Connecting YOU with Kwame Augustine…

Johnny_Kwame_Augustine_Me_FiRi_GHANAKwame Augustine a Ghanaian British actor has become the nation’s favourite cheeky chap. Augustine also known as Johnny was firstly introduced to us in a monologue where we got to see the defiant, disturbed and controversial character, clearly far from your stereotypical black boy. Under a minute Johnny left many people at the end of their seats wanting to see more.

Now with his own mini drama series on Grime Daily, the life of Johnny just gets better and better as we follow him on his journey. For every episode that takes place we get to find out more about the character and more of his life experiences on subjects that will definitely spark a reaction and get people talking.

Buzzing with questions I was able to catch up with Kwame to find out how these past couple of months have been for him and his future plans for 2012.

Me FiRi GHANA: How was the hit character ‘Johnny’ created because it doesn’t follow the conventional stereotype of a typical ‘black boy’, from the whole image to the cockney accent and even the name? 

Kwame Augustine: It was an idea that I randomly thought of. I wanted to showcase my talents as an actor by doing something very different from your stereotypical urban black boy image.

Me FiRi GHANA: What is the story behind Johnny?

Kwame Augustine: He is Black British, born and raised in East London, Custom House to be specific. He was raised by a white working class family from the age of 6. He lost his biological mother at a young age. These are just some of the reasons why he behaves like he does.

Me FiRi GHANA: Did you expect Johnny to become this big, because now ‘Johnny’ is the main star on grime daily with his own mini drama series. How did this come about?

Kwame Augustine: Initially, Jonny was just a short introduction to display my acting talents. A few individuals’ within the industry warmly received it and this led to the development of the mini series.


Me FiRi GHANA: You’re often compared to Idris Elba especially with the character Luther. How does it feel to have your work compared to an A-list actor?

Kwame Augustine: (laughs) it is obviously a great compliment. Idris is a great actor and an inspiration to many. However I want to be always known as the individual Kwame Augustine the actor and hopefully emulate, if not further the success of greats like Idris Elba.

Me FiRi GHANA: Which actors do you look up to who have been the inspiration for some of your work?

Kwame Augustine: There is so many names, that I can’t begin to name. However, just a few in my mind at this very moment are Christian Bell, Heath Ledger, Will Smith, Denzel Washington, and Jason Statham. The list is endless.

Me FiRi GHANA: Do you hope to star one day in any Ghanaian films?

Kwame Augustine: Of-course. I have Ghanaian heritage and the Ghanaian culture is very influential in my life and has shaped who I am today.

Me FiRi GHANA: What can we expect from you for 2012 – Any exclusives for Me Firi Ghana?

Kwame Augustine: I believe that actions speak louder than words, so all I can say is keep posted as you will be seeing a lot more of me in 2012.

Me FiRi GHANA: If people want to follow or find out more about you, how could they do so?

Kwame Augustine: Check my twitter. @KwameAugustine1 and subscribe to my Youtube account:

This South London lad pushes all the boundaries and gives us a refreshing and unpredictable character that we can’t help but fall in love with. However as well as the legendary character of Johnny, the up and coming actor has also starred in MTV’s 2011 summer adverts and is the lead for a short film ‘Chase n Status’ which is a must watch. Augustine is a name that you should keep an eye out for this year as I have a good feeling that the next time we catch up with him it would be because of something EPIC.