Afrobeats: Ghanaian Musician Photos Leaked

Tiffany’s leaked photo: Is she to blame?

It seems that being a celebrity sometimes comes at a price, and Tiffany unfortunately paid for it when nude pictures of her topless were leaked on the internet last week.

Tiffany_Afrobeats_Me_FiRi_GHANA_dot_ComThe female rapper who’s had popular hits with ‘Fake London Boy’ and ‘Last One’ reportedly had her house robbed, where many personal items were stolen, including her mobile phone. After failing to exhort money from the rapper through blackmail upon discovering nude pictures on her blackberry, the perpetrator then leaked a picture of Tiffany topless on various social networks. The perpetrator has threatened to leak more pictures if his demands are not met.

As a fan of Tiffany I really felt for her when I heard the story, as something like this has the potential of really damaging her musical career when she’s doing so well at the moment. Tiffany has since apologized to fans on Facebook for the incident. Which brings me to the question: why did she even have those pictures on her phone? As unfair as it seems, sometimes having a career in the public eye means you have no private life.

Everything you do is scrutinized and things you don’t want people knowing about you are made public knowledge. Knowing this shouldn’t someone in the public eye take precautions to prevent things like that from happening?

Tiffany_Afrobeats_Me_FiRi_GHANA_dot_ComEveryone has the right to do whatever they want in their privacy, however as someone in the public eye, having nude pictures of yourself on your phone is something you need to seriously think twice about. My problem is not why Tiffany took those nude pictures of herself but rather why she left the images on her phone. I feel that perhaps Tiffany should have realized the risk factor involved in carrying such pictures of herself around. People around you can easily access your phone, and when not careful you expose personal information and in Tiffany’s case images of yourself when you lose or have your phone stolen. As harsh it may sound, she could have prevented this from happening.

With the guy in question now threatening to release more nude pictures, I bet she’s wishing she’d never had those pictures on her phone. I really hope they catch the guy responsible for this before he leaks more nude pictures of her on the internet. It would be a shame to see her career badly affected because of this.

By Yaa Nyarko