Chop Pot Launches the First Chop Bar at 02 Centre, Finchley Road

7th December saw the first ever London chop bar launched by Chop Pot brand founded by Affia Bioh

The vibe at the Chop Bar was infectious – not out of place in a shopping concession decorated in Christmas spirit, there were smiles and laughter all round. It was a struggle to even get a word in with Affia, as the stream of customers simply didn’t stop.

Many of the masses were surprised that the Chop Pots were being offered for free, pulling their wallets out on approaching the Bar and asking how much a selection would cost – such was the quality of what was available and the sumptuous scent of Ms Affia’s delicacies which drew them to the Bar in the first place.

Service was with a smile, with clarity and  no fuss, as Miss Bioh and her team set the standard on day one by running an efficient and slick operation which was well received.

A Chinese customer was clearly impressed, saying ‘I’m amazed! I’ve never seen anything like this in this area – and it was free!’ After declaring the venture as ‘very impressive’ when asked if she would be coming back to the Chop Bar she said ‘yes! Definitely!’

A Jamaican family revelled in the ‘richness and quality’ of the foods on offer, and one Spanish shopper wished Affia congratulations on the new venture! That was the beauty of the Chop Bar – it drew the attention of Ghanaians pulled in by a familiar vibe, and attracted people from all walks of life intrigued by the hustle-and-bustle vibrancy of African finesse on offer.

There were a good range of foods available – Jollof rice, spicy chicken pepper soup, peanut soup, spicy spinach soup (v) option, chicken stew…The Jollof rice with chicken stew and the Nkatenkwan proved especially popular, with one adventurous Nigerian soul even combining the two! (I will at this juncture say that the Nkatenkwan has got me considering placing a marriage proposal for Affia – it’s that good!) But the Chop Bar worked hard and courteously to ensure that the teeming masses indulged in all that was on offer. “Let’s try spinach soup”, her innately enterprising spirit broadening the reach of interest and potential future sales.

Customers were so satisfied by the samples that after eating they were even asking passers-by to come by the Chop Bar and try for themselves! When people tear themselves away from their Saturday schedule and start placing themselves in your Sales team for free, that’s how you know your food is good!

As Miss Affia found a second wind to meet the ever-increasing demand to sample Chop Pot’s delicacies, she joked “my mum is waiting! If this Chop Bar doesn’t take off in 3 months, I’ll be married off to a chief in a Ghanaian village!”

Well if the old adage of ‘a man’s heart is through his stomach’ is true, I’m sure Miss Affia will have a stream of new suitors (and enough money to fund the wedding entirely) following the launch of this Chop Bar!

You can find the Chop Bar at Level One of the O2 Centre in Finchley, North London. It is open from 11.30 – 6PM 7 days a week!

Jermaine Bamfo @Dr_Jabz27