April 2012

Ghanaians and health…

The Good Life


I’m always excited going back to Ghana. Love the weather, seeing old school mates, mama and the rest of the family. But somehow I always dread the first meeting with mama. She would look at me and say- “Ato you haven’t been eating well, you’ve lost weight”. Because of this, I always put myself on a fattening diet about a week before I go to Ghana. But this plan has never really worked. Most of the time its either I’m too lazy or too busy to stick to this eating routine. I’ve been to Iceland to stock up on the junkiest 2 minutes microwave meals I could lay my hands on. But they are still sat in the freezer and I’ve got only a few days before I see her.

I think I should point out I have not got a small physique. I have got pretty toned up muscles and I would want keep it that way. So why does she want me to put on some weight? For most in the Ghanaian society, putting on excessive weight is a sign of good living. As bizarre as it sounds I do not think this is far from the truth. It is the one with a fat wallet that can afford to buy and consume more than what his body requires. The not-so-well-off on the other hand will eat just about enough to sustain them. But this notion of fatness as a sign of good living seems to be waning away. People have become conscious of what they eat. But this has not saved the well-off from obesity.

With the growth in the economy and all that, more Ghanaians are at risk of obesity and its associate diseases more than ever. People are spending more time at work than ever before and so are turning to fast food establishments for their lunch and dinner. This is made even worse by the fact that for most Ghanaians the word “exercise” does not feature anywhere in their daily routine. So whiles obesity might be a sign of good living in Ghana, it’s also a sign of poor health. So let’s start taking a good look at what we eat. The greatest wealth, they say, is health.

By Maclean Arthur

MeFiRi Ghana’s Political Corner…

Here is the second edition of Political Corner:




Rev. Ben Ampeah-Badu challenged Christians to utilise Easter to spread peace,

As news broke of violence over the biometric registration which are set to increase.

Speaking at the Jackson’s Park Koforidua Zone Easter Convention,

He claimed the country was sitting on a time bomb amid all the unrest and tension.

The man of God said it was unfortunate that Ghana faced such hard times,

With reports of blackmailing, corruption and other grave crimes.

Urging Ghanaians to create an environment of love and liberation,

He said “vices were fighting against the growth and development of the nation”.

Rev. Samuel Asare added that most people failed to recognise the Easter celebration,

Resorting to merry making and other things that did not give God the glorification.

He insisted Christians should rise from their slumber and look to Jesus,

Avoiding sins such as lies, theft and deceit, all for the righteousness that frees us.

Rev. Asare latter expressed his concern over the country’s high political fraction,

Calling on political parties to use dialogue to bring about order and satisfaction.


And that’s the latest Me FiRi Ghana Political Poetry.

By Anthony Lyrics

Dr Cryme does it again!



Ghana being a part of commonwealth has given its citizens the opportunity to be part of the ever growing cultural exchange market. As such the United Kingdom provides the avenue for young Ghanaian entertainers the opportunity to exhibit their talent, especially during the summer, when multiple programmes are held to promote the whole commonwealth exchange agenda.

One of the groups spearheading the above agenda is the UK based Akwaaba UK, who over the years have been instrumental in organizing beauty pageants, independence and republic shows, private parties, charity events and more. They have been able to train other competitors to live up to expectations  in the global arena, and enable them easily bridge the gap between Africa nationals living abroad and in Africa, especially Ghana.

Dr Cryme is currently Ghana’s most sought for celebrity, and has won the same honour during the recently held High School Honours in Accra Ghana. The E-Jam Records artist had one of the highest RBT downloads via his “Kill Me Shy” single from his “Finally Finally” album launched in Ghana in November 4th last year as part of the album festival.

Ghanaian nationals in the UK were most impressed with Akwaaba UK’s choice to invite Dr Cryme to the 2011 Miss Ghana UK which was held at Troxy London in UK. Dzifa Gray is the founder, producer and director of the Titi Gray Talk Show on BEN TV, (Sky Channel 184), airing every Saturday at 7PM. The first pilot was in March 2009, Ghana’s 52nd Independence. The programme has been very instrumental in awarding entertainers around the world for innovation through bringing up new genres and also a general support to the society through adequate preservation of the African culture.

