November 2011

Azonto Invasion Mix – FREE DOWNLOAD…

BiGxGh Azonto Invasion Mix Vol. 2


Azonto seems to be the “iish” now and the 1st “Azonto” mix had 32,000+ downloads. No doubt people loved it. This one should get more than that as it’s way better than the 1st one as confirmed by lots of DJ’s. It starts with popular dancehall tunes that goes well with the “Azonto” dance and ends in one as well. You know how I does it already. I won’t talk much. Check out the track listing, listen and download for your listening pleasure. My gift to you. And don’t forget to thank me later.



Ghanaian Music: Interview with K’adu Larbi

This week Me FiRi GHANA catches up with K’adu Larbi, one of the few artists bringing hiplife on the international stage. He tells us more about his new single ‘Take My Hand’, his upcoming album and how well he can azonto…

For the benefit of those not familiar with you who is K’adu?
I am music producer, songwriter, artist and musician. Born and raised in south London, originated from Ghana. Studied Music at the famous ACM music Academy and have been dedicated to creating and perfecting a new style of music.

How best would you describe your music?
Best description to give my music is experimental, in terms of a fusion of sounds. I love mixing genres from Afro-beats, African Dancehall, Hip-hop, RnB, Reggae, African Funky and Soca. A different blend sounds gives me the edge to cut my music across Europe and Africa.

Who or what inspired you to do music?
I’ve been inspired by some of the greatest musicians to singer-song writers from the early generation, people such as Jimmy Cliff, Michael Jackson and if moving to the present, artist such as Ne-yo, Ryan Leslie and production wise Scott Storch and Timbaland.

What has been the best experience for you in your career so far?
I think the greatest highlight so far is finally finishing my album (LIFE IS MUSIC), which took 3 years in the making. The passion and thoughts behind the songs has giving me a better insight to my music and the experiences behind it.

Tell as us about your upcoming single ‘Take My Hand’.
Take My Hand is the first single off the album. It’s a retro mixture between Afro beats, Dub-step and African Funky. The story behind the song is for my loved one to understand, no matter how much my career may shine, she will always be a priority; nothing can change my mind set, staying true and humble to what I have and how I started.

When it is coming out?
Take My Hand has already been represented on some of London’s Urban Uk/African radio stations such as RADIO REPREZENT107.3FM – BANGRAIDIO 103.6FM – RAINBOWRADIO SKY 0207 as we are now on RADIO TOUR! The official single release date will be set for mid January.

You’re working on your debut album as well. What can we expect from it?
LIFE IS MUSIC has all the elements to represent me and my style. The songs listed indicate my fears, my passions as well as the outcome situations in other people lives. Taking stories that others could possible relate to the world will surely get people interested in what has to be said as well as listening to a diverse and unique style of music.

What are your thoughts on the current music scene in Ghana?
I think the music scene In Ghana is huge right now. I see the Artists there are making a real statement on what style their trying to represent. With the stage their placed on now, I am sure they can only move forward by placing African music on a bigger scale.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the new dance craze in Ghana azonto
Yes! I’ve heard about the Azonto

How well can you do it?
I can only do it slightly, more practicing needs to be done lol

If you could work with any artist or producer in the world who would it be and why?
If I had to say one particular artist, it would have to be my main guy Sonni Balli, for he’s unique voice and style. I think he is highly underrated but I see something great about him and his music.

Finally tell us what you love about Ghana the most and why?
Lool, I can’t say much, otherwise I’d be talking forever, but what I can surely say is the food, music and the respect!

By Yaa Nyarko

Ghanaian Music: Tinchy Stryder Loving GH

Tinchy loving his home-town GLORY GHANA!

From the very beginning I’ve always been a fan of Tinchy Stryder, from the Underground single “breakaway” to the top of the charts hit “take me back” .

Tinchy_Stryder_Me_FiRi_GHANAWhat attracted me to his music was his uniqueness and versatility, he could literally make anything work fusing rock genres, love songs or simply just an awesome rapping verses which carried deep messages we could relate.

I was reading an article the other day which stated ” Tinchy Stryder’s third strike sounds a million miles from east London”. Tinchy brings such a fresh vibrant sound to the table and that’s exactly what we need in today’s generation; not the same old same old.!

