March 2012

Boys vs Girls…

Are the Ghana mmaa more in touch with the culture than the Ghana mmarima?

As a proud Ghanaian lady who is passionate about all things Ghanaian I often find myself having witty discussions with my Ghanaian brothers on topics that affect those of us living in the Diaspora.

As a result of these discussions it has become apparent that some British born Ghanaian males have no idea of how to speak their native tongue whether it be Akan, Dagaare, Dagbani, Dangme, Ewe, Ga, Gonja, Kasem or Nzema.

This has prompted me to ask the question:

“Just how seriously do some British born Ghanaian males take their culture?”

Whilst their Ghanaian counterparts, i.e. the Ghana mmaa statistically tend to take learning the language & the culture more seriously with the aim to pass the rich knowledge onto their future children, the lads who I have spoken to tend to make this a back seat priority.

Whilst I realise that this is not true of all males it is an issue that needs to be addressed.

I asked some Ghanaian males what they felt being Ghanaian meant to them. It became apparent that embracing the food or the support of the national football team, keeping abreast of the politics back home, reciting the words to the national anthem or listening to the infectious beats of the ever popular hip-life music made them feel more Ghanaian.

But what about the language?

Where does it factor fit into their lives?

In a typical Ghanaian household most girls can often be found standing by the side of her mother whilst her mother teaches her how to cook traditional meals. They converse on a daily basis in the native tongue. Mum might say something in Twi & the child will respond either in English or Twi.

Thus reinforcing the learning, but what about the British Ghanaian boy? What is his role within the home?

Sure, they might know one or two words, but can they string a proper sentence together?

A male friend of mine told me that:

“It is his belief that some males do not feel fully connected to their roots because their parents did not make it a necessity for them to learn Twi. Therefore they relate to a more British existence”

It is my strong held belief that the education of a child starts at home. With that in mind it is down to our parents to ensure that we receive a balanced education within our ‘fie’

The mindset of the English language being the paramount language spoken at home whilst the native tongue becomes neglected must change. It has been proven in various studies that females are better at mastering languages than their male contemporaries.

Is it a possibility that the Ghanaian ladies will be left to shoulder the responsibility of teaching their young children Twi or Ga to name a few because the males are falling down where the language is concerned?

As I have said before & will continue to say we have a duty (male & female alike) to learn everything we can about our beautiful culture otherwise we are in danger of seeing it die & that is something that we should not make a reality.

What is your opinion?

By Caroline N. Mensah


Music News…

Eddie Kadi and Funny Face record new single ‘They Doubted’


London based comedian Eddie Kadi and Ghana’s number one comic, Funny Face have teamed up to record an interesting yet entertaining song titled “They Doubted”. Funny face who recently performed for the first time in the UK as part of Ghana’s 55th Independence celebrations shares his insightful experience in London.

The track is produced by E.L and co-written by female rapper Tiffany.



You can download the track here:

Your weekend starts right here!

 Guru, 4×4 and Tiffany Live in London


This week the UK has been blessed with unusually warm weather and if like most people this added extra spring in your step, then here’s the perfect way to enjoy the coming weekend.

If you’re an azonto fan or just a general fan of Ghana music then head to Zanzibar night club this Saturday where Ghanaian acts 4×4, Guru and Tiffany will take to the stage to perform some of their biggest hits! Organised by West Coast UK, Alordia and Guvnor Levi, the night is already set to be one to remember, with DJs Alordia, Bibi, Invisible, Skob & Gizmo, Fiifi, Era, Billy and Blackstar playing some of the finest tunes from the motherland.

MCs of the night will be Warren Gizzle and Comotion, so if you haven’t made plans for the weekend already, then make sure you get yourself and your friends down there as it’s going to be one hell of a night! Tickets are only £10!



Date: Saturday March 31st 2012

Time: 10pm – 5am

Venue: Zanzibar Night Club, 291 Kirkdale , Sydenham, London, SE26 4QD (Nearest station: Sydenham Train Station, Buses 176, 202,  122, 450 & 197)

Dress Code: Smart & Sexy

Admission: £10

Info: 05985 855 999 – 07984 749 255 – 07894 941 667


By Yaa Nyarko

Osibisa Tribute Concert…

Stevie Wonder and Hugh Masekela to headline at Osibisa Tribute Concert in Ghana


Osibisa when they first formed

American singer/songwriter Stevie Wonder and South African’s legendary trumpeter Hugh Masekela have been announced as two of the headlining acts to perform at the Osibisa Tribute Concert scheduled for June 1st at the National Theatre.

Masekela and Wonder are just two of the several line-up of top entertainers, including prominent US record producer Quincy Jones, coming together on June 1st to celebrate the outstanding achievements of the legendary Afro-pop group that is Osibisa.

The Osibisa Tribute Concert is being put together by one of the founding members of Osibisa, Teddy Osei and Kofi Amoakohene of Scratch Studios, and the purpose of the concert is to celebrate and highlight the great music produced by the band.

Teddy Osei, who spoke in a recent interview about the show said, “We just want to make an event whereby African heroes really promoting and all those who are really associated with African music to come around… It is a whole variety of a show.”

Osibisa, which was formed in 1969, was made up of three Ghanaians, Teddy Osei, Mac Tontoh, Sol Amarfio, Nigerian Lassisi Amao and Carribbean Robert Bailey, Spartacus R and Wendell Richardson. Their unique style of fusing highlife and Caribbean styles with jazz, rock and R&B garnered them worldwide attention. Together they were known as the ‘beautiful seven’ and have been credited with the founding of World Music. Their numerous hits include Welcome Home, Woyaya, Sunshine Day, I Feel Pata Pa, the Coffee Song and Dance the Body Music.

By Yaa Nyarko

Europe Supports Dr Cryme 100%!

The ‘KILL ME SHY’ artist , receives tremendous support  from European fans!


Dr Cryme


The Ghanaian communities in the European countries have been eager to hear more of the young Tema boy!

E-Jam Records’ Artiste,  “Sir” Dr Cryme respectively won the most bankable young artiste for the year 2011 .

2011 has been a golden year for the young musician as he made Ghana proud by winning the Golden Heart Award in UK.  And it does not stop there – he also won Most Influential Artiste during the High School Honours 2011.

Dr. Cryme has been receiving his biggest support from Europe. The Ghana communities in countries such as Holland, Denmark and Germany were excited to see him after endless weeks of curiosity. His surprise appearances at events and support to community events have secured him the ultimate supremacy in the world of Twipop.

Some of the communities abroad that enjoyed Dr. Cryme’s support at various projects include Stuttgart (Germany), Hamburg (Germany), Copenhagen (Denmark) and The Hague (Holland), among others. His manager and CEO of E-Jam Records, Korsah-Brown emphasized that celebrities should not confuse branding with SWAG but should leverage on good corporate associations to boost their branding.

He also touched on the fact that,  Dr. Cryme’s album is doing extremely well on iTunes, RBT downloads and other music shops. He is expected back into the country before April 2012 to shoot his “More Fans” video, which will subsequently be followed by the release of his tour and videos DVD.




Ghana’s Top Female Musicians at war…

Becca and Efya Clash Their Swords




From close sources it has been confirmed that Becca and Efya, both top Ghanaian female singers are at Beef anf at the edges of war.

Hearsay have piled up stating Efya apparently left her former group, ‘Irene And Jane’ to actually face off with Becca due to Becca’s success in GHANA as TOP Female singer at the time, and Efya wanted to challenge Becca for a fight in the music scene.

However hearsay also stated in Becca’s own words that, “she sees Efya as a crawling Tortoise”, as she believes Efya is trying to be her, through pure imitation.

How Harsh! 

Both strong and unique female vocalists are both at competition with 5 each nominations in the upcoming VGMA, which will be the final Knockdown in time.

Who will Be Left Standing without an Award??

We Will See Soon…

But Who Hits Their Vocals HARD??

    Becca or Efya????

Over the past years, Becca has been the highest paid female artist in GHANA, however with trouble calling, Becca’s money may soon devalue with Efya calling the shots LOUDLY; Becca Needs to come strong and hard.

With the VGMA Fast approaching, both fabulous female artists have been categorized within the same category, which will be interesting.

Personally both ladies are sexy as well as Beautiful in what they do, each vocalist have their own style of approach and swagger spice.

Becca, I believe is a much more modest and calm vocalist, has been in the making for a while now with much experience.

Whereas Efya is still young with hot Fire and flavour, with edgy style, yet has less experience in the music industry.

Both females are fighting for a distinguished place within the scene of music.

Both ladies are shocking in what they do, and Hit their vocal notes with Epic and spice, they both have superb style, but in terms of

Who is the Bestest??


Lies In your Hands.

Both these Females are Incredible, with Jazzy soulful Voices.

Well done Ladies, music will not run away, but you will meet people who are better and stronger.

Trying to be the best you can be is the KEY To success.


By Trey’C

Life is a beach…

Where’s your favourite beach spot in Ghana?


As we enter into the summer period in the UK many people will be thinking about where they will be going this summer. If Ghana is indeed your destination, you will surely be tempted to go to the beach to soak up the sun and get taste of the quintessential atmosphere that is Ghana. It’s especially refreshing for us British-born Ghanaians as the beaches of Blackpool, Brighton or Kent, but somehow these places don’t compare to the sandy beaches of Ghana.  In and around the capital Accra we are spoilt for choice with many smaller beaches and the more populous beach resorts.

