May 2012


Holby City Actor: Hugh Quarshie Supports GUBA 100%



Popular Holby City actor Hugh Quarshie has proudly become the new patron of the Ghana UK Based Achievement Awards (GUBA), the award running on success annually, proudly recognising Ghanaian UK achievers/ as well as worldwide who have positively impacted or contributed to the Ghanaian community.

Sir Quarshie stated in his own words;

“I must say that I have been impressed with the efficiency of GUBA. Others could learn from you. Thank you for honouring me with this invitation,” the actor remarked.

The well-known Founder and CEO of the GUBA, Dentaa stated,

“We are thrilled to have Hugh as our new patron. I am convinced that his quest for excellence will come to bear during the 2012 Awards. The Awards are essentially about honouring our people and highlighting their contribution to both the British and African communities. To have Hugh Quarshie as a supporter is indeed my pleasure and honour.”

Hugh joins our existing GUBA Ambassadors Jeanette Kwakye – best British female sprinter and John Paintsil – Ghanaian international footballer and Leicester city playmaker, to support GUBA’s effort in encouraging excellence and professionalism among Ghanaians living in the UK.”

GUBA proudly now is 3rd year and running, following a spectacular GUBA 2011 ceremony, preparations are firmly underway for GUBA in November 2012.

GUBA Awards 2011 is a fabulous organisation indeed. I have experienced GUBA at its finest, and I must say the event is a must event; such a glorious event, and honourable, if witnessed will make you proud indeed as seeing all the nominees, and speeches and much more will  fill you with pride.

This year’s awards will recognize those who are excelling professionally in Media, Charity work, Business and many other areas. Do you have anyone in mind that you think is worthy of a nomination for GUBA 2012?

If so, please send through any nominations using the below link.

A massive thank you from MeFiRi GHANA to both Sir Quarshie as well as the GUBA team for creating a beautiful platform to raise awareness to the Ghanaian community of all our achievers and successors.

Remember some unnoticed and unnamed achievers are out there, who have contributed to our community positively however have yet to be recognized. However GUBA has been proudly created to help our community for the better, in gracing our successors and achievers.

By Trey’C

Coming to a city near you…

EL’s Upcoming Tour In LONDON this June!!!

Diis is Crazeeee Chaleeee!

The “Obuu mo” artist has been making hits, after hits, after hits. Excited EL fans must be delighted to know his tour is literally just around the corner.

I’m not just a big fan, I’m a fat fan of EL, and I must say this tour is one not to be missed. The GH rapper, who simply cannot stick to one genre, is a genius when it comes to making music.

This is one Artist I can call *Versatile* with No doubt!

Check out his tour promo video:


New female rapper on the block…

Mz Porsche – ‘Finish’


Move aside Eazzy and Tiffany, there’s a new female rapper on the block and she’s here to stay! Mz Porsche is the latest Ghanaian female artist to stake her claim in Ghanaian hip hop and I must say she doesn’t disappoint!

Let’s face it Ghanaian hip hop is mostly dominated by male rappers. The likes of Eazzy and Tiffany have done their fair share in a male-dominated genre, but it’s great to see another female talent repping for GH hip hop.

Mz Porsche, real name Adjowa Addo-Yobo is a UK born Ghanaian who not only a talented rapper but also a model. She started recording professionally since finishing high school, and ‘Finish’ is the latest single to be dropped by her.

Produced by Kodi, ‘Finish’ is a mid-tempo hip hop track that features some sharp lines and tight flow. On the track Mz Porsche reps independent ladies and asserts her lyrical prowess – she delivers her lines with such punch and attitude that it’s hard not to like her! She’s definitely a rapper that will definitely give some GH male rappers a run for their money!

Follow Mz Porsche on twitter: @MzPorsche or head to her facebook page:

Check out ‘Finish’ below:

By Yaa Nyarko

New GH/UK Gospel song…

MOG – ‘Come Into My Heart’


There are many misconceptions about gospel music that has led a lot of people to dismiss the genre, mainly because gospel is still viewed as traditional rather than contemporary. However there are many gospel musicians and artists out there making some truly great and inspirational music that sadly, a lot of people are missing out on.

‘Come into My Heart’ is the debut song and video from new UK Gospel rapper MOG (Man of God) featuring Johnzy, who lends his excellent vocal talents on this track. Directed by Johnny Angoh, the video is simply but stylish. In the song and the video, MOG, real name Emmanuel Boakye, deals with subject matter that is universal to many people of today, whether Christian or not. With heartfelt lyrics, the song sends a simple but strong message – we need God in our lives.

Check out the video below:

By Yaa Nyarko

Get ready this summer!

Ghanaian Upcoming Events:

New, Funky, & Fresh!!

GHANA Music Awards 2012

Hosted In LONDON


WANT To enlighten your summer this year???

 Ensure you give this event a warm welcome.

It’s NEVER been before hosted in London….

But will be on 25th August,

 With VENUE yet to be confirmed

Our LONDON will be hosting and firing off with…..

The ‘GHANA Music Awards 2012….

 The night will light away with LIVE performances internationally, and many more surprises to be unleash.

BE THERE…This event is not to be missed,

Tell a Friend to Tell Another,

LONDON will be BLOWING Away with LAUGHTER…..

Prepare Ladies and Gents with your GLOWING Attires,

Bring Moves that will imprint yet mesmerize the CROWD….

As The Night will be…A splendid night to remember…


Say With PURE Emphasis….


By Trey’ C

New azonto banger…

P Man – ‘Inner’


If like me this weather has been getting you down, making you long for the hot sun of Ghana, then here’s the song that’s guaranteed to put a spring in your step. ‘Inner’ produced by Rudeboi, is the latest azonto banger from South London rapper P Man.

