FOKN Bois made up of duo M3nsa and Wanlov the Kubolor are back again, this time sporting a new look (M3nsa has cut off his locks!!) with their new song Only Your Walkings.

Only Your Walkings is what the comic duo call Hype Life – a mixture of Ghanaian highlife and Hip hop.

M3nsa further explains, “Hype Life is actually something we created IN the song, not that it’s an existing genre or anything, we were basically trying to understand the producer’s (Richy Pitch) direction when he was creating the beat…

And it seemed like a combination of HIGH LIFE in the purest form over some heavy HIP-HOP drums; yet somehow slightly different from the more commonly known hiplife genre. So the term should actually be HIghP Life!!”

The video for the song is a simple one but as usual shot in the FOKN Bois humorous signature style – we are shown a day in M3nsa and Kubolor’s life as they try to come up with content for song, only to be distracted by the generous behind of a passing woman.

The song itself is truly original in its concept – at a time when highlife is fast disappearing in Ghanaian music due to the rise of azonto and GH rap, it’s nice to see M3nsa and Kubolor return to the roots of Ghanaian music, which is highlife.

However the boys make the song their own by adding elements of Hip hop (they rap fully in Pidgin English, except for the random wele, sebe, kontomire in the chorus) and funk (bass guitar is prominent in the background).

Only Your Walkings gets a double thumps up for its originality. FOKN Bois have proved time and time again they are masters when it comes to fusing genres to create something original and artistic, and Only Your Walkings is no exception.

Check out the video below