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MeFiRi GHANA Meets GH Rising Black Star Akua. Busia


Young Ghanaian Talents are rising in the UK, especially with many unsigned and unseen.

MeFiRi GHANA managed to catch up with the Talented Young Akua Busia.

 Know Who She Is???

Of only 18 years, she goes by the name Akua Busia or Akua B,

She Fed us with more Info About Herself……

“I write songs and I sing, I am mainly based on YouTube where I showcase my talent and I have performed at events. However I hope to perform much more this year as well as record more videos and come out of my shell with more material in the studio area. Currently I am working with an upcoming producer called Tobi Shyboy.”

1)        What Influenced You To Start Singing?

 Beyoncé was probably my biggest inspiration since listening to her music. From the age of 10 she really made me love music.

My dad also had a big collection of CDs, from Mariah Carey to Whitney Houston to Celine Dion and I always used to pick up the lyrics so quickly and sing along with them, copying the way they sang. Over the years I have had a wide range of artists influence my song writing and my love for music such as Jojo, Alicia Keys and Adele.

 The list goes on. In terms of singing in TWI, on my trip to Ghana in 2010 I heard a song by Irene Logan ‘Runaway’ and because I never really heard a Ghanaian female artist singing a song in TWI, I actually just fell in love with it.

2)         How much does singing mean to you?

 There’s no limit to be honest with you. It was a God given talent and all I can do is be grateful. I have no choice but to love what God gave me.

3)        Share With the Team your Best Motivation Line?

 Every time I am going through something difficult, I was always tell myself ‘God didn’t give me this opportunity if he knew I couldn’t do it.’ I’ve always believed this because I know that any challenges I am faced with, either big or small, can be done with faith.

4)        Tell Us, Where did you grow up?

 I grew up and was raised in Camberwell, South London.


5)        Tell The Team, Are You Proud To State MeFiRi GHANA?

 Of course! I have always been proud to say MeFiRi Ghana.  Anyone who knows me well enough knows how much I love being Ghanaian.

6)         We Want To Know More…What do you Love about GHANA & Why Do  you love being GHANAIAN?

 I love a lot of things about Ghana. My love for Fan Ice, the beaches, Papaye, Frankie’s Ice cream and the weather will never grow old. The music from highlife to hip-life, the language, the food and the culture! My dad made sure I knew where I came from and I’m really grateful for that.


7)        Have you heard of MeFiRi GHANA Before? What Do You Think Of US?

 Yes, I heard about MeFiRi Ghana on Facebook a few years back and I really think the brand has progressed well and are continuing to progress. Nearly everyone I tell about MeFiRi Ghana knows about them already.

8)          Have you worked with us ‘MeFiRi GHANA‘ before & how did you find it?

 I have worked with Me FiRi GHANA a few times. My first time was for their WAM campaign press launch which I really enjoyed because I was surrounded by such successful people who I really aspired to be like.

 I was given the opportunity to sing in front of Sway Dasafo which was what I had always wanted to do so I am really thankful for that opportunity. I also worked for them at Ghana Party in the Park in 2011 by interviewing people about Ghana and I really enjoyed that experience.

9)        SO Tell Us….What Are Your Future Aspirations, What do you wish to Achieve?

 By God’s grace, I plan to successfully open my career in the music industry and become a singer. If that does not work out, I plan to work in the field of finance since I also have a passion for Economics and Finance as well as singing.


 10)     So currently tell us, What are you doing at the moment?

 I am currently at University studying a degree in Accounting and Finance. Apart from that, I plan on making more music with Tobi Shyboy in the summer, I am still recording singing videos on you tube every once in a while as well.


11)     So Tell Everyone, Where Can We Catch Up With your latest Movements?

You can catch up with my latest videos on my; *You tube channel:‘MissAkuaB*, *My Twitter: @MissAkua_x* and *My Facebook page: Akua Busia*

 12)     What have you got to offer GHANA?

 I have a lot to offer Ghana. I just hope my future goes all to plan. I do not know everything I am going to do 100% and I am telling you now I will continue to carry the Busia name up and not only make my family proud but make Ghana and Africa proud too.


*MeFiRi GHANA would like to wish Akua the Best in whatever pathway she decides to go into, We Say A BIG Thank You for turning your talent into a moving reality. We Love to see The Ghanaian Youths Making Positivity out of themselves, and giving back to our country which will enrich and enroot new things into GHANA.*

Check out Akua’s Most Popular YouTube Video below:

 By Trey’C