November 2012

Introducing you to Ghana’s finest DJ Kess

Ghana’s Only Female Recognised DJ…‘DJ KESS’


Who said it was a man’s world? It’s a woman’s world too! Big Brother Africa accredited her as one of the Finest Female DJ’s alive in Ghana – she’s known as Dj Kess, however her real name is Nana Kessewa Adu. She’s currently living in New York and in the process of setting up a record label in South Africa. I had the privilege to converse with Ghana’s baddest Female Dj and she explains her break through into the male dominated profession.


MeFiri Ghana: Tell is your name, and age?

DJ Kess: I am known as Dj Kess however I was born as Nana Kessewa Adu. Erm in terms of my age let’s just say, I was born in the late 80’S (laughs) on the 6th of November.


MFG: So Tell the Team, Where did grow up/or where were you raised from?

 DJK: I actually grew up in the western region of Ghana in Takoradi, thereafter I moved to Accra after high school to further my education.


 MFG: So Tell MeFiRi GHANA, are both your parents of Ghanaian descent?

DJK:  Yes, both my parents are of Ghanaian descent.


MFG: Tell us what is it that you do?

DJK: I am currently a DJ and a TV Presenter, I host a music video show called Airtel Magic Moment.


MFG: Tell us the Company Name you work for?

DJK: Currently I work with YFM and ETV.


MFG: In relation to what you do, what/who influenced you/ how did it start?

DJK: To be honest it really all started back in high school, my strong love for music, it all further developed and grew on from there till now.


MFG: How much do you love what you do?

DJK: Honestly so much to the extent whereby I cannot see myself in any other profession.


MFG: So Tell us what are your future aspiration?

DJK: I would like to pursuit a career as a sound engineer, to promote Ghanaian music as well as entertainment.


MFG: What events have you worked at so far?

DJK: I have worked at Big Brother Africa as a DJ, COPA COCA COLA as a DJ, in Nigeria, the RED LIPSTICK concerts and the fabulous Shontelle concert in Ghana.


MFG: Was it difficult in the first stages to engage with your hobby as a female?

DJK: It was extremely difficult purely because of people’s ignorance and intolerance to thinking a female cannot DJ, it’s all down to perceptions and thoughts.


MFG: What reactions did you receive as a female DJ in the music industry?

DJK: I received a huge amount of positive reaction, the one that portrays I’m proud of you.


MFG: What keeps you going?

DJK: I get my motivation from the fact that I am the only recognised female DJ in GHANA, this keeps going so hard.


MFG: Tell the Team, are you proud to state “MeFiRi GHANA”?

DJK: Yes of course I am very proud to associate and call myself a Ghanaian.


MFG:  MeFiRi GHANA want to know what do you Love about Ghana & why do you love being Ghanaian?

DJK: Purely because of how beautiful GHANA is, our country is so peaceful and friendly. These qualities I believe are find to find within an African country.


MFG: Have you heard of MeFiRi GHANA before?

DJK: Yes I have, I believe the visionary aims of company is exciting and excellent, I support it 100%.


MFG: What advice would you give to other females heading in your footsteps?

DJK: Ladies everything is possible if you put your mind to it, stay focused and you’ll achieve. Do not let anyone or anything put you down, as I have been there and done it. It will not be easy, but make the road a journey and finish it, as some will not make it to the finish line.


MFG:Where can we catch up with your latest movements?

DJK: You can catch up with me and any updates  on Twitter. Follow me @DjkessGH


The time speaking with the young Dj Kess was truly inspiring. MeFiRi GHANA wishes you the best success in your career as a DJ, respect as well as continue to support and encourage you. As you are the only recognised female Dj representing for GHANA this makes you truly special.

We congratulate you in your break through to success – you have proved to ladies heading in your footsteps that all things are possible with determination.

MeFiRi GHANA Salute You.

Feel Free To Leave Opinions Below Please

By Trey’C

Ghana’s presidential elections 2012

Meet the Candidates : Nana Akufo-Addo


On December 07 2012 Nana Dankwa Akufo-Addo of the NPP will have aspirations of becoming the President of Ghana for the second time in four years. This time round he will be hoping for a different outcome as in 2008 he was defeated by the late former President John Atta Mills of the NDC in a closely fought election that divided Ghana. Much of this division still remains four years down the line, and once again the NPP and NDC will slug it out next month in what could be another cliffhanger of a result.

