June 2012

Future of Ghana – QUOTE

Motivational Quote of the Week:


“We face neither East nor West: We face forward”.

By: OUR Kwame Nkrumah

Look over the past,

& Head For the future….

By Trey’ C

Legend photographer to be honoured…

Qirv Ventures Brings Acclaimed Photographer James Barnor On A Triumphant Return To Accra for First-Ever Retrospective of His Work in Ghana



Who: After several decades in Europe, iconic Ghanaian photographer James Barnor returns to Accra to celebrate the launch of the first-ever retrospective of his work in Ghana. Titled, ‘Ghana – A Heritage Ever Young,’ the exhibit will feature dozens of exclusive and some never-before seen prints from the photographer’s archives. Barnor’s celebrated prints feature intimate portraits of Presidents (Kwame Nkrumah, Jerry Rawlings etc.), Politicians (J.B. Danquah, Obetsebi Lamptey), athletes (Adjetey Sowah, Muhammed Ali, etc.) and influencers, (Michael Eghan, A.Q.A. Acheampong etc.).

In addition, Barnor’s lense captured everyday Ghanaians who were making history all their own such as the country’s first Police Woman and one of the first married interracial couples in Accra. The exhibit, which takes place June 30th through July 2nd, will be on display at the Silverbird Lounge in Accra Mall.

The exhibit is presented by London based company, Qirv Ventures, who are passionate about the works and are on a mission to raise awareness about Barnor’s epic contribution to the media, culture and heritage of Ghana.

What: ‘Ghana – A Heritage For Ever Young’ Photography Exhibition. This event marks the firstever retrospective of the work of James Barnor, who captured Ghana’s golden age of Independence. It will feature dozens of photographs, curated / handpicked by Barnor and Quest for public viewing.

The three day exhibit will be preceded by an invitation only dinner and cocktail hour at the British Council on Friday, June 29th.

When: Private dinner and cocktail reception: Friday, June 29th. Three day photo exhibit, Saturday June 30th through Monday, July 2nd

Where: Dinner and Cocktail Hour to take place at the British Council; Three day photo exhibit to take place at Silverbird Lounge, Accra Mall

Contact: admin@qirv.com and zandile@zandileblay.com OR tel: +233 (0) 5442 90909


Flagship Brands Support Qirv Ventures in Groundbreaking Exhibition of Works By Acclaimed Photographer James Barnor

Accra, Ghana – In weeks leading up to the highly anticipated ‘Ghana – A Heritage For Ever Young’ exhibition – major flagship companies are showing support. Graphic Communiations Group, home of the leading newspaper publisher in Ghana, has joined a prestigious list of companies who will contribute to the groundbreaking exhibition. Graphic joins other media partners such as Ghana Broadcasting Corporation / GTV as well as radio station XYZ in documenting and reporting this historic moment.

In addition to media partners, the British Council have joined the movement to bring awareness to Mr. Barnor’s contribution by hosting an invitation only Opening Ceremony, Dinner and Private Viewing of Mr. Barnor’s archives.

The newly opened Silver Bird Lounge in Accra Mall has also come on board as host of a special three-day unorthodox public viewing of Mr. Barnor’s work.

Local and International Campaign supporters also include Basics International, Africa Style Daily, Autograph ABP, GUBA Awards, Me Firi Ghana, Ghanaian Londoners etc.

Together these media partners, institutions and venues are aiding Qirv Ventures’ campaign to highlight and honor Mr. Barnor for his rich contribution to Ghana’s history and heritage.

