected, this is our mission!images

Call us a new wave who will explode, we’re not afraid.

With new eyes that see beyond, we’re not ashamed.

With one heart, with one mind

Run with us and proudly say

Me Firi Ghana


There is more, more. (There is more)

There is more, more. (There is more)

There is more, more. (There is more)


Adwoa Asiedu (@Adwoa Asiedu777)

A Message from the Editor: MFG Blog is a finalist for UK Blog Awards 2015

We Make the Final Shortlist in Most Innovative Category  for 2nd year running!



It is with great pleasure that I can announce that the Me Firi Ghana blog has made the final shortlist for  UK Blog Awards 2015 in the best organisation blog Most Innovative blog category. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our readers who voted for us. I would also like to thank all of our talented writers/bloggers;  Jermaine Bamfo, Wilma Sagoe, Adwoa Asiedu, Nora Mitersky and Myriam Osei  who continue to produce informative, engaging and relevant content. Our fate is now in the hands of the judges.

All shortlisted blogs will be judged by a panel of respected panel experts in each industry category.  Shortlisted Individual’s and x10 Shortlisted Organisation’s will be Judged by the professional panel out of the 14 industries. The winner’s will be announced at the Awards evening in April 2015

To see whom we are up against see the following link – http://www.blogawardsuk.co.uk/most-innovative-shortlisted-finalists/

Thanks for your support!

Ben Jk Anim-Antwi (@Kwesitheauthor)

Spotlight on New Black Stars Coach…

Avram Grant appointed as new Black Stars Coach


After some thorough reflections and discussions, it is clear to see that a new light has shone admist the cloud of the unknown. It has been reported that Avram Grant has been appointed as the new Black Stars coach after agreeing a 27 month contract according to Ghana’s football association.

Does the name Avram Grant sound familiar? Let’s delve into some history of the newly appointed Black Stars coach.

Grant was the former coach for Chelsea who suffered defeat by Manchester United in the 2008 European Champions League final. He was most recently the technical director at Thai side BEC Tero Sasana. Avant Grant’s credentials include coaching at Partizan Belgrade from 2012 to 2014, during which time he directed the club to their fifth successive Serbian championship. Besides, Grant has international experience having spent four years at the helm of Israel’s national side. Grant replaces Kwesi Appiah who led the Black Stars at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil but departed the job in September. It is also believed that Grant will lead the Black Stars in January’s Africa Cup of Nations finals.

GFA President Kwesi Nyantekyi had these generous words to say about the new coach:

Avram Grant is a motivator and an organiser. We needed someone with a certain stature or pedigree who can manage the egos of our players as well as their expectations and those of Ghanaians in general.

“He has managed a lot of top-class players, and coping with high profile players has been the bane of many African coaches. We believe his quality will turn things around for us.”

Who isn’t eager to see the new coach in action and see if he truly is the hailing hero that we’ve all been anticipating for. No pressure Avram Grant. We can only hope that he will be an inspirational force to our dear Black Stars.

Adwoa Asiedu (@AdwoaAsiedu777)

Writer/Poet Adwoa Asiedu releases debut book…

From Within Volume 1  available on kindle now!


Talented writer and Me Firi Ghana’s very own blogger Adwoa Asiedu released her debut book, which is a collection of 54 Poems including 15 published poems. The foreward in the publication has been written by Olubanke King Akerele, the Former Liberian Minister of Foreign Affairs . Adwoa also cites the influences of her parents in helping develop her talent for writing as well as Me Firi Ghana’s Editor Ben Anim-Antwi for his support.

At Me Firi Ghana we are extremely proud to say we have been involved in the journey which has brought her to this point . Her passion for writing is inspiring and the sky is the limit for her!

To purchase a copy visit the following link – http://www.amazon.co.uk/Foreword-Olubanke-Akerele–Liberian-Minister-ebook/dp/B00P1W6J7A/ref=sr_1_1_twi_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1414860003&sr=8-1&keywords=From+within+Adwoa+Asiedu#_

Me Firi Ghana (@Me_Firi_GHANA)

F– USE ODG nominated for Three MOBO Awards!

“King of Afrobeats” hoping to win a MOBO Award for second successive year



Ghanaian and UK based Afrobeats Star has been nominated in three categories for this year’s Music of Black Origin (MOBO) Awards. The categories include MOBO Best Male Act, MOBO Best Song and MOBO Best African Act.

Fuse ODG is currently the highest selling black male in the UK and has played a significant role in creating a new movement within the Afrobeats genre and bringing it to mainstream attention. In a recent interview on Ghana’s Starr FM 103.5 Radio’s  STARR DRIVE Monday show, the hitmaker confirmed that he is now ready to release his album at the end of October.

We are thoroughly anticipating for the arrival of his new album. With hits such as ‘Million Pound Girl’ and ‘Dangerous love’, we ae more than confident that Fuse ODG will not disappoint on this project. Moreover, His fans are expecting a big win from this phenomenal star at this year’s MOBO’s.

The “King of Afrobeats” deserves every success and Me Firi Ghana is steadfastly rooting for him. You can vote for him by following this link  – http://www.mobo.com/voting  and selecting the relevant categories. Although you will need to register first by giving your name and email address.