But what of the NPP’S Flag bearer?  Akufo-Addo, a lawyer by trade was elected three times between 1996 and 2004 as Member of Parliament for the Abuakwa South constituency in the Eastern region of Ghana. From 2001 to 2007 he served as a Cabinet Minister, first as Attorney General and Minister for Justice and later as Foreign Minister for five years –  Akufo-Addo in many people’s eyes served President John Kufuor with distinction.

As Attorney General, he was responsible for the repeal of the Criminal Libel Law, a law that had been used to intimidate the media and criminalize free speech. The repeal has enabled the Ghanaian media to become one of the most vibrant and freest in Africa. Under his chairmanship of the Legal Sector Reform Committee, the implementation of the court automation programme was initiated. During his tenure as Foreign Minister, he was fully involved in the successful Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) peace efforts in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, and Guinea Bissau, and was chairman of the ECOWAS Mediation and Security Council in 2003

It was these kinds of achievements that singled him out as a potential leader of the NPP. Thus Akufo-Addo resigned from the Kufuor government in July 2007 to contest for the position of presidential candidate of his party, the New Patriotic Party (NPP), the then ruling party of Ghana, for the 2008 elections. Competing against sixteen others, Akufo-Addo won 48% of the votes in the first round of that election, but was given a unanimous endorsement in the second round, making him the party’s presidential candidate.  He of course went on to lose that election in a run-off against John Atta Mills despite the fact in the first round Akufo-Addo received more votes than Mills.

Since receiving his party’s endorsement to run in the 2012 elections Akufo-Addo and the NPP have been campaigning on an anti-corruption platform. The slogan “Ghana MUST move forward” has been used to promote their policies on Jobs, Education & Healthcare.

Some of the NPP’s key ideologies/policies are as follows:


  • Job creation through economic growth: By implementing a Trade Policy that focuses on job creation for all. They believe this is the only way to break the hand to mouth existence and free Ghanaians to aspire to a better life and prosperity.




  • Building an educated society: By ensuring that no child is denied access to secondary education. Akufo-Addo and the NPP plan to remove the biggest obstacles that currently stand in the way of this (cost and access), in addition to tuition and other costs already borne by government. The NPP pledge that admission, library, computer, science centre and examination fees will all be free. They plan to fund this using a percentage of the oil revenues allocated to the Ghana National Petroleum Company.




  • Expanding access to quality health care: By reviving and restoring confidence in the NHIS, bringing public healthcare to Ghanaians doorsteps. Akufo-Addo’s goal is to achieve universal coverage of the NHIS for all Ghanaians. The NPP will spend more on public-health education and primary healthcare. They also plan to expand health facilities and increase the training of health workers.



Nana Akufo-Addo is an accomplished politician but does his policies and ideas have any substance? He is indeed correct that Ghana must move forward but is he the man to help us achieve this?

Leave your comments below

Ben JK Anim-Antwi (@Kwesitheauthor)

New Hit Single by D Black called Oh Vera!



The new swag hit by the one and only D-Black.

I guarantee you if you listen to this azonto/ hip hop tune you’ll be singing it throughout the whole week! Yep I guarantee, with the catchy pidgin lyrics “Ebi me wey you do me Like dat?”

The music video features a newly fresh signed artist by D- Black, who goes by the name Joey B( check him out guys). My great applauds to the creative Mr Zeph who filmed and edited the music video.

This music video has set the bar for me, especially when it comes to the Ghana hip-hop scene. The high school swag, hip hop theme and creative animation all worked effectively for me.

A successful video yet again by D- Black.

In the music video we see how D- Black truly loved “VERA”, however the beautiful, curvaceous “VERA” has more cards to play other than just the poor D- Black. He scrambles to keep her through reminiscing all he has done for her, but sadly fails when she’s off again with another fella.

“Herh! I fool Paa I now see… Ooh VERA”.

Check out the Video! And tell us what you think.


Ghana’s presidential elections 2012

Meet the Candidates :  President John Dramani Mahama

With less than a month before the Ghanaian Presidential elections it is only right we give our readers an insight into the candidates vying for the top job in Ghana. Over the next three weeks we will be profiling the three main candidates.

