Ghana’s newest rock band!

Faint Medal – ‘I Dey Feel You Die’


Faint Medal performing with Yaa Pono

There’s a new rock band on the block and they’re Faint Medal! Hailing from Accra, Faint Medal, consisting of singer/songwriter Syn and guitarist Kyekyeku have been attracting the attention of music lovers in Ghana with their distinctively unique sound.

Ghanaians playing heartfelt rock music infused with African rhythms is not something you hear every day, at least not since the days of Afro-rock group Osibisa; however Syn and Kyekyeku have proved that they have the makings of true rock stars with the debut of their new track ‘I Dey Feel You Die’. ‘I Dey Feel You Die’ truly captures the sound that is Faint Medal. Produced by Kilo, and featuring Tema rapper Yaa Pono, the guitar-led mid tempo song is an excellent debut from the boys.

The energetic guitar opening from Kyekyeku sets the tone of the song. Syn’s vocals can be described as being hard and gravelly, which definitely lends a ‘rock’ feel to the track. However, his voice is at the same time tender, capturing the lonely subject matter of the song.  Kyekyeku’s incredible efforts on the guitar are to be noted – he switches from hard to soft guitar chords the same way Syn switches from hard to tender on vocals, and this captures the frenetic emotions that come with missing or losing someone.

Other instruments such as the African drums that can be heard give this rock song its distinctively African sound. The talents of Yaa Pono are also borrowed on the track, and rapper certainly lives up to his energetic signature style of rapping, which blends really well with the mid tempo beat of the song.

Overall this is an excellent debut effort from Faint Medal. There’s no question about the talent that this group possesses, and if ‘I Dey Feel You Die’s anything to go by, then Mefiri Ghana can’t wait to hear what releases they’ve got coming up this year!

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Listen to ‘I Dey Feel You Die’ here:

By Yaa Nyarko