For more details on supporting or sponsoring email: admin@qirv.com


‘Ghana – A Heritage For Ever Young’

Timeline & Key Dates

June 2012

June 16: James Barnor Arrives in Accra

June 19 to 23: Barnor visits Press Partners and various Press Offices

June 25: Press Conference at Press Center

June 29: Opening Ceremony, Dinner & Cocktail Hour at British Council

June 30 to July 2: Three Day Exhibit at Silverbird Lounge, Accra Mall

July 4: One Day Photography Seminar led by Mr. Barnor


About James Barnor

James Barnor is famed across the globe as a pioneer in photojournalism. He cut his teeth working out of his own makeshift studio (which he christened “Ever Young”) taking portraits of sitters from all walks of life, from civil servants to newly-weds. In the late 50s, Barnor moved to London to work as a fashion photographer, and began to capture unique images of Africans living in Britain. His covers and fashion shoots for Drum, the most widely read magazine in Africa at the time (established by British poet Jim Bailey), were taken while Barnor was based in the UK, and placed black models dressed in western, 60s fashions in typical London settings: in front of a red telephone box, exiting a tube station, or surrounded by pigeons in Trafalgar Square. He shot famous faces, too––Mohammed Ali preparing to fight Brian London in 1966, and Roy “Black Flash” Ankrah, after he became the first black person to win the British Empire featherweight boxing title in 1951. The pictures have become slices of history, documenting race and modernity in the post-colonial world. But according to the 83-year-old, the message he conveyed through his work was an accidental one; he always worked from commissions.

“Through my entire career I never chose many subjects, they just came. I live happy-go-lucky,” he says, “I call myself Lucky Jim.” Ever Young: James Barnor, the first comprehensive exhibition of the photographer’s street and studio work in Accra will debut June 30th through July 2nd at the Silverbird Lounge at Accra Mall.


About Qirv Ventures

Qirv Ventures is a London based holding company. It houses a spectrum of businesses from creative industries to property development under its umbrella. It was founded in 2004 by entrepreneur Myx Boadi-Alawiye Quest. In addition to the United Kingdom, Qirv manages operations in Africa and the United States. Learn more at www.qirv.com.

The Future of Ghana – Economy

The future of Ghana’s Economy…


This month is all about the future of Ghana on the Me firi Ghana blog. Thus I have decided to kick this off by looking at a factor which is key to any country’s future prospects. I of course speak of the economy.

The economy of Ghana, has a diverse and rich resource base, and as such, has one of the highest GDP (gross domestic product) per capita in Africa. For those unfamiliar with the term, GDP is the total market value of all final goods and services produced in a country in a given year, equal to total consumer, investment and government spending, plus the value of exports, minus the value of imports.

Ghana remains somewhat dependent on international financial and technical assistance as well as the activities of the Ghanaian Diaspora. Gold, timber, cocoa, diamond, bauxite, and manganese exports are major sources of foreign exchange.

2012 has been a tough year for Ghanaians with the implementation of austerity measures and the rising cost of petrol hitting the pockets of Ghanaians.

However the outlook for the rest of the year and the future remains positive with projected GDP growth of 8.3 % (7.6% non-oil) and 7.7 % (6.3 % non-oil) this year and 2013 respectively. What is not so good is youth unemployment .At the moment the population in the 15-24 age group has an unemployment rate of 25.6 %, twice that of the 25-44 age group and three times that of the 45-64 age group. So it is clear that this is an issue that needs to be addressed in the coming years.

An area of industry that has driven the Ghanaian economy though, is telecommunications.  The development of the telecommunication industry in the country is one typical area among others that has flourished because of a stable working environment in Ghana. These telecommunication industries have employed the majority of youth in the country, thereby bringing job opportunities to many. If Ghana continues to nurture and protect a conducive and peaceful working environment, then we should expect more investors coming into the country to boost our economic fortunes in the future.

What are your views on the current state of the Ghanaian economy and what do you think is necessary to ensure it continues to grow in the future?

Ben JK Anim-Antwi (Kwesi)

Future of Ghana Debate

Question 3


To what extent are the conditions of roads in Ghana an issue for the nation’s development?

3.1 Can one say that the roads are a reason for the serious road accidents? Or is it careless driving?

3.2 Are the conditions of the roads an issue which we can help address? If so how?

Future of Ghana Debate

Question 2


From your perspective, what is the role of the Ghana High Commission in the UK?