With an infectious beat that gets you moving in no time, ‘Inner’ is the perfect pick-me up tune to b brighten your day so check it out below!

Follow P Man on Twitter: @PManLDN

By Yaa Nyarko

There’s a new drink in town…

Awesome Alvaro!


So I recently arrived back to the UK from Ghana. We all know due to the hot weather regular drinking of cool beverages is the order of the day. Whilst I was there my drink of choice was Alvaro – I enjoyed nothing more than sitting on my porch catching the breeze and sipping some Alvaro.

For those who don’t know Alvaro, it’s a non – alcoholic natural malt based soft drink. Alvaro is available in three flavours – pear, passion fruit and pineapple. It is packaged in a stylish embossed 330ml green bottle with an emotive and contemporary metallic labelling, giving it a sophisticated and outstanding look.

Alvaro was launched in 2009 by Guinness Ghana Breweries Ltd (GGBL), and also retails across Africa in countries such as Kenya, where it is very popular. It has also proved a success in Ghana and I for one could not get enough of it while I was there. Although I enjoy all three flavours, for me the passion fruit flavour reigns supreme. This was to the contrary to many Ghanaians I met who preferred the pear flavour.

It retails in most shops for GH₵ and at the shoprite supermarket at Accra Mall you are permitted to take the bottles away (as opposed to leaving the bottle with shopkeeper for recycling). I admit I tried and failed to smuggle some bottles back to the UK. Though Alvaro is available in London but it sparsely distributed, so it will be slightly expensive due to import duty. Check with your local Ghanaian mini market. Though I do know for sure that it is availiable at Kotoko Mini Market 126 Craven Park Road, Harlesden, London,NW10 8QD, Tel;020 8965 7599

Lastly I will leave you with the two most important questions; have you tasted Alavro? Which is your favourite flavour?

Leave your comments below!

By Ben JK Anim-Antwi (Kwesi)

Going to Ghana soon…?

Places you MUST be when In GH!


So I spent my Easter in Ghana. This is also apparently said to be called “SIKA FUO HOLIDAYS” and yes, I did not hesitate to explore every corner, every place and every village.

I think when everyone goes back to the motherland and the time comes to going out, they don’t even know where to start or always end up missing out on some great places.

So I thought why not make things much easier and list my recommendations on the places to be in GH!


This is a beautiful mountainous place, located in the eastern region of Ghana. The best time to be in Kwahu is during Easter, because of the festivals, loud music, paragliding, endless partying and enjoyments.

Kokodo Restaurant

This is a guesthouse, however also part of their guesthouse is a fabulous restaurant. I have to say the atmosphere was so chilled, relaxed, super quiet and just out of this world. If you live in the Cape Coast area, or you’re down there for a visit, do check this place out and see for yourself.

Bojo Beach

Bojo Beach is one of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in Ghana. It has features that no other beach in Ghana or the world can contest with. One thing I love about the beach is that when you arrive at the entrance you assume straight away that you’re there, but a simple canoe or boat will carry you across from the land to the shores, and BOOM the beauty lies in front of you.


This is a hotel and restaurant and there’s one located in Osu and another located in Accra Mall. If you’re an ice- cream lover then I’m sure the ice cream parlour will simply blow you away. They have ice creams available in different varieties, flavours, colours, textures and smells. Just make sure you experience the delight for yourselves, but make this venue a Mighty Must.

Cape Coast and Elmina Castle

People never quite get the chance to visit our historic sites in Ghana. But trust me if you do, visit any of these castles and that will surely make your holiday worthwhile. When you arrive, there is a warm welcome from the guides and local sellers who welcome you to Cape Coast.

The tour guides are more than happy to assist you and give you information and to equip you with knowledge about the history, war, slavery and roots.


Yep KFC has finally hit Ghana, though local foods like ampesie, fufu and banku are the best. Sometimes you may feel like eating something a bit more western.

There are currently two KFC branches in Ghana – one is located in the industrial area and the other in Osu.

I have to say when I went there, I loved it! The food is much better and tastier than the UK KFC, but hey! Go and experience and see whether I’m right or wrong.

Make sure you write these down in your diary’s…

By Cloudia

C-Real drops latest single…

C-Real – Lotto is the Motto


There are only a handful of Ghanaian rappers who have truly distinguished themselves in the genre of hip-hop, and C-Real is definitely one of them. ‘Lotto is the Motto’ is the latest joint dropped by Ghanaian emcee, winner of Channel O/Sprite Emcee Africa Competition.

C-Real this time freestyles on Drake’s track ‘The Motto’, and as usual his flow is as tight as ever! With lines like ‘sipping on my kooko, chewing on my brodo’, the rapper takes a humorous approach to shed light on the hardships that many face in Ghana. C-Real is one of few talented artists in Ghana who do Ghanaian hip-hop any justice, so make sure you download the track straight to your GH music playlist!

Follow C-Real on Twitter: @C_RealGH

By Yaa Nyarko

Hitting airwaves near you…


After over 15 years of working on hit TV shows such as MNet’s Studio 53 and Amazing Ghana, a Studio One Production broadcast on TV3 (Ghana) and The MTN Soccer Academy (Metro TV, Ghana) as well as successful radio shows on Vibe FM, Atlantis Radio and Joy FM, Blakofe now joins Voice of Africa Radio (VOAR), London as Producer/Presenter on Music 4 U.

Music 4 U is a daytime show which combines a delightful blend of music from all across Africa; conversations with studio guests; competitions; live call-ins and listener’s dedications.  Blakofe brings to the show her years of experience, passion for the industry and of course her own unique style of presenting. Listen to Blakofe on Music 4 U on 94FM (London) or online at  every Monday 11am – 2pm; Friday 11am- 1pm and Saturday 4pm – 6pm.