January 2013

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MeFiri Ghana speaks with N-A, the master man music producer behind azonto-funky tune – ‘Shine Your Eyes’, by Kwamz n Flava ft Starboy Willz & King Zion. Bursting with curiosity and questions, we were fortunate to speak with Mr N-A.


MFG: Tell us your real name?

N-A: Nathan Nana Kwasi Agyemang, simply known as ‘N-A’.

MFG: How young are you?

N-A: I’m 18 Years old.

MFG: Where were you raised?

N-A: I grew up in Wood Green (North London).

MFG: Are both your Parents of GHANAIAN DESCENT?

N-A: Yes!!

MFG: Are you a student?

N-A: I’m in my first year studying, Event Management at Coventry University.

Shout out to #TeamCOV!

MFG: What do you do exactly?

N-A: I’m a music producer

MFG: Who do you represent?

N-A: I’m currently working alongside AfroBeat Movement (ABM Events), consisting of the likes of DJ Abrantee from Choice FM. They organise urban events in the UK and overseas bringing Afro beat artists from the UK and Africa.

MFG: Where did the creativity start?

N-A: I’ve always been deeply interested in music but I only realised my real love for the actual instrumentals. If I personally feel that a beat isn’t good, I wouldn’t listen to the track! And so I decided to make my own beats! I’m influenced by producers like Timberland, The Neptunes, S-X, Skepta & JME, Appietus, and Killbeatz just to name a few.

MFG: Where did the opportunity of beat making come from & how did seeing yourself featured in the video feel?

N-A: When I was 15 I downloaded a demo version of FL Studio 3 but it was frustrating because I couldn’t actually save the beats. However I managed to get my hands on the latest FL Studio 10 and I’ve just taken it from there. It was my first time being in a music video, so I was a bit shy but it felt good.

MFG: What response did you receive?

N-A: I’ve received positive comments from both my friends and family, and most importantly they all adored the tune! Many upcoming Afro beat artists and promoters have followed me on twitter since then.

MFG: Can you imagine yourself doing anything else apart from your desired Passion?

N-A: No. I love making beats.

MFG: Share Your Best Motivation Line?

N-A: “Yesterday you said, ‘Tomorrow’. Just do it.” (I got that from a Nike advert!!!) J

MFG: Are You Proud To STATE “MeFiRi GHANA”

N-A: Yes of course.

MFG: Do you think your Culture has influenced your chosen pathway?

N-A: 100%. I grew up listening to hip life all my life with artists such as Daddy Lumba, Kwabena Kwabena, KK Fosu etc. Producers such as Appietus and J-Q, It was only right of me to make beats which are influenced by my African heritage.

MFG: Why & what do you Love about GHANA?

N-A: Everything! From the Fanta Orange in glass bottles to the Fan Ice, Tom Brown, the beautiful beaches, the weather, the football team, my family back there. And of course I love the music! I love being Ghanaian because it is such a peaceful country and there are many of us in London and so we can all relate and enjoy the same things.

MFG: What do you want to achieve from what you do? And what will You Do with it?

N-A: I aim to become one of the most versatile producers ever. I also make hip-hip and RnB type beats. I’d also like to be an event organiser.

MFG: What have you to offer Ghana?

N-A: The best of modern African music!!!!

MFG: Did you attend ‘The Ghana Youth Day’ 2012?

N-A: I didn’t attend but I heard about. It was held in Tottenham, and its purpose was to engage the youth in activities and encourage them to achieve their goals without resulting to crime. Which I believe is a major concern especially in Tottenham.

MFG: When next are you touching down in Ghana & who would you like to work with?

N-A: Not sure yet, but I would like to work with two producers Killbeatz (‘Antenna’) and Garzy (‘BoomBoomTah’) and any of the popular Afro beats artists there.

MFG: Where can we catch up with your latest Movements?

N-A: www.twitter.com/N2theA

soundcloud.com/N2theA – (HipHop beats)

www.youtube.com/OfficialN2theA – (Afrobeats)

MeFiri Ghana salutes you Nana for breaking through the music industry at a very young age. You are acting in role as a ‘Youth Ambassador’ to the young Ghanaian generation

As you are proving to other youths that nothing is impossible. Opportunities are lurking around everywhere. GOD has done the beauty in your work. We love to see your talent being exercised; we see how you have envisioned offering Ghana a part of you, which hopefully will sustain Ghana for the better. This type of action roots for a bigger, better and developed GHANA. Creativity is at the heart of you, keep embracing that.