First up is President John Dramani Mahama the NDC (National Democratic Congress) candidate.  Former Vice-President Mahama became president following the death of the former President John Atta Mills in July this year.  It is likely to be a straight fight between him and Nana Akufo-Addo of the NPP (National Patriotic Party) for the Ghanaian Presidency with the winner likely to be the one who can capture minds of the younger voters.

A respected communications expert, historian, and writer, Mahama has had a varied political career. Mahama was first elected to the Parliament of Ghana in the 1996 elections to represent the Bole/Bamboi Constituency for a four-year term. In April 1997, Mahama was appointed Deputy Minister of Communications. In 2000, Mahama was re-elected for another four-year term as the Member of Parliament for the Bole/Bamboi Constituency. He was again re-elected in 2004 for a third term. From 2001 to 2004, Mahama served as the Minority Parliamentary Spokesman for Communications. In 2002, he was appointed the Director of Communications for the NDC. In January 2009, Mahama became the Vice-President of Ghana – he also served as a member of the National Economic Management Team in this capacity.

When his party the National Democratic Congress endorsed him as the 2012 Presidential Candidate, Mahama has stated that his administration is deeply committed to continuing the” Better Ghana Agenda” started under late President Mills. This agenda is a policy vision that the NDC drew up when they were elected into power four years ago and was a reaction to what they deemed was the former ruling party’s failings in sectors such as the economy, health and education.

Some of the main points from the NDC 2012 election manifesto ““Advancing the Better Ghana Agenda” is as follows;


  • The NDC says it would rapidly expand access to quality education at both the basic and secondary levels of education by ensuring that the 20 per cent of children who are not in school gain access to schooling; and the nearly 50 per cent who do not have access to secondary-level education gain access to JSS and SHS
  • Pledge to ensure that “ENERGY FOR ALL” slogan becomes the bedrock of socio-economic transformation by expanding production and intensifying regular and reliable access to electricity and energy including those who currently do not have access.
  • On health, the next NDC Government will double the number of Community-based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) compounds from about 1,600 to 3,200 to meet the needs of under-served communities.
  • On Youth and Sports, the NDC promises to establish a GH¢10 million Jobs and Enterprise Development Fund to encourage and support young people to become successful entrepreneurs and create sustainable job opportunities


What do you think of the policies Mahama and the NDC have put forward? Would he get your vote as the man to take Ghana forward in the next four years?

Join the debate and leave your comments below.

Ben JK Anim-Antwi (@Kwesitheauthor)

Introducing you to Ghanaian Youth Yaw Kyei

Yaw Kyei  in Youth Parliament

 ‘Opportunity Grabber’

16 year old Yaw Kyei was given the unforgettable opportunity to sit in youth parliament where he experienced life as a politician.

To become an MYP (Member of Parliament) you have to be elected by other young people in an official UKYP election, so if you are think you that person for the role, take this opportunity and look into it further. Any young person who is a resident of the UK, and aged between 11 and 18 years old (inclusive) has the right to stand for election as an MYP and the right to vote for their MYP.

I was delighted to speak with Mr Yaw himself, who shed some light on his experience with us. Kyei also tells us a bit more about himself as a Ghanaian Youth.


MeFiRi GHANA Interview 16 year Old Yaw Kyei

In his Words;

“I offer myself to Ghana. Once I finish my Pharmacy degree, I hope to move back to Ghana and live + work there for some years. Help out where ever I can and give back to such a great nation”


Me Firi Ghana: Tell us your name and age, and where your currently schooling?

Yaw Kyei: My name is Yaw Kyei, I am 16 years old, Currently in Year 11 attending Centenary Heights State High School, Toowoomba, QLD in Australia.


MFG: How did you come into contact with the opportunity?

YK: I got into Youth Parliament after a school notice was read one morning. I was excited and decided to nominate myself. I chose Youth Parliament because I wanted to make my parents proud, make a difference in my community and represent Ghana at a state level.


MFG: So what is your connection with Politics?

YK: I am not really too deeply into politics, however the adrenalin one gets by arguing something they stand for pretty much appealed to me, this was my urge to stand and represent.


MFG: Share with us something motivational?

YK:”I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Martin Luther King Jr.


MFG: Where did you grow up?