In the meantime check out Fuse ODG’s latest single “Dangerous Love” featuring dancehall legend Sean Paul..

Adwoa Asiedu (@AdwoaAsiedu777)

An Epistle Poem for Our fellow Black Stars…..

Dear Black Stars



Dear Black Stars,

From our hearts to yours,

We say to you:

Have no fear brothers.

We believe in you !


There’s a reason why there is a star in the middle of the Ghana flag.

The star is a reminder of who you are.

You have a purpose. You are chosen !

You are black stars, set apart to reign !


Dear Black Stars,

Use your identity to score like stars, attack like stars and defend like stars.

Heaven is behind you and I hear applause.

I hear multitudes of people rejoicing over you.

Brazil world cup 2014, we are ready for you.

Warriors by nature, we won’t back down without a fight !

Viva Black Stars ! Make us proud


Adwoa Asideu (@AdwoaAsiedu777)

Tinchy Stryder New Single Review ‘Misunderstood’

The Star in the Hood is back!

Kwasi Danquah better known as Tinchy Stryder may have had his brief moment of silence but take heart all you dedicated fans, the king of grime is back and will be gracing us with new music this year.

Let’s take it back to his signature singles such as ‘Number 1’ ‘Never leave you’ ‘Spaceship’ and ‘Bright Lights’ which were major hits and are still classic songs which we still appreciate.


Expect a new vision with his highly-anticipated fourth studio album entitled 360º. Produced by Pink & Brain , ‘Misunderstood’ is a creative unique sound that is full of style and substance with excellent beat and song delivery. His message quite frankly is ‘Don’t put me in a box’. My interpretation of the song is that we’re not meant to be understood by everyone because we are all unique in our own ways. Being misunderstood is ok and can be seen as a blessing in disguise because you’re free from being labelled. You’re free from being limited with the skills, gifts and talents you possess. Think about it…

Prepare to be surprised with this new smash hit single. All that remains is to embrace Tinchy embarking on a new musical journey.

Have a listen to his new single below and make sure you grab yourself a copy. It is Available to buy on iTunes now: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/misunderstood-single/id854402981

Check out the official video for Misunderstood below..

Adwoa Asiedu (@AdwoaAsiedu777)

A Poem by Adwoa Asiedu….

Celebrating The Kente Cloth of Ghana- The Happy Nation



Ordinary isn’t the word.

Representing a rich culture, we are devoted to the motherland.

Oh the beauty of the silk and the cotton fabric, the vibrant colours and the geometric shapes!

They all scream out originality and ooze an air of dignity and grace.

Welcome to my world, yeah you can call us patriotic.

As we are approach the world cup,this is a time to unite!

No more fear, no more feelings of inferiority.

The old has gone! The new has come so let’s wear our Kente with confidence.

A new season I declare. Rejoice oh people of Ghana.

We will be known for being the happy nation.

This will be a legacy which will forever stand.


Adwoa Asiedu ( @AdwoaAsiedu777)

Check out some of Adwoa’s work on her individual blog–  http://adwoapoems.blogspot.co.uk/ and look out for more posts from her right here on the Me Firi Ghana blog.

Message From the Editor: UK Blog Awards 2014 Results

We left feeling Highly Commended!



So the results are in and Me Firi Ghana nominated for two UK Blog Awards came away  as a “Highly Commended” runner up in the Most Innovative Blog Category. I am extremely  proud of this achievement, we were the only representative of Ghanaian culture at the awards ceremony. In fact we were the only representative of African culture to make the final shortlist of 28 and when you consider 900 plus blogs  entered the competition and we amongst the top 10 blogs in the Arts and Culture category and the and amongst the top 3 most innovative blogs in the UK we have a lot to be proud of.

The event was a great advert for blogging in the UK with so much talent in attendance and as the first ever blog awards to celebrate cross sector bloggers, it was an event the organisers deserve kudos for. I was accompanied to the awards by Me Firi Ghana’s Manager/Head of Marketing, Joseph Aninakwa  and one of our finest bloggers Maclean Arthur who joined me in revelling in our achievement.


unnamed 2

As I returned home from the awards ceremony my mind was already on next year and how we can improve the blog. You can rest assured that we will not be resting on our laurels, we are a progressive brand always looking to break new ground and the blog is a large part of that. Ghana’s involvement in the greatest show on earth; World Cup 2014 means we will be literally blogging crazy to ensure Ghana’s journey is covered every step of the way. There will be a plethora of engaging content across the categories on the blog and I am genuinely excited about what is to come.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank my team of great bloggers; Maclean Arthur, Jermaine Bamfo, Nora Mistersky, Adwoa Asiedu & Myriam Osei who have all helped to make the blog what it is today. Their passion for Ghana and tireless enthusiasm for blogging has made my job as Editor an easy one.

Lastly I want to thank you our readers! We will continue to produce innovative and engaging content on all things Ghana! Follow our journey and get involved in stimulating and facilitating the conversations that need to be had.

Ben Jk Anim-Antwi (@Kwesitheauthor)