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Connecting YOU with “Chaleboy”…

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The nickname ‘ChaleBoy’ is something that stuck with me during my time at university. It was a name given to me by a friend who recognised my patriotic Ghanaian nature. Although people say it’s a weird name for a poet, it’s one that easily sticks in the minds of those who hear it.

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I’m a psalmist, lyricist, spoken word artist, whatever you want to call me; poetry is where the art is

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Learn about go site (Pioglitazone Hydrochloride and Glimepiride Tablets) may treat, uses, dosage, side effects, drug interactions, warnings, patient What do you see In The Art of poetry?
As I said, I’ve always been into writing and initially when I started I wrote a lot of romantic poetry, to reflect the relationships I was in at the time. That helped me to get into the habit of artistically putting my feelings and emotions onto paper. Conscious rappers like Common and Talib Kweli inspired me in terms of lyrical prowess, and watching things like Def Poetry Jam as well as poetry slams at college gave me that push to get into performing poetry.

escitalopram fluoxetine 60 mg What led you To Follow into this pathway?
I’ve always been into creative writing right from primary school days, poetry is beautiful because it varies so much; depending on the writer. It’s literally an insight of the inner thoughts of a person that can’t be articulated in normal conversation.

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My faith and poetry are definitely intertwined, but only since I got saved. Once I got to know Christ better and accept Him into my life, my whole style of performance poetry changed, and became what I describe as ‘purposeful’. It’s become very evident to me that God gave me this talent to use for His glory. So the plan is to go to the four corners of the Earth, spreading His message through poetry that is engaging yet relative to our generation.

The young gentleman is indeed no fresh face to Me FiRi GHANA as he has previously worked in ties with us performing at two of our events. He performed at Me FiRi GHANA’s ‘Backward Never’ in 2010 at Gold Coast, Brixton, and more recently opened the proceedings at the ‘WAM Campaign Launchlast year at the Ghana High Commission, where he proudly performed ‘What about Me’?

Personally this gentleman portrays poetry in a complete new light and in a different moderation; it’s very attractive to the younger generation. ‘ChaleBoy’ has revived poetry to a new level; personally I think he has kept poetry alive, especially to me. I think poetry is a great way to get the mind going, a great way to see how far our intelligence & imagination can run!


Let’s just say a modern, bigger and badder Shakespeare is in London Town, ready to shake the world off their feet with his massive, mind blowing Talent of Art. We should be proud to see this young gentleman making it big with his powerful secret of art: POETRY, ‘ChaleBoy’ is surely blessed.


We Are Proud Have On Board another Rising Black Star,

Making It Big, and Making the Nation Proud!

We Thank You.

If you want to catch up with his latest movements and pieces of poetry, or you want find out more about him check his Facebook fan page!


By Trey’C

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