By Trey’C

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Introducing you to…

GHRBS: Adidas Ambassador & Student Athlete ‘Glenn Owusu’



Champion, Athlete, Ghanaian, 20years old, personal best, Adidas, Pride of Haringey and determination are some of the words entailing a story describing young student athlete Glenn Owusu. MeFiri Ghana is excited to bring you an exclusive interview featuring Mr Glenn himself, who chatted away inspiring moments, blossoming with empowerment and passion.


MFG: Tell The Team Your real Name?

GO: Glenn Kofi Owusu-Aborah

MFG: How Young Are You?

GO: I am 20 years young

MFG: Where were you raised?

GO: I grew up in North London, in Broad Water Farm Estate, a place I have lived ever since birth.

MFG: Tell ‘MeFiRi GHANA’ – are both your Parents of GHANAIAN DESCENT?

GO: I can confirm that both my parents are of a Ghanaian descent, both from the Ashanti Region from what I can recollect.

MFG: What exactly do you do?

GO: I’m an Aspiring Athlete studying Sport Exercise and Health Sciences at Coventry University, also proud founder of ‘Universal Smiles’, my Charity.


MFG: Who do you represent?

GO: Within the last year GOD has blessed me with the opportunity to work with popular sports brand Adidas. They helped to sharpen up my status via providing me with the opportunity to become the ‘PRIDE OF HARINGEY’. Adidas also guided me towards the launching of my charity. ‘Universal Smiles’ was launched by myself and some friends, includingTottenham Hotspur striker Jermain Defoe and highly known rapper Wretch 32.

MFG: How did Your Charity ’Universal Smiles’ kick off?

GO: I believe God had planned what is now unravelling. I became more determined to follow my passion when sadly I lost a close friend Godwin Lawson in 2010. His death brought in a sheer drive to pursue something positive and inspire my peers and others. I have always been blessed with being good with words and ‘Universal Smiles’ seemed to be a perfect choice to describe the work we are doing.

MFG: How did seeing yourself around Haringey billboards & buses feel?

GO: They were and will be moments in my life I will savour forever. Honestly I was humbled and very grateful to everyone who helped me get to that stage.

MFG: What response did you receive?

GO: It was a great feeling to receive all the nice messages and congratulatory remarks from everyone and I am blessed that God had this planned for my life. I’m grateful.

MFG: Can you imagine yourself doing anything else apart from your desired Passion?

GO: One day by GOD’s Grace I aim to open an orphanage in my motherland, welcoming all those who are in less fortunate position than me and you. I also see myself running for GHANA at the upcoming Olympic Games if granted the opportunity. Pray For Me

MFG: Share your Best Motivation Line?

GO: “One thing that I have desired from the Lord, that one thing will I seek for”

MFG: Are you proud to STATE; “MeFiri GHANA”?

GO: This goes without saying I may have been born in the UK but my heart is 100% Ghanaian. I can proudly say “MeFiri Ghana”Now, Tomorrow and Beyond. Mi Y3 Ghana Ni!!!!

MFG: Do you think your Culture Has Influenced your chosen pathway?

GO: I think it has moulded me into the person I am today as I was brought up by a family who lived by culture and abided by it in their everyday lives. We persevere till we get to our destined goals and do not settle for anything other than the best.

MFG: What do you Love about GHANA & Why Do you love being GHANAIAN?

GO: Nothing is better than the food we make! Ghanaian food is one of the main attractions to me, and every Ghanaian is well fed! That is a well-known fact! Lol. I love being a Ghanaian simply because I enjoy and support the values we have, the relationships we have with each other makes each separate family come together to be one big family. I love the unity that we show as a nation.

MFG: What do you want to Achieve from what you do, & what will You Do with it?

GO: My future aspirations come in abundance – I want to graduate from my university with a good degree, I also want to ensure that our charity can excel from one step to another and at the same time I want to be able to represent Ghana at an Olympic Games.

I have a national Gold Medal to my name and an abundance of other Gold medals and records to be proud of but nothing would make me more fulfilled than representing the motherland in the Olympics. With this I hope to have an effect on a diverse amount of different groups in Ghana and work towards getting recognition for all the work we do as a team.


MFG: What have you to offer Ghana?

GO: I have my determination, passion and desire to offer Ghana, I have an ambition to make people’s lives better and inspire them to become someone in life and let them know that whoever you are and whatever your circumstance, there is always an opportunity out there for you. I believe I owe Ghana a lot for providing the traditions and culture that I have based my life on for the last 20 years.

MFG: Did you attend ‘The Ghana Youth Day’ 2012?