2.1 In what ways would you hope the Ghana High Commission supported you and the Ghanaian community?

2.2 In an ideal world, in what ways do you feel we can support the Ghana High Commission?

Future of Ghana Debate

Question 1


As Ghanaians, do we have an obligation to keep our culture relevant within the diaspora?

1.1  What does it mean to be a Ghanaian? Speak the language, eat the food, wear the clothes…

1.2  Who does the responsibility lie with? Our Parents, our family, ourselves?

1.3  What are the reasons for other cultures such as the Asian community still keeping their culture relevant/alive whilst living in the diaspora?

Future of Ghana – Business

The Future of Ghanaian Business and Enterprise


Looking closely at the future of Ghana in terms of business and enterprise is an interesting way of seeing what could be in hold for the future of a country as a whole. The growth and development of business is key to a country’s economy and the continuing development of said country for the future.

The second Ghanaian SME (small to medium enterprise) EXPO and Conference , dubbed Business Sense 2012, has just taken place between May 31st and June 2nd and with the overall theme growing sustainable enterprise through finance and technology, the event shows how the growth of business and the future of industry, especially from a technological advanced standpoint, is something which is in the minds of many across the country. Held in Accra, the business event gave a range of both new and existing business owners to further their businesses and turn plans into realities.


The Importance of SMEs for the Future

The fostering and development of a dynamic community of small and medium sized business in the enterprise sector is an important priority for the growth of the nation as a whole. The vast majority of businesses across Ghana are considered SMEs and more events tailored to their needs are a great idea to ensure the future of Ghanaian business is prosperous and continues to develop.

The three day expo and conference gives new entrants into the business world a chance to find out more about how to grow and develop their businesses. The technology and financial services sector were at the forefront of discussions but with online marketing support, business plan writing and advice and also mobile business solutions, there was scope from entrepreneurs from all sectors to get involved. For example, the proprietors of new retail outlets, salons and catering establishments could find out more about purchase and cost management, protecting a store or unit site and also important information regarding delivery and stock level management. The business sector in Ghana is essential for the country’s economic development and therefore, insider and specialist knowledge to further the smaller growing businesses out there is always something to be praised and welcomed.


Finance and Technology for a Better Future

Organised by OML Africa, who describe themselves as your people partner in Africa, the event focused mainly on the importance of finance and technology for SMEs, across all sectors. The event was designed to equip as many SMEs as possible with the relevant knowledge and expertise to understand exactly how to integrate modern technological developments into their business to ensure future growth. It goes without saying that a strong and well developed SME sector leads to growth in employment and is the driving force behind overall economic growth, especially in Ghana where they’re said to make up such a large portion of all businesses across the country.

Financially sustainable yet modern technological developments can be embraced by Ghanaian business to ensure they aren’t left behind as the Asian and other markets continue to pick up speed. For example, sales of the K-Pad Tablet in Ghana have shown how this affordable device is preferred above the highly praised, yet highly priced Apple iPad alternative. The K-Pad is an example of a sustainable technological development that can be embraced by Ghanaian business and by using free local talent, in the form of web developers and app designers willing to trial their products for free, the innovation and entrepreneurship in the venture is even more praiseworthy. The K-Pad has been described as a device which can be integrated into many business sectors from healthcare to education and all at an affordable cost, which could be a revelation in the face of Apple’s all-encompassing product.


Ghanaian Entrepreneurs – Your Time is Now

As this conference has shown, the Ghanaian business community is in the perfect position to act and the economic situation is such that now is as good a time as any to invest, develop and grow your business. For a brighter future for Ghana and a chance to show the business world that innovation and creativity can be born from any environment, business people and entrepreneurs should grasp the moment. The future of Ghanaian business and enterprise is exciting and anybody can be part of it.

Penny Lancaster

The Black Stars match review

The Magnificent 7!


Adiyiah shines as Ghana thrash Lesotho in opening world cup qualifier


Kwesi Appiah’s reign as Ghana Manager got off to a great start as the Black Stars put seven goals past Lesotho in Kumasi. In a rare start Dominic Adiayiah shone as he scored two goals in the rout. Not even a power outage after 54 minutes could stop the onslaught as Ghana who had been 4-0 up by that stage added three more goals to their tally.