One of the main reasons that might have boosted up Dr Cryme’s win was his immense support to the society through socially active projects like donations to hospitals and general education of peers. His “Twipop” genre is currently global and has been very instrumental in creating a new music hub in Tema. Tema forms a conurbation with Accra and is a planned city in the center of the world. Dr Cryme a.k.a “Tema Eminem” a.k.a. “The General” couldn’t mince his words but had to show appreciated to everyone for making a dream come through.

He added that he’s received two plaques and two awards without losing out on any nominations due to him prior to his album launch, which is an impressive start and indicates an immense support from fans. So far D’Banj, Shirley Frimpong Manso and Dr Cryme are the only Africans who have been awarded as such.

 By Yaa Nyarko

Cultural news…

Ghana to host its first national carnival!


The Ministry of Tourism has announced that Ghana is to host its first national carnival, the first of its kind exhibiting its rich history and culture.

The carnival, which has been scheduled for September, will take place in collaboration with Ghana Tourism Authority and UK Centre for Carnival Arts in Luton and the Ghana Society in the UK. UK Centre for Carnival Arts is to provide guidance and support to Ghanaian artists participating in the coming carnival parade, which will be designed and performed by local people.


The theme of the Carnival is ‘Carnival Come Home’, and it is expected to attract 1,000 schoolchildren, young adults and performers to make carnival costumes and floats, as well as provide entertainment such as music and dancing. In addition, the carnival is expected to bring together people from all walks of life together.

Minister of Tourism, Ms Akua Sena Dansua said, “Carnivals are popular international tourism events in the Caribbean, Latin America and some parts of Africa such as the Seychelles. Carnivals stimulate economic growth, create employment opportunities and transform lives especially in host countries. Carnivals unite communities not only through participation within a country but also strengthen existing relations among peoples and countries.”

The carnival is designed primarily to encourage home-coming among the Diaspora, especially people of African descent while it gives Ghanaians the opportunity to experience at first hand the benefits of carnivals. It has been scheduled to coincide with Olympics activities in London in order to attract sponsorship.

By Yaa Nyarko


MeFiRi Ghana’s Political Corner…



‘With the 2012 elections set to be one to remember,

VP Mahama said, Ghanaians should preserve with the biometric registration for vote in December.

He called on all citizens, irrespective of their political party at the poll,

To register for the exercise, whilst participating in the exercise in his region of Bole.

Accompanied by the Northern, Upper West and Upper East regional ministers at the polling station,

VP Mahama urged Ghanaians to uphold the country’s credentials, as a proud democratic nation.

Promising that the government would provide a free and fair Electoral Commission, with all the logistics,

Mahama queued and registered to show the nation, they CAN produce representative statistics.


And that’s the latest MeFiRi Ghana Political Poetry.

By Anthony Lyrics

Another hit in the making…?

Nana Boroo and SK Original team up again for new track!


 Remember the highly popular track ‘Ahayede’ by Nana Boroo and SK Original back in 2010 and the ensuing controversy about which artist owned the rights to the song? Well it seems that Nana Boroo and S.K Original have decided to bury the hatchet by hooking up again on another track.

According to SK, real name Sokpo Kokou Fabrice, Boroo called him last month to feature on his new track entitled ‘Nsem Pii’. He agreed to feature on the track to show the youth and fellow musicians that all is forgiven and forgotten between the two.


He further elaborated, “When you are at peace with everyone, God showers his blessings on you. You cannot continue to be at war with people and expect God to bless you. ‘Nsem Pii’ is a wonderful piece and I also have a couple of tracks I want to feature Nana Boroo on.”

‘Nsem Pii’, which was recorded by Kilbeatz, according to Nana Boro, is set to be a big hit once it hits the air waves.

Speaking about the reconciliation with SK, Boroo added, “I believe the two of us can make a very big impact when we team up. It is normal for people to misunderstand each other sometimes but that does not mean they must forever be enemies. There was a misunderstanding between us and thank God we are back again.”

By Yaa Nyarko