Black Queen by Adwoa Asiedu

Poet Adwoa Asiedu’s ‘Black Queen’ has been featured in Ten2teens Magazine-Inspiring to change perceptions. Read the full version below. The poem can also be found in From Within Volume 1 available on Amazon

Black Queen Copyright© 2013 Adwoa Asiedu All Rights Reserved

Say Hello to a black Queen who is proud to be who she is.

I’ll tell you why I love being a black woman:

A black woman is full of beauty

A black woman is full of fire

A black woman exudes boldness

A black woman has inner strength.

She isn’t afraid to speak her mind

But she is wiser than what your eyes see

A black woman is a fighter

A black woman is a warrior

A black woman is powerful

A black woman is complete

Yes it is who we are.

We are all that.

Embrace being a black woman.

You were made to be great,

You were destined to be influential,

Destiny calls;

Now is the time to manifest our presence

Raise your hands up in the sky

And declare:

Now is my time. Now Go.