It was reported that Tinchy loved returning to Ghana as he expressed how he could be normal there. The Ghanaian born star was brought up in East London , however enjoys going to visit his relatives back in Ghana. He said , ‘I’m from Ghana in West Africa and its such a fun place – everyone’s happy  and having fun and its quite colourful. I haven’t been for ages but went back last year to see my family and perform which was amazing. Some people know who I am there and some don’t so it’s quite grounding to go somewhere where people just treat you normally.’

The 24 year old rapper spoke of his love for Turkish food – but admits nothing compares to his mother’s cooking.

I would like to take this  opportunity to congratulate Tinchy Stryder for his hard work and achievements, the MeFiRi GHANA team are bursting with pride for you and ask you  to continue to be that STAR IN THE HOOD!

By Cloudia


Ghanaian Fashion: Adrien Savauge talks to…

Adrien Savauge talks to CNN about his collection

Ghanaian British Designer Adrien Sauvage is what everyone is talking about, when it comes to Men’s Fashion.

With positive media attention from the likes of GQ, Esquire, Vogue,, Financial Times and the Evening Standard, Sauvage features on CNN honoring his Ghanaian roots while embracing his English culture, for the inspiration of his designs.

At just 28 years old and born in South London, Adrien Sauvage’s is one of Ghana’s talented designers of today.


Starting up his first business as a personal shopper and stylist for both men and women, his deep knowledge of menswear came from styling to designing clothes for his male clients and realising that their sartorial needs were not being met.


In 2010 the announcement of his fashion label A.Sauvage (in partnership with his former client and Muse George Lamb) thrived in London stores such as Harrods and Matches.

To run alongside the launch of his collection, Sauvage produced a short film “This is not a Suit” which generated strong attention, landing it in the top 100 selected shots at the 2011 Sundane Film Festival.


Other publicity campaigns include Captains and Natives and the latest collection Black Volta inspired from a recent trip to Ghana.

When it comes to an A.Sauvage suit you are guaranteed clean cut, simplistic, classy, impeccable tailored and contemporary clothing with a twist of creativity.

Word on the street is that he has big plans for Ghana and we can’t wait to find out about it.


Don’t you just love a man in an A.Sauvage suit!

By Kimberley Osei-Abeyie

Fuse ODG Azonto: FREE yes FREE Download


This song has been making lots of noise on twitter. Nice piece from “Fuse ODG”. The Azonto craze is getting out of hands and the dance is off the hook which is danced everywhere even in churches. It’s the biggest Gh “movement” we’ve ever seen. The song features singer Tiffany and was produced by Kill Beatz. Now let’s get our Azonto’s on and dance to this hot track and get it on mainstream radio and TV internationally.



Introducing YOU to Lyrical Soldier

Lyrical Soldier – Debut Music Video “Unconditional”

Following a successful tour in Ghana and Australia, UK Gospel Rapper Lyrical Soldier released his debut Music Video for his latest Single, ‘Unconditional’, on Monday 7th November.

The video features appearances from Me FiRi GHANA’s favourite comedian Simply Andy, and the 2011 BEFFTA winner and 2010 MOBO Nominee Faith Child.

To be honest, this video is absolutely fantastic! So much so when writing this blog post we had the video playing in the background, but had to pause it until we finished so we could really watch it – so engrossing…

This ground breaking video was produced and directed by the talented Patrick Odur (Trail Pictures), Patrick Odur also directed the video for the UK gospel conglomerate Writeway Music for their hit song Alienated.

Lyrical Soldier has also been nominated for three prestigious awards

– GMA Ireland awards: ‘Best Rap Artist’ and ‘Best International Song of the Year’
– GUBA Award: ‘Best New Music Act’

Me FiRi GHANA has known Lyrical Soldier for a very long time, but seeing him performing on stage at the Ghana UK Based Achievement Awards and from watching this video, we are ABSOLUTELY sure God has seriously unearthed a gift within him. Let the journey begin.

Lyrical Soldier, we salute you!

Ghanaian Musician: Young Ghanaian and Efya…

Style, Swag, & Attitude…
Don’t Get Her Twisted!