I was unable to attend Ghana Youth Day unfortunately, I am aware it provided a positive correlation with the aims of my Charity which is why I am so determined to work with Me Firi Ghana.

I am fully aware of it purpose which entails responding to the recent sad death of all these young men with potential to be someone in life,so reading the purpose of what the Ghana Youth Day aims to do is a very inspirational and motivational thing.  It makes people glad to be a part of such a great organisation.

MFG: When next will you touch down in Ghana & who would you like to work with?

GO: I am due to be in Ghana next year and I am currently searching for a number of different orphanages in Ghana to bring the whole Universal Smiles aspect, which will be a success.

I would like to work with a varied range of people who are already Ambassadors of Ghana. Currently I’m exploring the different avenues in which to do so. GOD is so wonderful, I happen to be very close to the both 2011 and 2012 winners of Miss Ghana, who both entail ideas of making their mark in Ghana. I am also in awe of the work upcoming musicians are engraving, artists in the form of Vibe Squad, SKOB and all the other upcoming talented people. I would be very happy to work with them and make them the face of the charity.

I would also like to work with the sports ministers and get more information as to how I can run for GHANA.

MFG: Where Can We Catch Up With your latest Movements?

GO: I am never too far away.

Follow me on twitter: @gowusu24

Facebook: Glenn Kofi Owusu.


*Glenn Owusu MeFiri Ghana salute you, continue to deliver your VIM drive and exceptional excellence in results. You are and will continue to act as a ‘Youth Ambassador’ to our youthful Ghanaian generation. Your life so far entails a track of success and beauty, we pray for more success in your favour. With Glenn’s tale, many other youths will be inspired by his pure devotion. *

An honour to GHANA.

May Your Soul Rest In Perfect Peace

‘Godwin Lawson’


By Trey’C

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Ghana vs Mali: match analysis

CAN 2013: Black Stars grab vital first win of the tournament against Mali


A Mubarak Wakaso penalty on 38 minutes was enough to secure a 1-0 victory for Ghana in their second match of CAN 2013. After a disappointing draw against DR Congo in the first game in which they let a 2-0 lead slip it was imperative they got a positive result against Mali. Thus they started the game with some intensity in attempt to stamp their authority on it.

It took Ghana a little time to settle into the game but when they did it came as little surprise when they opened the scoring. Wakaso scored from the spot in the first half after Emmanuel Agyemang Badu had been brought down. The Espanyol winger coolly converted as Mamadou Samassa in the Mali failed to get a touch despite diving the right way. However Wakaso earned his second yellow card of the tournament for his celebration, ruling him out of the Niger clash, although he was also carried off on a stretcher later on.

However early on it was Ghana’s goalkeeper Fatau Dauda who was the centre of attention after sliding out of his area and clearly using his hand to stop the ball. He escaped with a yellow card and perhaps Ghana’s chances of winning intact. Mali had one decent chance in the first half when their captain and talisman Seydou Keita curled a free-kick narrowly wide, but that was as good as it got for them.

In the second half Ghana attempted to increase their lead and Gyan shot narrowly wide before Badu saw a free-kick pushed wide by Mali keeper Samassa, while substitute Solomon Asante also flashed a shot the wrong side of the post in the closing stages. Mali looked short of ideas and never seriously threatened to get back into the contest in a poor second half which featured more yellow cards than chances.

The Black Stars held out for a win and although the performance was not spectacular it was professional and they got the job done.  They now sit top of Group B with 4 points from two games after Niger and DR Congo’s goalless draw. Victory against Niger in their final group game will guarantee Ghana a place in the last eight.

In the Black Stars we trust!

What were your thoughts on Ghana’s performance?

Ben JK Anim-Antwi (@Kwesitheauthor)

Introducing you to Lavinia Gyamfuah

GHRBS Lavinia Gyamfuah




Mefiri Ghana is excited to introduce you to GH Rising Black Star Lavinia Gyamfuah, a student entrepreneur who has been selected as one of ten people to compete for funding from Shell Live. She tells us about her company, what motivates her and her favourite drink from Ghana!


Me Firi Ghana: Tell us your name and a little bit about yourself.
Lavinia Gyamfuah: My name is Lavinia Gyamfuah and I am a student entrepreneur. I study Philosophy and Business at the University of Kent. I work part time and enjoy doing business as my hobby.

MFG: Congratulations on being one of the ten people selected for possible funding from Shell Live.
LG: Thank you

MFG: Have you always been business minded?
LG: Yes, I have always wanted to have my own business when I was younger. Knowing that through what I have created, the world could share and enjoy something in common through a product or service is what drives me.

