Marriage Must Not Be Underrated !

Is Marriage Underrated these days?

Marriage is a union between a Man and a Woman to live together as  Husband and Wife and bring forth Children, thus building a Family. Most Christian Teachings and Islamic Teachings make us well informed  about marriage, and tell us how important this union is and thus should  be encouraged.

Traditionally each individual regardless of where he or she is coming from is made aware of marriage as an institution and its importance in every one’s life.

Gone are the days when marriage was so important to the Youth. In  those days, a young woman stay chaste until her suitor comes to ask for  her Hand from her Parents. As a result, most youth got married  beautifully and thereby creating a suitable and comfortable environment  for their unborn children.

Undoubtedly, there are so many benefits derived from having a family, thus having babies under marriage and giving them a respectable future  full of good home training unlike single parenting. The Security, Care and much Attention which will be given to the  children by both parents unlike when you are a single parent is what  makes marriage so essential.

It is mind-boggling to know that, gone are days when Virgins were  cherished and highly respected. These days things have changed, virgins  are considered morons and inexperience for marriage. It is however not surprising that even the few matured virgins in the  system now are shy to open up or proudly say they are virgins because of the fear that they may be mocked with the branded name ‘KOLO’, yet  these same people who normally make such mockery statements always wish  to be virgins, is it not funny? IF VIRGINITY IS A LACK OF OPPORTUNITY, WHY WOULD YOU WISH TO BE ONE?


Referring to some instances, I recall one incident on one of the  social networks when in a conversation a girl said ‘she was proud to be a virgin’ and in response a guy sitting beside her laughed and said  “but you paa, whiles others are enjoying themselves by having sex, you are  abstaining and you are not even ashamed.’’  So the question is, since  when did ‘PURITY’ became a shameful thing?  It is such a pity to hear a  young guy boast about fornication. It is very obvious some of these reactions are the reasons why young  girls of today do not seem to see the importance of staying chaste till  marriage. Relationships now in my opinion are indirect marriages. Most young  unmarried men and women even have sex many times in a week, month and  some instances even worst.

Honestly, youth of today do not seem to see the significance of  marriage. Fornicating rate keep rising and it’s getting out of hand.  Abortion rate keep spiraling with most of the females being teenagers.  So many factors contribute to these changes in our society but who can  you blame?

When you watch television commercials, all you see lately is condom  adverts and not even one instance when you will see abstinence advert. But come to think of it, promoting of condom is of great importance  considering the kind of environment we find ourselves in now.

Is it not about time the Media do something to also encourage those  unmarried people who are abstaining from sex until they find suitors?

In order to have a save and sound environment, I suggest that we  rather have adverts that promote the use of condoms and abstinence,  coupled with more education should be made available to the youth not  only on television but on radio, in magazines and even in our homes.

It all bounces back to the questions surrounding marriage being underrated. IS SOCIETY NOT DOING IT BEST?  WHO IS TO BE BLAMED NOW? IS IT THE MASS MEDIA, PARENTS OR THE YOUTH THEMSELVES? Whiles shifting blames, I want you to put at the back of your mind that  each and every one of us has it as a duty to look after our own selves  better.  Learn to make decisions on your own without allowing your  decision to be influence by others. After all, it is your life and your own choices.

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