For Those of you who don’t this Sassy, Soul, Singer, Efya. She is Ghana’s upcoming singer. The young lady holds a voice that would surprise you, she has has been named as one of Ghana’s most powerful vocalist. Jane Awindor, known as, ‘EFYA’ in showbiz is soon to perform in all the ten major cities (regional capitals) of Ghana and ten major cities in Nigeria, South Africa and other countries.

The talented young lady, picked up talent from a young age, as being Born into a family of media professionals – Dad, a director at the National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI) and her mum, Nana Adwoa Awindor, a media mogul and host of popular TV show, Greetings From Abroad , following into their steps she learned video editing from a very young age.

Efya’s fame shot up through the first edition of Charter House’s Stars of the Future reality show in 2006 where she was a 2nd runner up, the show formed the duo, Irene and Jane (Irene Logan – winner of the reality show) lasting for three years. They released an album, Unveiled during that time.

Efya so far has several singles including ‘For You’ and ‘Little Things’ which are currently on FIRE! One thing that makes her stand out is her music background which is deeply rooted in live stage performances, Honestly she’s a ‘TRUE SOUL DIVA’ knows how to rock her voice, and rock the house!

Efya smashed the stage whilst performing at ‘The RED LIPSTICK CONCERT‘, in Ghana a concert of empowerment for women, the event hosted Ghana’s Top female musicians, a night of dedication to special women.

EFYA, In her Own Word’s breaks it down, plain & simple:

“Efya is my name. It’s who I am and who I’ve always been, but I needed to be ‘Miss Jane’ in order to discover Efya. I’ve found out what kind of music I want to do now. The ‘Jane’ from ‘Irene and Jane’ is over; that time was for us to grow in the music industry, to know the right things to do. We spent three years working hard and now I can stand on stage and do a whole one hour performance by myself and it’s because I went through that training process. Efya is ‘Miss Jane evolved”

Efya’s got the whole package, SWAGGER, STYLE AND real ATTITUDE. So Don’t Get this young soul singer TWISTED, she says it how it is!

The single I love to bits of EFYA’S has got to be ‘LITTLE THINGS‘, the song was featured in ‘The Perfect Picture‘, starring – ‘Jackie Appiah & Chris Attoh’, the song is a sexy slow jam, with some Beautiful Twi language, intertwined with English, the song is love based, and is a BIG thumbs up for valentines day, sounds Too GOOD!

Personally what I like about EFYA, is she’s not scared to strut her stuff, as well as show the world her quirky POWERFUL voice, she’s definitely a Lady to look out for!

By Trey’C

Ghanaians have a Drinking Issue?

Ghana: Our Drinking Problem

As a Ghanaian looking from within, alcohol does not seem to be a very big part of our life and culture. The many churches and mosques preach a very strict message of zero tolerance. Many of the churches have even redefined scripture. They say without any proof that the wine at the last supper was non-alcoholic and therefore use diluted squash at their communion service. Traditionally, alcohol and water are used during naming ceremonies as symbolism for honesty and truthfulness. But it seems Ghanaians have seemingly grown so anti-alcohol many now use honey, salty water and water for naming children.

The only time alcohol is mentioned in any serious social discussion is during Christmas periods where you see commercials on telly, campaigning against drink driving and that’s about it for alcohol related issues in Ghana. I could not even tell you the legal age for drinking in Ghana it is not something that comes up in discussions because everyone is apparently a ‘non-drinker’, but in my last visit, I could not help but notice the vast number of drinking bars dotted in every corner of every street.

You would have to travel a fair distance to find a estaurant, but if you needed a drinking bar, a few steps and you will be in one before you know it.

Any little bit of space can be transformed into a drinking bar.

150 containers, marques with wonky legs and every Ghanaian’s favourite – drinking bars under a tree! All you needed were tables and chairs and you were in business.

The huge number of these bars seems to suggest it’s a pretty profitable business. Ironic how these businesses are still in operation in a seemingly non-drinking society. It’s like being able to run a successful radio station in a society full of hearing disabilities. That is the ingenuity of the Ghanaian drinking bar owner, or maybe Ghanaians are why Ghana Breweries Limited and Guinness Ghana Limited are still in business?