MFG: Tell us a little bit about your company LAV Enterprises.
LG: At present, LAV Enterprises is a company focused on creating new and innovative ways to consume non-alcoholic beverages. We have created a refreshing fruit and herbal drink designed using purer ingredients with functional benefits especially for health management. Our drinks are designed to be healthy, with a great unique taste!

MFG: Why beverages?
LG: Coming from a background where food is one of my core family values, I’m sure, is where I became passionate about food and drink. I just think a better variety of great tasting healthier drink alternatives should be available for individuals’ conscious of living a healthy lifestyle.

MFG: What’s the worst beverage you’ve ever had?
LG: I think the worst drinks don’t really have the ‘well being’ of the consumer as their end goal. You can usually tell when that is the case because the drink won’t be around for long.

MFG: Do you have any favourite sayings that keep you motivated?
LG: ‘Nothing is impossible’ by Aliko Dangote and this from Barack Obama – ‘Making your mark on the world is hard. If it were easy, everybody would be doing it. But its not. It takes patience, it takes commitment, and it comes with plenty of failure along the way. The real test is not whether you avoid this failure, because you won’t. It’s whether you let it harden or shame you into inaction, or whether you learn from it; whether you choose to persevere.’

MFG: What’s your favourite drink?
LG: LAV Enterprises Juice drink

MFG: For you what makes a great beverage?
LG: A drink needs to have a designed purpose, whether that is for a unique taste, how it makes you feel, or what it does. That purpose needs to be communicated to the consumer and is currently what I feel makes a great drink.

MFG: What three best words to describe the nature of the drinks LAV Enterprises produce?
LG: Love, Refreshing, Innovative

MFG: What’s your favourite drink from Ghana?
LG: Cliché I know, but it has to be Supermalt.

MFG:  You’ve been selected as one of 10 people competing for funding from Shell Live. Where can we go to vote for you?
LG: You can vote for me at http://www.shell-livewire.org/awards/grand-ideas-awards#2


Follow Lavinia Gyamfuah on twitter @LGyamfuah
Watch her pitch for the Shell Live competition below and don’t forget to vote vote vote by clicking on the above link!

Are you ready for the ‘Sark Collection’?

Sarkodie’s sets his sights on the fashion industry…



Ghana’s fastest rapper Sarkodie has decided that being the king of GH music is not enough – he’s bringing his swag and star power into the fashion industry as well. Question is, can his entry into the fashion industry match the same success he’s had in the music industry?

International superstars such as Jay Z, Kanye West, 50 scent, Britney Spears, and Rihana to name a few, have all branched into different business ventures besides their music. Whether it’s bringing out a fashion, perfume or cosmetics line, entering the gaming or movie industry, or signing endorsement deals,  these artists have shown that making music and collecting royalties just isn’t enough anymore. And it seems that Sarkodie has taken a leaf out of their book by venturing into other businesses of his own.

the Sark Collection

The BET African Act award winner recently signed a one year endorsement deal with Samsung Ghana to promote the Samsung Chief Hero phones and the Samsung Galaxy Pocket. And it seems that artist has big plans for the fashion industry in 2013, unveiling his designs for his ‘Sark Collection’, which included baseball caps, t shirts and footwear set for release in the coming months.

No doubt that there’s a definite potential selling power behind’s Sarkodie’s brand. But in these difficult economic times, will his clothing line be a hit or a miss? We’ll just have to wait and see.

What do you think of the designs? Hot or not?

By Yaa Nyarko

Ghana Elections: NPP to challenge NDC win

NPP & Akufo Addo aim to have final say on election result…




Well we all knew what was coming as soon as the NPP (National Patriotic Party) refused to accept the results declared by the Election commission on 09 December.  Thus on 28 December 2012 the NPP (National Patriotic Party) finally filed a petition at the Supreme Court to challenge President John Mahama’s victory in the election earlier in December.

The NPP believed the election results were rigged in favor of incumbent President Mahama who they claimed colluded with some officials of the EC to manipulate the results. After analysing the data from 26,000 polling stations the party found irregularities such as cases of over voting and instances when people not registered by the new biometric finger-printing system were able to vote. Lastly the NPP had calculated that there were 1.34 million extra votes cast, which if withdrawn from the final tally would make Mr Akufo-Addo the winner.

Nana Akufo-Addo said it had not been an easy decision to go ahead with the challenge, but the evidence submitted was “mind-blowing and came as a shock even to sceptics in the party”.  He alongside Mahamudu Bawumia, his running-mate and Jake Otanka Obetsebi- Lamptey, chairman of the NPP filed the petition at the supreme court against the president-elect, John Dramani Mahama, the EC Chairman Kwadwo Afari- Gyan; and the EC itself.

