May 2012

GH’s fastest rapper isn’t done yet!

Sarkodie is to issue Two more albums this year!


Sarkodie picking up 'Artiste of the Year' at the 2012 Ghana Music Awards


The award winning Artist of the year (2012), Sarkodie ‘opidiponbidi’, says he will be releasing two albums this year.

In a recent interview with Hitz FM, The rapper disclosed that one of the albums is ready to drop, and the other one is still in the process.

According to Sarkodie, the first album is a hip-hop themed album titled *Mind Game* a collaboration with Jay-So which is targeted for his worldwide audience as well as hip-hop lovers in GH.

The second album, he said, will be a Hi-LIFE themed album which will feature some of the BEST artistes he grew up listening to such as Kojo Antwi, Oheneba Kissi, Daddy Lumba and Daasebre Dwamena.

Unlike other artists that take a long break, Sarkodie says he’ll never rest, all he wants to do is to work to bring his fans the best of music.

He made it clear that he had plans before the 2012 Ghana Music Awards, and now that it is over, it is time to continue from where he stopped.

For his future plans, the ‘You Go Kill Me’ hit-maker said he has tours, charity events and a couple of shows ahead of him.

Sarkodie performed the second part of his Rapperholic concert in Kumasi before the awards and afte, did a couple of shows in Ghana before performing in Malaysia.

He is back and says the next step for him is to tour some regions of Ghana to be followed by a Canada tour in June.

Sarkodie has now won the Artiste of the Year twice and says being in the artiste of the year category was a blessing to him, adding that he thinks his fans and management supported him a lot hence they make sure he wins awards every time he is nominated.


MeFiRi Ghana’s Political Corner…

Here is the fifth edition of Political Corner:



Eight Ghanaians are scheduled to attend the forthcoming G8 Summit,

Attending the Global Agriculture and Food Security to ensure crops don’t plummet.

While at the event, the representatives will promote food security,

Strengthening the relationship between Ghana at the G8 to avoid obscurity.

Mr Fenton Sands, Senior Food Security Officer of the USAID,

Told Accra journalists Ethiopian and Tanzanian personnel will also be at the committee.

He said Ghana was chosen because she had become a ‘welcome’ country to investors,

Being highly noted for her stability, dependability and a lack of regime protesters.

Madam Marjorie Valerie Abdin, First VP of Federation of Associate of Ghanaian Exporters,

Said she hoped to return with “solid contracts” to assist within the Ghanaian quarters.

The focus of discussion by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and its political charmers,

Will be maize, soya and cassava, which Madam Valerie said were mainly grown by rural farmers.

Mr John Awuku Dziwornu, a farmer from Asutuare in the Dangme West District of Greater Accra,

Said “we need to know who is working elsewhere, to improve upon our own way” by far.

He said the area was made up of small scale farmers who produced maize,

So it was encouraging that USAID was partnering with the government to improve its ways.

And that’s the latest MeFiRi Ghana Political Poetry.

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By Anthony Lyrics

Introducing you to…

Profile: Kwasi Kwarteng



The Conservative Party are not known for attracting the ethnic minority vote on a large scale in the UK in the same way that the Labour Party can. This is something the party chairman Baroness Warsi has said the party needs to address if they are to win the next general election. So for a party known for consisting of public school educated white males, could a black public educated male spearhead the change the conservatives desperately need?

Meet the possible candidate; Dr Kwasi Alfred Addo Kwarteng, the Conservative MP (Member of Parliament) for Spelthorne in Surrey. He was elected in the 2010 election.

Kwarteng was born in London. His parents migrated to the UK from Ghana as students in the 1960s.He attended Eton College as a King’s Scholar, and then read Classics and History at Trinity College, Cambridge. He was a member of the winning University Challenge team in 1995, in the first series after the programme was revived by the BBC in 1994.He attended Harvard University as a Kennedy Scholar and completed a PhD in History at Cambridge University.

Prior to becoming an MP, Kwarteng worked as an analyst in financial services. He has written a book, Ghosts of Empire, about the legacy of the British Empire, published by Bloomsbury in 2011. He has also co-authored a book entitled, Gridlock Nation, which focuses its attention on the causes and solutions to traffic congestion in Britain.

He has been dubbed the “black Boris” (in reference to Boris Johnson). Well, like Boris Mr Kwarteng is obviously a well educated man and this is in keeping with the Conservative party stereotype. Though there is nothing wrong with being intelligent and many have tipped him to become the conservative partys first ever black cabinet minister.

