WAM (What About Me) was birthed as a charitable project in 2010 via sister company Me Firi Ghana. The company’s founding members incepted the project after realizing that young Ghanaians living in the Diaspora wanted to contribute and connect with Ghana’s development.

As a result, a small cohort of likeminded individuals took a trip to Ghana in 2010 to conduct a fact-finding mission to map out the viability of developing a volunteer programme. During the trip, research was conducted and empowerment workshops delivered to children and staff at schools based in Accra and Tamale during the Christmas holiday period. The experience was unforgettable, the memories everlasting but the impact to the founders and more so the positive change seen in the children was life changing. This formed the bases of WAM, and conceived a way of increasing youth participation with Ghana’s development whilst contributing to Ghana’s brain drain deficit.

1010544_581906758559201_133135253_n-1Since inception, the volunteer project witnessed year on year growth and directly facilitated over 1,100 hours of volunteering between 2011-2014, with over 78 participants from 7 Diaspora countries every December over a 1.5 week period in Ghana.

2014 was a landmark year that saw the charity develop a youth policy brief entitled ‘The Future of Ghana’s Youth: Engaging the Ghanaian Diaspora Youth with Ghana’s Development; the brief was personally handed to Ghana’s then President John Dramani Mahama by WAM’s founder. The policy brief was a culmination of evaluation & feedback from WAM volunteers, research and organisational learning’s and survey results WAM conducted with youth living in Ghana and the Diaspora. The policy brief’s recommended outcomes, combined with the charity’s learning’s and need to develop a more robust, sustainable model to enable greater impact at grass root level, has led to a slight shift as to how WAM intends to achieve it’s objectives and deliver it’s service. The charity delivers two programmes in Ghana, our annual volunteering programming December and our summer Future of Ghana Youth Leadership Forum; a 3 day capacity skills training Programme run annually in partnership with sister company Me Firi Ghana.

A world where young people are placed at the centre of development, using and developing knowledge and skills to transform their lives and that of their communities.

To develop programmes enabling young people to make informed choices about their futures, strengthening their communities locally and globally


  1. To advance the education and training of children and young people in Ghana, by associating together volunteers and organisations, in a common effort to support the educational development and opportunities available for children living in ghana.
  1. To act as a resource for young people living in Ghana and the UK by providing advice and assistance and organising programmes of physical, educational and other activities as a means of:
    1. Advancing in life and helping young people by developing their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as independent, mature and responsible individuals;
    2. Advancing education
    3. Providing recreational and leisure time activity in the interests of social welfare for people who have need by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disability, poverty or social and economic circumstances with a view to improving the conditions of life of such persons.
‘The best of you comes out, when you bring out the best in others.’