Labadi Beach also known as La Pleasure or La Palm Beach is the busiest beach on Ghana’s coast .It is one of Accra’s few beaches and is maintained by the local hotel. An entrance fee to those not staying the hotels is charged. On holidays and weekends there are often performances of reggae, hip life , and cultural drumming and dancing. It’s a real tourist haven and you’re likely to see a more international mix of people as opposed to strictly Ghanaian.

Coco Beach is another beach hotel resort located on the Atlantic coast of Ghana in the Teshie-Nungua district in Accra. Like Labadi it is also twinned with a hotel so it guarantees tourist visitation. On weekends and public holidays the place comes alive with a live band. The music is complemented by colourful performances by cultural troupes from different ethnic groups in the country. They treat you to a variety of rhythm and dance giving you a picturesque insight of their cultural heritage

Bojo Beach is another alternative although not a very big beach; it is a great place to hang out with your friends as it is compact and has a community vibe. It is also good if you want
to have abundance of beach life and sneak away from the busy city of Accra. The beach is about 20km from west of Accra and its becoming a very poplar beach destination for many tourists in Ghana. Bojo Beach is the only beach where you experience the rich “Island” experience on a sand bank with one side being fresh water and the other side being salty. This beach is sandwiched between a lagoon and the sea shores.

Kokrobite is a funky beach town and its beach is home for all reggae lovers and Rastafarians as well.  It’s a place I first visited in 2007 and was taken in by its unique atmosphere.Kokrobite is a small fishing village located on the long stretch of “beachlets” lined on the Ghana coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It is about 25km west from Accra and is a popular beach destination for beach lovers seeking rich tropical paradise and pristine beaches. There are huts built with palm or coconut branches, creating a cool habitat when the sun is scorching and also to keep your personal belongings.

There are many beaches, hotels and bars lined up on the entire coast of Ghana. Some of these beaches are “quiet”, thus making them ideal private spots for tourists in groups, schools and families. You can almost choose a beach to suit your mood.

So where’s your favourite place to unwind in the sun? Get in touch and let us know which beach is your beach of choice. Maybe there is a local beach you like that I haven’t mentioned.

Leave your comments below

Ben Jk Anim-Antwi (Kwesi)

Calling all Ghanaians…

The Future of Ghana


Mefiri Ghana would like to ask you:


3.What issues regarding YOUR Ghanaian Culture would YOU like to ask, discuss or debate if given the opportunity?


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Events: Remembering Samuel Coleridge-Taylor…


BTWSC (UK) in association with WEB Du Bois Memorial Centre For Pan African Culture (GHANA), Music Congress, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor 100PM Collective and H.E. Mr KB Asante cordially invite you:


Remembering Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

(15 Aug 1875 – 1 Sept 1912) – an African British musical genius

An audio-visual presentation on African British & pan-Africanist history, and music*


When: Thursday March 29 2012, 3-5pm

Where: WEB Du Bois Memorial Centre, Off First Circular Road, Cantonment, Accra (near the American Embassy)

Cost: Free

To RVSP, book or for more information: Awula Serwah,, 020 024 0338,


*UK-based music industry and history consultant Kwaku will lead a PowerPoint-assisted presentation on the life of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (SC-T), one of Britain’s favourite composers of the early 20th century, and introduce some of his works, including ‘Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast’, which at one time vied with ‘Messiah’ and ‘Elijah’ as one of Britain’s most popular choral composition.

SC-T, born of Sierra Leonean/English parentage, was feted internationally. He made three successful tours in the US, where he became the first African to conduct an all European orchestra and was invited to meet President Theodore Roosevelt in the White House. SC-T was proud of his African roots, and tried incorporating African themes within classical music. He was a member of the African Association, which organised the 1900 Pan-African Conference in London, where SC-T met WEB Du Bois, who had an influence on the composer. The dire circumstances of SC-T’s estate partly led to the formation in 1914 of Britain’s Performing Right Society (PRS), which collects royalties for composers and music publishers.*

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session during which SC-T’s life as an African living in England at the turn of the 20th century, a pan-Africanist, and his relationship with Du Bois, will be explored.  The event will be introduced by WEB Du Bois Memorial Centre acting executive director Mr BS Ato Keelson, and the Q&A preceded by an introduction by SC-T fan H.E. Mr KB Asante.

By Yaa Nyarko

Calling all Ghanaians…

The Future of Ghana


Mefiri Ghana would like to ask you:

2. Have the older generation/parents lost connection with the younger generation of today?
If so why do you think this is?


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