Enjoying dominant possession, Ghana created a number of chances but it was not until the 16th minute that they breached the opponents’ defence when skipper for the night Sulley Muntari scored a spectacular goal. The AC Milan midfielder played a one-two with Emmanuel Agyemang Badu before unleashing a cracker beyond keeper Kholuoe Phasumane.

Down, but the visitors refused to give in and attempted to force their way into attack only to meet a rocky Ghanaian defence. Dominic Adiyiah atoned for earlier misses when he turned Mokhehle Thapelo inside just outside the area before unleashing a pile driver for the second goal after 24 minutes.

Nerves took a better part of Lesotho and as they wobbled the Ghanaians took advantage to fetch the third goal through Jordan Ayew with a minute left on the clock for the first half. Not content with the score line, Ghana went on the offence from recess and with the Lesotho defence back-pedalling, Adiyiah fetched his second on the 50th minute.

Four minutes later the floodlights went off and when power was restored, the electrifying pace with which the Ghanaian played never diminished. With a midfield well oiled by the presence of Derick Boateng and Kwadwo Asamoah, Ghana stepped up the pace completely taking charge on the wings where most of the moves were initiated with Harrison Afful on left side of defence and Inkoom on the right back playing key roles.

The Black stars were getting more men behind the ball and it came as no surprise when Christian Atsu scored a spectacular debut goal on the 86th minute. As the Lesotho kept themselves on the back foot Ghana went for the kill again with Jordan Ayew scoring on the 90th minute while Akaminko completed the rout two minutes into added time.

So a great start for Appiah and his team.


Ben JK Anim-Antwi (Kwesi)

Mista Silva to release new EP



London based artist, Mr Papa Kwame Amponsa known famously as Mista Silva has currently been taking the Afrobeats music scene by storm. With hits such as Bo Won Sem Ma Me, Wadi Mi Sika and his most recent smash hit Boom Boom Tah, this year is looking very promising for the rising star.

June 24th sees the release of his new EP entitled Full Vim, which features collaborations from some of the best Afrobeats artists in the game right now. In association with the EP, Mista Silva will be having a launch party which will feature live performances from Fuse ODG, girl band Dzama Girls and his UK collective.

The EP proves to Afrobeats lovers just how talented and versatile Mista Silva is, as he cultivates his love for music into this amazing body of work.

Mista Silva created a hype around his name when he started off as a funky house MC, and then changed his style of music after a visit to Ghana a few years ago, since his energy and explosive lyrics have had his name rolling off every Afrobeat lovers tongue.

Since this successful transition he has worked alongside the likes of Ghanaian Afrobeats artists Stay Jay, known famously for his track Shashewo, as well as Keche, and Atumpan. UK based group Vibe Squad are also on his impressive music C.V. He is part of a collective which features Flava, Kwamz, Skob, A Star and C-Don, who are the main guys behind the success of his smash hit singles.

2012 has been a very busy year for Mista Silva, having been interviewed by one of the best DJ’s in the music industry; Tim Westwood himself. His songs added to the playlists at Choice Fm and BBC 1xtra which is a great achievement as Afrobeats slowly builds a repertoire around the globe.

Mista Silva will be opening Wiz Kid’s concert this June with his UK Collective, and just recently was added to Radio 1’s Hackney Weekender. It’s non-stop for him so make sure you stay tuned for more news and buy his EP on 24 June.

Ace & Vis say: ‘He’s The one to rave the Afrobeats flag in the UK’.

Tim Westwood says: ‘He’s the hottest UK Afrobeats artitst at the moment’.

The EP will add the extra ‘VIM’ to the rise of Afrobeats music worldwide.

Check out his latest smash hit Boom Boom Tah Featuring Skob, Flava and Kwamz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXgkI7bRFHo

For management and bookings please contact Philip:p_philip2005@yahoo.co.uk (@philippoku)

For more information about the Full Vim EP launch party please contact Gabrielle: gabrielle.dadzie@gmail.com (@Gabrielle_Music)

Full Vim will be available to download from iTunes on 24th May and hard copies will be available to buy from selected stores.