When I initially thought about the ramifications if the NPP’s allegations are proved to be true, I could not help but think how damaging this petition may be to Ghana’s reputation as a tolerant and free democracy. However at the same time the fling of the petition shows democracy in operation with the NPP respecting the parameters of the constitution and filing the petition in accordance with the law. Moreover since rejecting the result the NPP have not sought to create unrest within the electorate but have remained calm and confident in collating their “mind blowing evidence”.

It remains to be seen whether the NPP have enough evidence to get the result overturned. The fact that international election observers described the poll as free and fair makes it seem unlikely. However if fraud is proven it will raise serious questions about the integrity of the Electoral Commission and its role in future elections. Whatever the outcome though, the Ghanaian electorate can be proud that they played an honest part in a peaceful election.

It is estimated the election challenge case is expected to be heard in three weeks. Meanwhile President Mahama is expected to be sworn into office on 7 January 2013.

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Ben JK Anim-Antwi (@Kwesitheauthor)

Dj Abrantee: The Ultimate Afrobeats!!

Choice FM Presents ‘The Ultimate Afrobeats’ Mixed by DJ ABRANTEE!



The Ultimate Mix  

Featuring 30 of the biggest Afrobeats tracks of the year, Choice FM and DJ Abrantee have brought together, the very best artists and musicians in the genre of Afrobeats in what can only be described as the most exciting compilation release of the year. Expect nothing but hits from your favourite Afrobeats stars such as D’BanjP-SquareWande CoalR2beesD-Black and Atumpan amongst many others.

Joining these Afrobeats heavyweights on this hugely anticipated Choice FM compilation are some of the finest and most sought after UK and International artists of 2012, including Conor MaynardNeyoLemar and Tinchy Stryder, who appears courtesy of his brand new collaboration with Ghanaian group R2Bees titled “Believe Me”.

U.K R&B star Lemar – who has had a resurgent 2012 with one of the best R&B albums of the year – links up with U.K Afrobeats rising star Skob for the Afrostar Afrobeats Remix of his latest single “First Time”. Afrostar also works his remix magic on Conor Maynard’s chart-topping single “Turn Around” featuring Neyo……


International Stars

Alongside these exclusive collaborations and massive remixes, Choice FM’s Afrobeats The Ultimate Collection boasts some of the biggest tunes of 2012, from “Chop My Money” by P-Square, “Carolina” by Sauce Kid and one of the biggest Afrobeats tunes to come out from the UK, “Boom Boom Tah” by Mista Silva Feat. Flava, Kwamz and Skob.

With Afrobeats music continuing to reshape the global music landscape and move further into the mainstream in 2012; the world is sitting up and paying attention to the genre’s every move. DJ Abrantee, supported by Choice FM, is right at the forefront of this revolution, especially with his pioneering Afrobeats Radio Show which has been bringing the very best of Afrobeats to its UK audiences every week since April 2011.

With the release of Afrobeats The Ultimate Collection, Choice FM continues to be at the very cutting edge of propagating Afrobeats music to the world.

Hosting this compilation alongside Choice FM is DJ Abrantee, who has been one of the leading faces in the UK Afrobeats scene. His hunger and passion for Afrobeats music knows no bounds as he continues to champion the genre and bring it further to the attention of more mainstream and far-reaching audiences all over the country.


“The Ultimate Afrobeats”

His last compilation mixtape caused a massive stir in the UK and featured the best New Afrobeats tracks which went on to become massive hits in 2012, like D’Banj’s “Oliver Twist”, May7ven’s “Ten Ten” and “The Thing” by Atumpan. Mainstream media such as The GuardianEvening Standard and CNN all wanted a piece of the superstar DJ and Afrobeats music. Second time around, DJ Abrantee has gone one better in facilitating the production of massive hits, exclusive collaborations and a bevy of international stars – Conor MaynardNeyoLemarTinchy Stryder – all featured on Afrobeats The Ultimate Collection.

Whether you’re a huge fan of Afrobeats music, a new listener to the genre or simply looking for infectious dance music that will enthral and captivate you, this compilation has everything that you need! From the classic tunes that defined 2012 to the future hits of 2013, Afrobeats The Ultimate Collection has it all!

Afrobeats The Ultimate Collection Official release 7th January 2013.

Pre-Order Today on iTunes: http://bit.ly/afrobeatsultimatecollection