Though I’m not sure Kwasi will convince me to vote conservative in the next election, I can recognise his talents and rise to prominence in a party with very few people of his profile within in it.

Thus Dr Kwasi Alfred Addo Kwarteng; Me Firi Ghana salutes you!

Ben JK Anim-Antwi (Kwesi)

Get ready this summer for…

Meet Me There 2012


Afrobeats music lovers are in for a treat on the 9 June 2012 as the Willen Lake Park in Milton Keynes hosts the annual Meet Me There – one of the biggest multicultural events within the Ghanaian community in the UK.

Organised by Alordia & Westcoast Promotions, Constu Entertainment and Levi, Meet me there is a hugely popular family attraction event which celebrates the Ghanaian culture. Each year, families are treated to some of the best music, food, games and comedy and this year is no exception.

Headlining the park event this year will be the award winning singer Castro, E.L, Nhyiraba Kojo and some of UK’s biggest Afrobeats stars including Sonni Bali, Charlseyk, Akatsitsi and Mista Silva, Kwamz, Flava & Giizmo.

Providing families an affordable opportunity to learn more about the Ghanaian way of life, the crowd will also be treated to hours of exceptional comedy by Ghana’s funniest Agya Koo and London based comedian, Eddie Kadi.

Other attractions will include fashions shows, competitions, and durbar of chiefs, arts and crafts and special appearances by some of the top African celebrities.

Sponsored by one of the leading airlines in the world Virgin Atlantic, Meet Me There 2012 will unquestionably draw large crowds and be of significant benefit to all who attend.

For further information about tickets and Stalls contact: Ebo – 07702659139 / Alordia – 07894941667 / WestCoast – 07984855999 / Levi – 07984749255



New music coming soon…

Mox Kito Da Rockstar Set To Release New Single


The Beatmaker/Producer/Rapper/Sound Engineer and Ceo of Mox Flex Entertainment Mox Kito Da Rockstar has announced 18th May as the official release date for his new single.

The music will be released worldwide on iTunes and his official website Details about the new music will be on hold for now until after the official release on iTunes.

The record producer has promised the world and his fans nothing but the best. For more information you can call 233245022743 or email

Ghanaian customer service…Pt 2



If you read my last blog and your jaw dropped from the kind of service I got from that restaurant, then brace yourself for something even more absurd! If we were to give awards for the worse service providers in Ghana, the banks would be right on top of the list. And Barclays Ghana would be miles ahead on the banking list. They are unbelievably shocking!

I walked into a Barclays bank branch once and saw about four people crowded around one person, so I moved closer to find out what was going on. The poor man was not in any kind of trouble, the other customers were just waiting for him to finish filling out his deposit slip so they can use the pen! I looked round and was surprised to see there were only 2 pens available for customers to use! I did not need to use a pen, but I went over to one of the guys sitting behind the desk to ask to borrow a pen. Now this guy is sitting there with an air of importance about him like he’s the governor of the Bank of Ghana! He offers me no smiles, so I offer none back. And he looks at me like I’m disturbing his otherwise perfect day. He had a pen on his table but it had been securely taped to his desk with a note on the pen saying “do not remove this pen from this desk”! At this point I start laughing. It’s so pathetic I cannot help but laugh. Well the man would not let his very expensive Bic Ballpoint pen leave his sight so the queue for the pen on the other side of the banking hall only grew bigger.

Well, I left that and went off to another desk to try and get my own issue sorted. I had an issue I expected to be resolved within days if not hours. I had an account with Barclays Bank Ghana I had not touched in about 3 years. The lady at the desk said the account would have been made dormant, but she would have to call another department to confirm if the money was still there! I left my money with a bank not a susu man so if I left it there for 3 years, I would expect it to be there untouched. As calm as a cucumber I sat and waited for about 10 minutes whiles she talked on the phone. When she came off the phone she informed me the dormant department would ring her back in a couple of minute to confirm they had knowledge of my defunct account. 30 minutes and a few tweets later, I’m still sat there, waiting! I go back to her to ask for an answer and she tells me the dormant department has not phoned back yet. Now she senses I’m not very happy so she rings back the dormant department only to be told their “system is down” so they cannot confirm anything for me! At this point I’m fuming, so she suggests I leave my number with her and she will ring me as soon as she gets an answer.

