October 2011

Twi Teacher

We have to give our support to Twi Teacher.  A young Ghanaian man who is definately focused and doing his thing.

Listen to his distinctive flow in his first video release.

TEAM Ghana Stand Up!

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Ghana Football Team: Nigeria KO!

Ghana V Nigeria: Ghana Qualify for CAN 2012 (unbeaten) whilst Nigeria are knocked out!

Ghana and Nigeria warmed up for their match this Tuesday with contrasting fortunes in their final African nations cup 2012 qualifier games.

Ghana beat Sudan 2-0 (with goals from Asamoah Gyan & Jonathan Mensah) in Khartoum to book their place at the ACN finals next year. The Black Stars went through the group unbeaten, winning five and drawing one. After six rounds, Ghana finished with 16 points in the group, three more than their closest challenges Sudan.

ghana vs sudanMeanwhile Nigeria crashed out of the competition after a 2-2 draw with Guinea in Abuja, which means Nigeria have failed to qualify for the first time since 1986. After the match Super Eagles coach Samson Siasia apologised but this did not seem to appease the Nigerian fans, who reacted with great anger after the final whistle.

According to the BBC they tried to attack the media tribune at the Abuja stadium. Doors were shattered and glass broken. The fans also wanted to gain access to the players and officials. Was this really necessary? Though we should know how serious Nigerians take their football as it wasn’t too long ago the President had banned the team from playing! (ban was subsequently lifted).

However as a football fan I have to say I am quite disappointed Nigeria did not qualify. They’re fans would have added a lot of colour and passion to the competition and it’s always good when Ghana and Nigeria are in the same competition and is all the more sweeter when we beat them in CAN as we did in 2008 and 2010.

With African powerhouses Egypt & Cameroon also failing to qualify, Ghana will be in a very good position to win their first cup of nations since 1982.

Looking ahead to Tuesday’s game it will be interesting to see what will be the morale be like in the Super Eagles camp. After such a disappointing result, a loss to rivals Ghana even in a “friendly” will complete a miserable four days for the Nigerians. The Black stars of course will be on a high after their qualification and arguably start as favourites for the match.

So a very well done to the boys for qualifying for next year’s finals and let’s hope next year Ghana will be crowned African champions for the fifth time, it’s long overdue. However first things first though; Thus victory on Tuesday would cap an excellent four days for Ghana!

Leave your comments and reaction on the above.

Ben JK Anim-Antwi

Weekly Insight: Ola The Poet – The Hospital

Today’s message stems from me being hospitalised for a week. The piece below is a reflection of my views on how I saw the hospital environment and my experience. But I’m looking at it through my faith as a Christian. Exploring Real Love. The type of healing Love, that love you feel when you get visitors and good food. Now! Imagine if Love was a patient. Would you treat it?

Love is a patient,

So I’m at the A&E waiting area as an inpatient but am I that patient to wait?
They say ‘Love‘ is a losing game if you play it. As I wait I see a few
sittting down. They look like they have played it.

Three faces in particular. Promiscuity, Trust Issues and Insecurity, In a shy attempt not to acknowledge them we lock eyes, direct in their peripheral I clock a faint picture,
What I thought was an blank canvas was a painfully coloured palet.

One by one they entered the nurses clinic for assessment, each one
moves further the recovery route, willingly!

Apparently they were too ill to still be in the waiting area and hospitals have budget cuts hourly. Unfortunately! I repeatedly got told to wait.

I wasn’t ready for my recovery route. I was diagnosed with a fragmented heart. Broken pieces that were trying to stay glued together by a thread of hope.

So I waited! Time slowed down in motion when rushing. My ears saw the transformations made as my eyes tasted what recovery could be like and my lips, well my lips tingled in sensation to the thought of being free from incarnation.

A&E held me hostage. My mind was set. I wasn’t going to be impatient waiting any longer. I was going to be an inpatient moving through recovery.

I had realised only one thing was stopping me from being an outpatient and that was the blood that was shed for me. For the personification of Love is Christ himself and in him I am healed.

Looking back to seeing Promiscuity, Trust Issues & Insecurity heading to recovery. I noticed the nurses were prayer warriors and the assessment was the translation of their testimony. The recovery route was the belief in his word.

So you see, when we aren’t “READY” we are blind to our surroundings and are comfortable with wasting time. Love does not pay the bills, love does not put food on the table.

On the contrary. Love, pure Love, unconditional Love, given so freely by him inputs the tools you need to put food on the table and pay the bills.

For prayer opens up any formidable gates.

Love is a patient. If it was me. Would you treat me?

Though the FLESH wounds the SPIRIT heals.

Ghana vs Nigeria: 11th October 2011

Ghana vs Nigeria

vs OmO Naija
Banku vs Moi Moi

Basmati Rice vs Long Grain

Don’t miss out on seeing the BIGGEST Match in West Africa

Date: 11th October 2011
Venue: Watford FC Football Stadium
Address: Watfod Football Club, Vicarage Road Stadium, Vicrage Road, Watford, WD18 0ER
KO:  7:45 PM

Buy Tickets HERE: https://www.eticketing.co.uk/watfordfc/details/event.aspx?itemref=3805

Ghanaian Entrepreneur: Benny Bonsu

Ghanaian entrepreneur Benny Bonsu is soon to launch her new TV Show, The Benny Bonsu Show.

The multi talented Ghanaian entrepreneur has been talking with a number of celebrities and by what we’ve been seeing and hearing, the show is set to be one to definately tune into

Keep your eyes and ears open for the launch guys…

GHANA VS NIGERIA: What’s the beef stew

For years and years, well for as long as I can remember in my 25 years of living the unspoken feud between Ghanaians and Nigerians has been in existence. But why? When We’re practically next door neighbours.

Apart from the difference in language, our preference for the sweet smell of Basmati as oppose to bullet rice… I mean long grain is there actually any significant distinction between us. There are many myths that have caused segregation between the two nations and whilst we are so similar, I can’t help but notice some of the same points being raised when it comes to this apparent dislike we supposedly have for one another.

Some of the reoccurring statements I hear are Nigerian boys are better looking, why do Nigerian men prefer Ghanaian women, who are the better sports stars? Who produces better afro beats and most importantly WHO INVENTED JOLLOF RICE ? It has been profoundly stated by many that in fact Jollof rice comes from Sierra Leone yet us Ghanaians and Nigerians still continue to bicker over the much loved rice dish even though we quite clearly had nothing to with it. Our egos have taken control because both countries are desperate to score one point over the other. Why do we get offended if we get mistaken for one or the other and why do we continuously feel the need to argue over who has had independence first.

There are aspects of our brothers and sisters from across the ponds culture we will indeed never understand like what is the Nigerian obsession with having boys, why do most Ghanaians names begin with the letter K, Kwesi, Kwabena, Kojo then randomly Nana is thrown into the mix. The reason I decided to pose this question is because in a few weeks Ghana vs Nigeria will be taking place at Watford and already tension is building up. I have many Nigerian friends and although this unspoken beef stew is simply fun and light hearted I can’t help but feel that whoever wins this game will feel like instead of winning a friendly football match will instead feel like they’ve won the championship for best African country in the world competition. I’m here to say it doesn’t really matter because in the eyes of everyone else African is African.

Let us know what you think about this so called feud @ www.mefirighana.com or facebook and Twitter.

Audrey Indome

Ghanaian Entrepreneur: Florence Asare

Florence Asare: From Junk to Jewels!

After watching the programme “Africa Report” on Vox Africa over the weekend and with the Ghana UK Based Achievement (GUBA) awards not far off I thought I had to bring to the attention one of Ghana’s most remarkable entrepreneurs.

Florence Asare is the owner and managing director of TK Beads started a small scale business in Ghana by recycling used glass bottles. She now earns an income by transforming junk into jewels. Yes she recycles Junk people!

Florence_Asare_Ghanaian_EntreprenurFlorence began her first steps as an entrepreneur in 1986, after completing elementary school. Learning to sell beads from her cousin, she started as a vendor going from one market to the next. This early entrance into the industry gave her valuable insight and led her to consider what she could bring to the trade. There and then she decided to create her own beads and offer something. There and then she decided to create her own beads and offer something new and unique to the marketplace.ing new and unique to the marketplace.

Beginning production with just one employee, she founded TK Beads, a small scale business that specialises in the manufacture of custom designed beads in Ghana. Today, this remarkable business has grown to employ 25 people and service international, as well as local clients.

In the last few years, TK Beads has set up a showroom to display their ornate artistry. Resembling a trove of treasures, necklaces and bangles line the walls in every shape and colour

Florence’s story is a lesson to us all that it is not only the conventional route you can take to be successful. If you have an idea, believe it can be successful and have the tenacity/desire to see it through you can be successful. From bottles to beads, Florence Asare transforms junk into jewels. She is a proud business woman doing what she knows best.

Ps; Another bunch of entrepreneurs who had a vision to express Ghanaian culture/identity/roots in a cool, vibrant, funky fresh modern way. Before they knew it they had developed a brand that helped bring about unity within the Ghanaian community through providing products that express the Ghanaian Culture in the very way they envisaged.

Yes Me FiRi Ghana founders Arnold Sarfo-Kantanka & Nana Adu Sarfo are up for the Best Entrepreneur Award at 2011 GUBA Awards on Sunday 06 November 2011.

You can vote for them by CLICKING The LINK BELOW:


Ben Jk Anim-Antwi

Ghana vs Nigeria: 11th October 2011

It’s the ultimate West African grudge match! Yes Ghana v Nigeria is almost upon us and although this time it is a ‘friendly’ match the anticipation is as always high when these two vibrant nations meet. Bragging rights between two passionate sets of fans are up for grabs on Tuesday 11th October 2011 at Watford FC and nobody will want to lose even if it is a ‘friendly’.

As pointed out by Audrey Indome in her blog article (Ghana v Nigeria what’s the beef stew!   27/06/2011). Nigeria and Ghana have a playful yet fierce rivalry and no more is this more prevalent when the Black Stars and Super Eagles meet on the pitch.

However the Ghanaian – Nigerian rivalry is bigger than football. Yes indeed just like most international rivalries these two countries have a political history which brings added spice to the rivalry.


For those who don’t know, many Nigerians began moving to Ghana when we became the first independent country in the region in 1957. The relationship became sour when the flow began to shift the demographics of the country and the people became unhappy. Thus, under former Ghanaian president Kofi Abrefa Busia’s Aliens Compliance Order of 1969 Nigerians and other immigrants were forced to leave Ghana as they made up 20 percent of Ghana’s population at the time. In 1983, Nigeria deported up to 1 million Ghanaian and other African immigrants when Ghana was facing severe drought and economic problems, and another 300,000 in early 1985 on short notice. This further strained relations between the two countries. In April 1988, a joint commission for cooperation was established between Ghana and Nigeria.

A bloodless coup in August 1985 had brought Major General Ibrahim Babangida to power in Nigeria, and Rawlings took advantage of the change of administration to pay an official visit. The two leaders discussed a wide range of issues focusing on peace and prosperity within West Africa, bilateral trade, and the transition to democracy in both countries. In early January 1989, Babangida reciprocated with an official visit to Ghana, which the Provisional National Defence Council (Ghanaian government at the time) hailed as a watershed in Ghana–Nigeria relations.

Today Ghana-Nigeria political relations are quite good compared to those of the late 80’s and they are very close trade partners. However plenty of emotion is still evoked when the nations face each other in any type of competitive sport.  The fact that Ghanaians and Nigerians are two biggest sets of African ethnic groups in the UK (and mainly concentrated in London) indicates that there will be brilliant atmosphere in Watford come 11h October 2011.

Rivalries are good and can be healthy as long as the energy is channelled in the correct way. Thus this rivalry just serves as a reminder as to how passionate both Ghanaian and Nigerians are about their respective nations.

And may the best team win!.

Ben JK Anim-Antwi1

Ghanaian Culture: Black History Month

BHM(black history month) is a remembrance of the events in the history of the African diaspora.


Yaa Asantewaa (Pictured to the left) led The Ashanti Rebellion known as the War of Golden Stool.

Wherever you are in this month, try to remember what history has given us today. Black achievements, famous activists, African/Caribbean culture, African warriors, The slave trade.

What will you do, to celebrate Black history month in 2011?

This could be a month to find out more about your ancestors…

A Month to explore your tribe cultures and traditions…

A month to Explore other tribes and tradition…

I decided to write up a dedicated piece of poetry in remembrance of our Ancestors who fought for us.

A month of Reflection, A month to Cry.
A month To Remember, A month of Mine.
Visions of Pain, The Memory of Canes.

Suffering Hurt the World, Some Bought the Girls.

Screeches of Hunger.
A time Of Thunder.

Inferior Colours.
Superior Colours.
Martin Luther King.
Kwame Nkrumah.
Yaa Asantewaa.
What True Leaders.

The Slave Trade,
A time To Fade.
Warriors & Tribes,
A time To Fly.

Hope lost,
Crops Cost.
Aid was needed,
Shame was Feeded.

Tribes Ripped Apart,
Never to see their Marks.

Shedded Blood.
Floods of Dust.
Straw Homes,
Left with Bones.

Shipped slaves,
Killed Slaves.
Plantain, Plantain.
Save, Save.
Culture Stolen.
Backs were Swollen.

Haiti, Jamaica
Ghana, Nigeria
Briton our Oppressors
Never Surrendered

Tribe Hating,
Very shaming,
Country Invasion,
BIG Situation.

Educate, and teach others what you know.

Tell us your ideas Below.

By Trey’C

Ghanaian Culture: Papaye v KFC (now in Ghana)

Is this the end for Papaye?

With KFC recently opening its first store in the heart of Osu, Accra to provide services to the Ghanaian public. I thought I would pay homage to the original and one of the most recognisable fast food chains in Ghana, Papaye but also analyse what the future holds for the chain.

Papaye_GhanaWith several restaurants dotted around Accra the flagship one being located on Oxford Street in the heart of Osu.  Papaye often dubbed Ghana’s own answer to KFC! Specialises in Fried and grilled Chicken but also serves fried rice, Chips and sides of Coleslaw or Shito.

The restaurant has always been a big hit with the locals and tourists alike; I remember my first visit to Papaye with my sister in the summer of 2000. We decided to eat in; the service was also really good and staff very friendly with the manager even coming out of his office to chat to us and mistakenly confusing our London accent for an American one!  I ordered the grilled chicken with fried rice & coleslaw which since has become a personal favourite of mine.

One thing about Papaye is that the portions are so huge so you definitely get your money’s worth and leave with a full stomach. The wait for food can be slightly longer than you would have liked especially on busy days but the quality of the food is good so it seems worth it in the end.

Earlier in July of this year Papaye celebrated its 20th anniversary with a special luncheon for journalists in Accra. The restaurant has become somewhat of an institution in Ghana and will surely maintain its status for the next 20 years to come, or will it? Is the emergence of KFC in Ghana likely to spell the end for papaye? After all as an international brand KFC is huge and already has restaurants in eight other African countries. With plans to open to additional KFC restaurants in Ghana it seems Papaye will face stiff competition in the future.

Have you been to Papaye?

How did you find the experience and more importantly how does the chicken compare with KFC!?

Let us know who gets your vote BELOW:

Ben Jk Anim-Antwi