October 2011

Ghanaian Culture: Amber Rose experience…

Amber Rose shares her experience of Ghana to one of our favourite, real journalist Ameyaw. There has been a bit of negative press regarding Amber Rose, but listen to this interview carefully. Amber Rose views and opinions make sense from her perspective, especially when Amber Rose explains why she didn’t go to the rich parts of Ghana. We will share our views soon but what do YOU think of Amber Rose comments in this video? Share YOUR opinions below guys… Ps. Amber Rose to wear Me FiRi GHANA’s new Me DoR GHANA clothing range 🙂

Ghana News: Amber Rose Supports local fashion

The beautiful Amber rose was more than honoured to host one the most biggest events in Ghana this year the “ Vodafone 020 live concert”. The jaw dropping model hosted part of the event whipped from head to toe with natural fabrics; which clearly enhanced her beautifully blessed hips.

Amber_Rose_in_Ghana_Ghanaian_CultureThe model tweeted asking for any local Ghanaian designers who’d like her to wear their garment on the night should to give her a call! If Me FiRi GHANA had seen that tweet, charleeeeeee loool we would have swam to the Dome!

However, looks like the designers KNAF COUTURE and NONTERAH headed for the buzz. These Fashion Guru’s certainly showed Amber how we “Ghanaians” do it big!! The intricate designs, exaggerated but tasteful sweet costumes certainly proved what Ghana has to offer!

I have to say, as a proud British born Ghanaian I’m proud of how well Ghana is productively producing the best of the best who are helping to showcase to the world what GHANA has to flaunt off! Yes we may be an African country, but we are certainly giving France, UK and US a run for their money in the fashion industry.

To view the glamorous African inspired outfits go to:


Image http://mrsgrapevine.com/


Ghana Association Peterborough Event

The event aims to involve and enrich the community to enhance the social and cultural experiences as Ghanaians and residents of Peterborough.  Me FiRi GHANA will be present here and have a shop were we will be selling some of our Me FiRi GHANA and Me DoR GHANA Clothing

Ghanaian Culture: GHANA Flag – Who Designed it?


Flying high The Ghana Flag boxing gloves hanging in your interior mirrors in the car.

Flying high The Ghana Flag, in your windows!

Flying high The Ghana Flag as your wrist bracelet!

Flying high The Ghana Flag on your Me FiRi GHANA Shirt!

Flying high The Ghana Flag on your scarve!

Flying high The Ghana Flag on your key chains!

Flying high The Ghana Flag on your head scarves!

Flying high The Ghana Flag on your chains & blings!

Have you ever thought about who actually Designed our Ghana Flag?

We all go about, representing our country in diverse ways, but have we thought about who actually sat down and took their precious time to intricately and perfectly design our; Beautiful Flag GHANA?

Well, let me inform YOU……….

According to wikipedia,



*The Ghana Flag was designed by Mrs. Theodosia Okoh to replace the flag of the United Kingdom upon attainment of independence in 1957.

*The Ghana Flag was flown until 1959, and then reinstated in 1966.

*It consists of the Pan-African colours of red, yellow, and green, in horizontal stripes, with a black five-pointed star in the centre of the gold stripe.

*The Ghanaian flag was the first African flag after the flag of Ethiopia to feature these colours.

-The red represents the blood of those who died in the country’s struggle for independence,

-The gold represents the mineral wealth of the country,

The green symbolises the country’s rich forests and natural wealth,

& The black star stands for the lodestar of African freedom.

The black star was adopted from the flag of the Black Star Line, a shipping line incorporated by Marcus Garvey that operated from 1919-1922, also proudly giving the Ghana national football team their nickname The Black Stars.

Flag_of_GhanaSo we should be able to Fly High Our Ghanaian Flag, but to proudly Fly it High knowing what’s behind the colours, and acknowledge and have in mind the Designer. So if someone asks you about what the paint slats of your Me FiRi Ghana Top or Ghana Flag means, You know what to say!

I believe us Ghanaians are just blessed, I mean Mrs. Theodosia Okoh, designed The Perfect Flag for our Nation, The Ghana Flag was meant to be, and Mrs. Theodosia Okoh was gifted as well as talented, with the minds, and ideology of creating a masterpiece simple yet Powerful ..


Let us know what you think below!

By Trey’C