Please feel free to blog/share/download.

Your Afrobeats news and events this summer!



Following the phenomenal success of the popular AFROBEATS SHOW presented by DJ Abrantee, Choice FM announces a new time slot for the hit show.

This is a positive move for the autonomous genre of a new exciting emerging market in the UK and Europe.

Dbanj‘s UK Top 10 positioning proves the demand and popularity of the genre as DJ Abrantee continues to spearhead the Afrobeats Scene in the UK.

The New Time Slot for AFROBEATS SHOW on Choice FM 

 Saturday Nights 10:00PM – 12 Midnight Starting Sat 2nd June 2012

 LISTEN ONLINE: http://www.choice-fm.co.uk/shows/weekend/afro-beats/



To coincide with the announcement of the new time slot on Choice FM, DJ Abrantee is hosting and celebrating 1 year of his SOLD out

 AFROBEAT SUNDAYS EVENTS and a successful 1 Year of the Afrobeats Radio Show @ Proud 2 on the 1st of July

The Afrobeat Sundays brand has firmly secured its existence as a date and event not to missed in every Afrobeats lovers calender. Armed with the heaviest line up of the best Afrobeats DJ’s, music and his super team, the highly anticipated Afrobeat Sundays party on the 1st July is expected to draw in some of the industries major players including A&R’s and record executives who regularly attend his events in search of the next big thing. However, with the best of Afrobeats music on blast and the charismatic DJ Abrantee as host, certainly all work plans will be left at the front door so they can Azonto till 5am in the morning on the dance floor.

 Tickets are available online at www.ticketmania.co.uk or contact 07535 560 225

 For press accreditation email: press@dlauk.com Follow on twitter: @afrobeatuk




Choice FM’s DJ Abrantee is about to sizzle up the forthcoming UK Summer Festival Season by hosting and presenting a landmark event at one of the capital’s most celebrated historic buildings Somerset House, The Strand, London.

An event which will herald how far the Afrobeats genre has come in such a short period will showcase a wealth of names from the exploding Afrobeats music scene: Nigerian pioneer / superstar Olu MaintainAngola’s Cabo Snoop, Ghana hit maker Atumpan, The 1st lady of Afrobeats May7ven,  and the most sought after Ghanian afrobeats group, Vibe Squad.

The showcase on Saturday 14 July 2012 from 7pm – 12 midnight is part of a series including the likes of US Soul sensation Jill Scott and rising UK singer/RINSE FM favourite Katy B.

Tickets are available now from www.ticketmania.co.uk and www.somersethouse.org.uk Early bird tickets £15 + booking fee

or contact 07535 560 225

Follow Somerset House On Twitter Here… @SomersetHouse


DJ Abrantee hosts D’Banj Live in London @ HMV Apollo!!!

To round off the summer of Afrobeats, on 27th August 2012DJ Abrantee will host the ‘Oliver Twist’ superstar and UK Top 10 Artist D’Banj.

Having signed to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D label following a fierce bidding war, Nigerian Afrobeat sensation D’banj will be joined by the biggest rising stars in music (hot properties) from Nigeria and Ghana. The line up consisting of Super talent, David O,who is arguable the most demanded artist in Nigeria at present, Queen of Afrobeats May7ven whose hit single  “TEN TEN” has taken over the airwaves and clubs worldwide and Vibe Squad who are one of the hottest commodities in the UK Afrobeats scene.

DJ Abrantee has carved out a fruitful career for himself by hosting and promoting some of the most exciting shows over the past 10 years in the UK.  His Sold out Club tours, Radio Show, extensive media coverage and support from the Guardian and Evening Standard Newspapers and production of one of the best and most hyped Afrobeats Mix CD in 2011 has cemented his position as one of the biggest DJ’s in the UK.

For more information and to keep up-to-date with DJ Abrantee and his dynamic super team:

FOLLOW @djabrantee