YK: I was born in Kingaroy, QLD Australia; I was raised in an Adventist home. After spending several years there, my family moved to Toowoomba where my father got a job working for Queensland Health as a Social Worker, and my mother started working as a chef at a boarding school.


MFG: Are both your parents of Ghanaian Descent?

YK: Yes they are both of Ghanaian descent.


MFG: Can You Speak a Ghanaian language?

YK: I cannot speak fluently, but can understand and greet/respond to “simple” phrases/questions.


MFG: Are You Proud To State MeFiRi GHANA?

YK: Always and forever.


MGF: What makes you love being a Ghanaian?

YK: I love the people in Ghana. The great landscape and the friendly smiles all Ghanaians share. We’re such a giving people and don’t expect anything in return. Like anyone, I love and endorse my ethnicity to all. I’m proud to say I’m Ghanaian because I know in my heart, that it’s the best country in the world.


MFG: Have you heard of MeFiRi GHANA before?

YK: I haven’t heard of MeFiRi Ghana before, but my sister has told me lots about it.


MFG: Tell the Ghanaian Youths, where they can connect with you?

YK: Find me on Facebook, Yaw O. Kyei II, I love to chat and get to know lots of people


MFG: What have you to offer GHANA?

 YK: I offer myself to Ghana. Once I finish my Pharmacy degree, I hope to move back to Ghana and live + work there for some years. Help out where ever I can and give back to such a great nation.


Yaw Kyei delivers a fruitful positive image in his words and responses, and as a Ghanaian youth he has taken advantage of opportunities in his way, and is working around them to build his successful future as a Pharmacist. Of just 16 years old, he thinks and dreams large, which is the way forward. He’s already planning ahead to what he has to offer back home in GHANA which is a big move. Many Ghanaian youths can learn from Mr Kyei and use his tactics of grabbing and making use of opportunities available, as we never know where they may lead us to.

Mr Yaw through his responses articulates himself precisely through his intelligence as a young Ghanaian youth, ready to take on the challenges our world may bring. However he seems very subtle yet powerful in thought, simply through his determination and with lack of fear he will fight through any difficulty or obstacles he may face. This is the spirit we set and want our youthful Ghanaian generation worldwide to inherit and carry as a tool to success.

We wish you the best success in your education and with your future career to become a Pharmacist. We believe in you, and continue to make GHANA proud.

If interested in becoming a member of youth parliament, then ask your local authority, or type into Google Your country city/Town with ‘member of youth parliament’ and you should get results.

For Ghanaian youths based in the UK for more information visit;,uk

What do you think of yaw Kyei?

(Leave opinions below)

By Trey’C

New music from former Vibe Squad member

DeeVS Drops The Most Anticipated ‘SHINE’ 

UK Afrobeats most versatile artist ‘Dee’ has finally released his much-anticipated single-SHINE.

Dee Versatile (DeeVS), a former member of ‘Vibe Squad’ has shared centre stage with internationally celebrated artistes like Nigeria’s own 2face Idibia, and has opened shows for breakthrough Nigerian artistes- D’banj, Naeto C and Ikechuwku.

His talent has fetched him stage performance alongside Ice Prince and Ghana’s very own Atumpan (the thing), R2bees, Tiffany, Stay Jay and Castro.

As a well-known artiste in the AfroBeat Movement in UK, ‘DeeVS’ has had the opportunity to perform alongside successful musicians like Mista Silva, Fuse ODG, Kwamz & Flava and Tribal Man.

Dee Versatile (DeeVS) real name Derrick Abaitey established his musical interest during his early school days in Ghana before relocating to the UK where he has perfected his talent.

By early 2006 he had developed his production and vocal skills while working on his 1st album in “KingsBeat” studio. During this time, he formed the Urban musical group called “Vibe Squad” and within 2 months of forming the group, they completed their first hit album “Boo Yi”.

Apart from music, DeeVS is currently studying for his MPharm Degree.

Dee’s new record ‘SHINE’ was recorded by HT Records UK and the official video for the song will be released in few weeks.








Melcom tragedy – will we learn?

Out of tragedy must come hope that lessons will be learned



Upon hearing of the collapse of the Melcom building in Achimota on the morning of Wednesday 7 November 2012, I immediately rushed to call my mother – she owns a shop close to the six storey building and often frequents the area around it with other members of my family. So I was glad to hear that she and my extended family were okay and had not been caught up in the collapse. However many others were not so lucky; so far 18 people have been confirmed dead in the tragedy that has shocked Ghana.

Not surprisingly, the inquest has already begun with a section of the public pointing the finger of blame at the Melcom Group. Negligence is a word that has been used by many people who say the group must be held accountable for the collapse of a building that is not even a year old. The Chairman, Directors, Management and Staff of Melcom Group of Companies themselves have deeply expressed regret about the tragic incident.

What I was comforted by was that those in authority refused to play the blame game in the way the public did/are doing. Whilst vowing to make anybody responsible accountable, President Mahama also pledged full support to various rescue/disaster agencies to ensure they could do their job in the aftermath.


On a slightly negative note the disaster exposed Ghana’s lack of preparedness for major disaster of this magnitude. For almost 24 hours after the disaster struck, the rescue team that stormed the disaster scene was almost left clueless about how to locate and extract the trapped victims in the rubbles. Heavy earth-moving equipment was moved to the scene and the heavy slabs that formed the floors of the collapsed building were moved but many argue this took too long. On the plus side 69 people are reported to have been pulled from the wreckage of the building since it collapsed. However a rescue team from Israel has had to be drafted in to help with the search & rescue effort as many people are still missing and feared dead. This says as much about Ghana’s good international contacts as it does about their lack of internal solutions.

Ghana has of course experienced disasters before from earth tremors to flooding, but most of them pale in comparison to the Melcom disaster.  The only tragedy of recent times that surpasses this one is the May 9, 2001 stadium disaster that killed over 100 sports fans. After which time lessons in stadium security were learned which enabled Ghana to build more stadia and host the CAN 2008 football tournament seven years later.

One can only hope similar lessons are learned from the Melcom building collapse. The Melcolm group, Ghana Armed Forces, Ghana National Fire Service, Ghana Police, National Ambulance Service, Ghana Red Cross and other Private Construction companies will all need to work together to try and ensure that this type of incident is avoided. However if such an incident is to happen we can only hope that many lessons have been learned to ensure loss of life is kept to a minimum.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the families who have suffered the loss of a loved one as a result of the tragedy.

Ben JK Anim-Antwi (@Kwesitheauthor)

Me Firi Ghana scoops award at GUBA 2012!

Me Firi Ghana’s WAM Campaign wins ‘Best Charity Organisation’ at GUBA Awards 2012!

Last Saturday night marked another landmark event in the Ghana/UK social calendar – the annual Ghana UK Based Achievement (GUBA) Awards. Over the last couple of years, GUBA has built on its reputation as the must-attend event on the Ghana/UK social calendar, and as it had done so with its predecessors,  GUBA 2012 definitely lived up to expectations.

The brainchild of Ghanaian media personality Dentaa, GUBA awards rewards Ghanaians in the UK who have significantly contributed to their community. From businesses and entrepreneurs to fashion designers, music artists to community workers, GUBA recognises exceptional individuals and organisations of Ghanaian heritage.

Held at the prestigious Park Plaza Hotel in central London, the night was definitely one of glitz and glamour, and attending celebrities adding a touch of glam on the red carpet included Ghanaian rapper ASEM, Holby City star and GUBA patron Hugh Quarshie, footballers Fabrice Muamba and John Mensah, Ellen Thomas, Jeanette Kwakye and Jimmy Akinbola.

ITV newsreader Charlene White and TV host and radio presenter Henry Bonsu did an excellent job as hosts for the event, and overall the night was a resounding success. Providing entertainment for the night were Mista Silva, J Appiah, the Davidson Band and Eddie Kadie and Fabrice Muamba, who took to the stage to perform the azonto! A list of GUBA 2012 winners can be found here.

However, the highlight of the evening for me was when Me Firi Ghana’s WAM (What About Me) Campaign won the Best Charity Organisation. With 2012 being WAM’S third year running, the response we’ve received so far has been overwhelming, and we at Me Firi Ghana would like to take this opportunity to thank every one of you who voted for us and for supporting what Me Firi Ghana stands for.

*As you all know Christmas for us at Me Firi Ghana means one thing – WAM Campaign!! This year’s WAM will be in Ghana from the December 20-30th 2012, so to those of you going back to the motherland during this period and want to help out, we’d love to hear from! Getting involved in WAM is an opportunity to give back to those less fortunate, so let’s come together to make a difference. We look forward to seeing you guys!*

For further info on WAM:


Follow Us : @WAMCampaign


MTV Base Meet’s with MTN Feature of WAM Campaign

My company and charity featured on MTV Base Africa:

By Yaa Nyarko

Ghana’s presidential debates: Round 1

As the two main Presidential candidates clash it is the underdog who rises to the challenge to charm voters in first debate


With the US Presidential election campaign and Hurricane Sandy dominating the news of late, you may not be aware that the Ghanaian Presidential debate took place on 30th October 2012 in Tamale. The CPP, NDC, NPP and PNC presidential candidates were all present in Ghana’s most northern city to engage in hotly contested televised discussion on some of the policies that matter most to voters.

President Mahama of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) and Nana Akufo-Addo of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) being the flag-bearers of the biggest parties,  both put in professional performances. Mahama seemed slightly below par, perhaps as a result of being the incumbent, and spent much of his time lauding and defending the NDC’s record in government and not enough articulating his vision for the next four years. In contrast, Akufo-Addo took every opportunity to trumpet his flagship free Senior High School policy, and likely edged it in the vision stakes as a result.

However of the two minor parties, the Convention Peoples Party’s (CPP) Abu Sakara gave a good, technocratic performance and seems to have struck a chord with many viewers, especially the young. It is extremely unlikely that this performance enough to ensure he is in the running come the election but it was refreshing to see all the same. Hassan Ayariga of the Peoples National Convention (PNC) was less impressive and assessments of his performance by the media and online have been very unflattering. He seemed not to have a core focus to his arguments and at times butted in and looked as if he was supporting President Mahama with some of his comments.

Overall Nana Akufo-Addo will be happy with his efforts and President Mahama maybe less so, whilst Abu Skara ist not likely to win, he will be happy with the impact his performance had on voters. The next Presidential debate will be held in Accra on 20 November. We wait with anticipation…

If you saw the debate what did you make of it?  Which candidate are you backing to take Ghana forward?

This is an important time for Ghana so please join the debate and leave your comments below

Ben JK Anim-Antwi (@Kwesitheauthor)

Ghana Music Awards Europe

MUSIGA Endorses Ghana Music Awards Europe


The Ghana Music Awards Europe (GMAEU) ceremony has been going on since 2003. It used to be known as Ghana Music Awards UK but has been changed to cover all of Europe. However, this year’s edition is the first of its kind to have a collaboration with the Musicians Union of Ghana, MUSIGA.

An official signing of this collaboration was held this morning at the Head Office of MUSIGA in Accra. Ace Radio Presenter, Kwesi Aboagye was on hand as a representative of the GMA Europe Board and Bice Osei Kuffour, the President of MUSIGA signed on behalf of MUSIGA.

For his welcome note, Bice Osei Kuffour expressed his support for the GMA Europe and also mentioned that it is an avenue for Ghanaian music to be showcased to not just Ghanaians living abroad but also to foreigners. Kwesi Aboagye, who represented the GMA Europe in Ghana expressed his joy at the marriage between the two unions and hoped that it will progress to greater heights.

The short ceremony was graced with the presence of some of the National Executives of MUSIGA as well as some of the nominees for this year’s GMA Europe.

The actual event will come off on the 24th of November in Sync London and is expected to be hosted by Kwami Sefa Kayi.

This collaboration means MUSIGA endorses the event and will contribute to the event in its entirety. It is in line with the objective of MUSIGA to promote Ghanaian music worldwide. As part of the agreement, a special category is to be created to recognize the MUSIGA Outstanding Artiste of the Year.

There are a total of 10 public voting categories and 3 honours award. This year’s ‘Life Time Achievement’ with a convincing select committee votes, will go to the Ghanaian internationally acclaimed musician Daniel Amakye Dede for effortlessly combining the guitar hi life style of playing and his unique talent.

Invited performers include Tiffany, Asem, Amakye Dede, Charles Amoah, George Darko, Fuse ODG, Tinchy Strider, Mista Silva, Sway plus UK’s best DJs in rotation playing the best in Azonto, Hiplife, Hilife, RnB, Funky House, and Soul Full Garage for the after party.

Source: Ghanaweb