She called after a day to tell me my money was with them but I would have to come and fill some forms to be able to claim it back. So I go fill out these forms, get my ID photocopied then I’m told it would take 2 weeks for them to carry out all their checks! And I would have to pick up the cheque in person, but I had less than 2 weeks in Ghana. How hard is it to compare my photo ID with the photo they already have and check if my signatures match?! At this point I’m absolutely livid, but this guy in front of me just sits and listens and all he can say is its out of his hands, its company policy- the process takes 2 weeks and I have to come pick up the cheque in person. Now my only option is to go up the hierarchy. So I get on my phone to the Barclays Ghana headquarters. A few harsh words later, they agree the cheque can be collected by proxy. With all done, I’m told I have to ring back in 2 weeks to find out if my cheque had come through to them! I could only laugh! It’s just unbelievable! I’m sure I would not have to go through so much hustle to get money off the tax man!

Fast forward 3 weeks and I’m still trying to get hold of anyone from Barclays Bank! It’s either the phone rings or no one answers or someone answers only to be told the gentleman who signed my forms is in some meeting! So now I’m left with no choice than to send someone to that Barclays Bank branch and also boycott all Barclays ATMs worldwide! I think I’d spit at any Barclays ATM I come across. LOL!

By Maclean Arthur

GH’s finest female rapper is back…

Itz Tiffany – ‘Akye Wo!’



After rebranding herself, Ghana’s foremost female rapper Itz Tiffany is back with a killer new single! Produced by Ghana’s finest producer Killbeatz, ‘Akye Wo!’ is the first single to be taken from Tiffany’s upcoming debut EP ‘Itz Tiffany’, soon to drop. Itz Tiffany is currently featured on the hit track ‘Azonto’ which is now playlisted on BBC 1xtra and the dance craze is now sweeping the nation.

Since bursting on the music scene last year with her highly popular track Fake London Boy, Itz Tiffany has gone on to rack up a number of successful singles and collaborated with some of the finest artists in Ghanaian music, including Mugeez of R2Bees, Fuse ODG and Castro.

Itz Tiffany is at her finest on this track, which features a banging beat that gets you moving. And we at MeFiRi Ghana are loving her new image! As soon as the video drops, we’ll be sure to post it here but for now check out the song below. Ebe ‘kye wo’ indeed!

Follow Itz Tiffany on Twitter: @itz_tiffany @itzteamtiffany

Visit her YouTube page for more videos:

By Yaa Nyarko

A Big Brother feature…



Ghanaian RnB singer Chemphe


Chemphe’s two new singles “Kiss Me” which features Funny Face and 4×4, and “Left Over” which features the stunning sound engineer Laxio had an airplay at the Big Brother house last Saturday 12th May 2012, which saw the housemates dance to it. Both songs were released May 1st 2012 and having very good airplay in the world now.

Chemphe who is currently preparing for his first major performance in Ghana after his return from Norway indicated that the fans have played an instrumental role in putting him back where he left off to the YMCA Concerts in Hong Kong and Norway and pledged to provide good music to the public and also be a tool for social developments.

He was very impressed during the weekend as fans started calling him and his manager about the two new singles being played at the Big Brother house. He is set to perform his new single “Kiss Me” at the GH Stand Up Concert live at the Dome of Accra International Conference Centre on Saturday 26th May 2012.

New afrobeat track…

DXD – Bump ‘N’ Grind


With D’Banj and other Nigerian artists currently receiving international attention, it’s understandable why some Ghanaian artists are employing Nigerian producers to work on their tracks.

Ghanaian Afro-Pop/ Hip-Hop musician DXD has released his new afrobeat single ‘Bump ‘N’ Grind’. Produced by Nigerian producer Ill Kheizz and mixed by Dakay, the song is definitely one for the clubs. It’s hard to believe that the artist of the track is Ghanaian as the song has a very distinct Nigerian sound, but it’s still a banger nonetheless. Check it out below!

By Yaa Nyarko

Scientific drops another one…

Scientific ft Kas & E-Fine – ‘Wind Low’


Scientific is no doubt one of the most talented rappers in Ghana at the moment. His highly successful hit ‘I Like You Girl’ ft Sarkodie and EL demonstrated his lyrical prowess, and now he’s back again with a track.

‘Wind Low’ is the latest song from Scientific featuring E Fine and Nigerian rapper Kas and the song is definitely one to write home about! Although all three rappers are impressive on this mid-tempo track, its Scientific who stands out the most for me – his flow as usual is on point and his lyrics are as sharp as ever! Produced by Sammie Blacc, this track is definitely one for your playlist. Check it out below!

Follow Scientific on Twitter: @Scientificgh

By Yaa Nyarko