Following Ghana’s 2012 elections in the U.S.

Follow Ghanaian Elections from Your Phone

AudioNow, America’s leading radio-by-phone platform announced today several phone numbers that can allow Ghanaian communities in the U.S. to listen to news of the upcoming presidential elections in Ghana.

Listeners can directly access radio content from Ghana, Germany, and the U.S. by dialling the station’s AudioNow number. These numbers are all based in the U.S.  and can be reached from any mobile device.  They are free to use through the customer’s voice plan.

Ghanaian Radio Stations:

Obimanso: 712.432.7758

ZangoFM: 415.655.0843

Sankofa Radio: 712.432.3264

GHRadio1: 712.432.4438

Adwenpa: 213.992.4235

The Ghanaian stations produce content in a variety of languages, from Twi to Hausa to English.  In a ground-breaking year for the Ghanaian elections, with 13 million registered voters and a peace agreement signed by all seven presidential candidates to ensure a peaceful election process, AudioNow is pleased to bring coverage of these elections, on a platform both accessible and affordable.