Ghanaian customer service…

Four Cheat Pizza


The beautiful Ghanaian sun is pretty energy-draining so I try to stay indoors during the day and go out after sun set. That works well for me since most of the mates I’d hang with would have closed from work by sunset. But when I do make it out during the day I try and stay at one spot for as much as possible as long as the food and service is good.

So I’m at one such hangout somewhere in Labone with Kobi and Ruth. The food and
service is pretty much standard at this place. But that’s not why I come here. I because I have fallen in love…with the paintings in the restaurant! Anytime I walk in there I feel like coming back in the middle of the night and nicking every single one of them.

The service today had been great up until Ruth ordered a Four Cheese pizza. I’m a homemade pizza expert and Ruth is crazy about cheese, so with our combined knowledge we knew at the first site what turned up on our table was not a Four Cheese Pizza. It was more like a four cheat pizza, it only had a thin layer of mozzarella cheese on it.

Two unhappy customers went up to the waiter to ask if he thought that looked like a four cheese pizza. It wasn’t surprising when he answered yes! But I got a bit worried when the chefs also insisted what we have been served was a four cheese pizza. So we went up to the manager and he was swift to apologise but he had already lost a customer in Ruth and maybe Kobi.

I still do go there, but that’s only because I go there for some other reason other than the food. It’s clear to me the manager understands the importance of keeping his customers happy but his workers on the other hand do not quite appreciate this fact. I know customer service in Ghana is ridiculously appalling but its way better than what it used to be years ago and there is definitely loads of room for improvement! It’s no use if the head of a service provider knows how to treat his customers but the workers- who are constantly interacting with customers- do not appreciate the power of the customer. Service providers in Ghana need to improve customer service relations, but it looks like they need a bit of encouragement- Ghanaian customers need to start making a scene if the service they pay for is below standard! It seems to be the only language these service providers understand.

By Maclean Arthur