So Ghana has a drinking problem! Well, not the kind you would see in the streets of England. Ghanaian’s do not drink till they chuck their guts out or till they lose all recollection of the night before. Hangover is not a very common word in Ghana. Our problem is not binge drinking, our problem is denial. Clearly we do enjoy a drink, and we do drink responsibly but we do it in hiding, in dark dodgy drinking bars. We are like the little boy at school who is too ashamed to come clean about his sexuality.

It seems like it’s about time we opened up the debate on our drinking culture.

It’s not so much about the legal issues concerning alcohol consumption, it is about society accepting many of its own who enjoy a drink and they do so responsibly so why push them to hide it?

That is the problem we need to deal with, that is the discussion we need to start.

By Maclean Arthur

Afrobeats: Free Download – The Thing!


DOWNLOAD HERE: Listen & Download

To doubt the “Azonto” invasion has helped lots of artists hit the limelight. Artists like Stay Jay, Eduwodzi, Atumpan, Cash Unit and the likes have benefited hugely from the invasion. It’s amazing how one song can take an artists far. Ruff N Smooth went far with their hit song “Swagger” and so is “Atumpan”. I hope Atumapan’s song win the most popular song of the year as it’s made lots of noise these past few months. He’s remixed the song with the sensational trio “V.I.P.”  The remix reprises the same instrumental produced by “PeeWee”. Let’s listen together and get our azonto’s on and remember where you heard it 1st.


Ghanaian Music: M3nsa Mango Street Review

Album Review: M3nsa – No.1 Mango Street

M3nsa_Number one Mango TreeGhanaian hip-hop artist M3nsa, who has shared stages with the likes of Wu Tang Clan, The Roots, Gorillaz and Tony Allen to name a few, has delivered an album that is truly exceptional in its artistic quality.

No.1 Mango Street according to M3nsa, is a journey back to his musical influences, experiences and life as a kid in Ghana or to sum up, back to a happy place in his mind. Music has always been a huge part of M3nsa’s life – his father Tumi Ebo Ansah was the guitarist of the legendary group Osibisa and his mother taught him how to play the guitar and piano. Having been part of the Ghanaian hiplife scene in his earlier days, M3nsa now resides in London. With a career spanning  over 12 years now in the music business , No.1 Mango Street really captures M3nsa going “forwards ever backwards never.” He shows his versatility by displaying mastery over genres such as hiplife, hiphop, afro beats and elements of soul and jazz. Where it some cases it might feel like too much was being done on the album, M3nsa blends these genres so well together that it’s hard to believe this is his first studio album.

Though majority of the album is self-produced, M3nsa got other producers to feature on the album.  He states: “I had an amazing producer called M.A who produced the album title track and ‘We Go Rock’. M.A is a childhood friend who lived a few streets away from me. He truly understood the theme of the project and apart from that I’m a big fan of his work! I’ve also got Bosco and Seven Xavier producing on there as well, and these are all seasoned musicians I’ve known from back in the day.”

The 14-track album has sharp punch lines delivered with energy and bounce and features the optimistic and vibrant single ‘No One Knows’ featuring Asa and the club banger ‘Adjuma’. Tracks such as ‘Anaa’ and ‘Dream’ reveals a more serious side of M3nsa where he shares with us life lessons and the things he holds dear in his life. However remembering that he’s the other half of comic duo FOKN Bois, the album would not be complete with playful tracks such as ‘Kekewele Pimpin’ and ‘Biribi Wom’. A delightful surprise on the album is the track ‘Fanti Love Song’. Here M3nsa displays his sensual and romantic side on this mellow track, shying away from his usual boisterous style. But the absolute gem on this album is ‘Brkn Lngwjz’ featuring Wanlov the Kubolor, the other half of FOKN Bois, a track that captures the duo at their best.

Overall No.1 Mango Street is a testament to M3nsa’s musical achievement. By masterfully fusing various music genres together, he has created an album is authentic in its creativeness. With a successful album now safely under his belt, M3nsa is now content with currently putting the finishing touches to FOKN Bois album ‘FOKN Wit Ewe’ and coming up with ideas for the sequel to ‘Coz of Moni’.

By Yaa Nyarko

No.1 Mango Street is available on iTunes and Amazon here: