September 2011

Weekly Motivation: Ola The Poet…

“I saw a man once, sitting outside Hackney Central station.
He was wearing a grandad cap, beige I think, playing the Harmonica. The sounds drew me close to him so I stood and listened…

Each note felt my energy and I felt there’s.
That kind of harmony that makes your spine tingle,
simple does it” he said when he finished. He said “the moment of
truth defines itself when you define who you are, the moment you step out of your box and see the world”.

Faced down he looked up at me. He said “Ahhh Yes! I know you, I used to be you“.

My mind, body and soul lost sync, my emotions flyered up and like a raisin in the sun it dried and shrivelled. In the midst of all the
commotion when time moved like a still panther I saw him cry.
Can I ask you? “have you ever seen a blind man cry?,

They looked like pale blue, I watched as it journeyed from settling in his eyes to landing on my cheeks.

He asked me “does God still love me?” a question I ponder on ever
night as I sleep on my soaking pillow. I answered “everyday I wake up and everyday I walk, everyday I see and most days I eat“. He smiled.

He told me before the wind blew our seas away and the rain washed our sin. “in the beginning was the word and the word was with God”.

Baffled as to why he would say that he continued. The life of a man is not dependant on his material riches. The poorest man has more to offer than a man who is consumed with his riches. Wealth comes from within and prevails in what you do. Life breaths from within.

Its what you do with it. With a certain warmth he said “walk your path my child”.

As I walked the last 200 yards home I asked myself “if life is worth
living then why aren’t I living? Motivation comes from within so why aren’t I striving?”

A book has many chapters, I wrote a page on mine with the music from him and his words inked my cerebral like they were tattoos on my arms. I can see them. The transparent few who look beneath me and criticise, the ones who judge. The answer isn’t in your speech but in you steps, your stride, your grace.

Oh yes! The answer is YOU!!!”

By Ola The Poet

Twitter: @olathepoet

Ghanas Future: Helping Ghana! or Not…


How many times in your life have you heard a fellow Ghanaian say this, “I don’t go to Ghanaian owned stores”, I don’t let Ghanaians do my taxes, they can’t be trusted”, “I don’t go to Ghanaian churches they are so fake” and the list could go on and on and on.



If you could be honest with yourself, how many times have you said those exact words yourself? Many of us say we love our country the land of our birth or our parent’s birth, yet we don’t really support each other.

I will tell a story to explain what I mean about our lack of support for each other.

The women in my family love to shop. If there is a sale going on they call each other up to share the information and possibly find a date to drive to the sale together.



So, not long ago I was dragged along on one of these epic shopping trips with my mother and my aunt to check out a fabric store.

Walking into the fabric store, I saw two women in a corner talking as they looked through a pile that had a big sign that said 5 yards for $20. I overheard these women talking about how they would never go to the African stores to buy their lace ever again.

This store I had entered with my mother and aunt was owned by Indians. In the front they sold colourful saris and gold bracelets and in the back they sold lace and wax print cloths that African women love to purchase for different occasions.

We were at the store because my mother had heard about the store having a lace sale of 4 for $100. As my family looked over which four laces they would choose, the store started to fill with more African women who were eager to find a good deal on lace.

I just stood there quietly and looked around and kept wondering to myself if any of these ladies would flood a local African store if they had a sale like this.

In the car I asked my mother a simple question “Why don’t we support our own?” She responded by saying that sometimes our own cheat us. My mother went on to explain that if she and my aunt had gone to an African owned store to get this type of lace it would cost them $100 or more for one piece.

This experience has impacted the way I look at our community and our lack of support for each other. Im not saying that we never support each other, but let’s be honest, the majority of people support each other only when it involves weddings, baby naming, and funerals.

When I asked others why they didn’t support Ghanaians that often I heard answers about lack of respect, being cheated out of money in the past and not wanting to deal with inferior goods.

The mentality of not supporting our own is not only seen here abroad but also can be found back home on the continent. Many people don’t buy local items, everyone wants to buy international/foreign items. Did you know Ghana produces their own rice yet many Ghanaians would rather purchase their rice from places like America and Asia?

I read awhile ago about a Ghanaian cement manufacturer that had to close down operations because Ghanaians preferred to buy international cement instead. That is not were the lack of support ends. One of the best selling fast food restaurants in Ghana is not owned by Ghanaians, and concerts that get the most publicity and sell out are the ones that are headlined by international artists and have few Ghanaian artists partake in them.

My question is, where did this mentality of it being ok to not support each other come from?

What will happen in the future if we don’t support our own?

Will our businesses have to constantly close down because of our desire for foreign items?

Do you think the lack of support in our community is serious?

What do you think are some solutions to the lack of support amongst our people?

Have your say below

By Daniela Domfeh

Hiplife and Afrobeats Festival LIVE…

London Goes Afro-beat Crazy with Hiplife Festival Just weeks after Choice FM’s DJ Abrantee launched his own Afro-beats show in London, the genre seems to be having a sway on mainstream music with artists such as Snoop Dogg, Sway and Tinchy Stryder confessing to be fans. Hiplife which originally derived from Afro-beats is Africa’s version of Hip Hop.

The music genre thrives everywhere in Africa especially Ghana and is now hotting the dance floors of London. Alordia, WestCoast UK and Abrantee, the same organisers that brought the O2 Ghana Independence will be bringing you the Hiplife Festival and After Party. The 30th of September 2011 will see a line up of Ghana’s biggest Hiplife artists such as: Ruff n Smooth, Stay J, Tiffany and Kwabena Kwabena.

Thank God We Are Not A Nigerian – A joke too far??

The rivalry that exists between Ghana and Nigeria is legendary. I remember throughout high school, 6th form and eventually university, the endless debates and arguments between my Nigerian and Ghanaian friends about which country was the best. Some reasons we all gave were valid, while others were plain offensive in order to hurt the opponent. But what I remember most of all was that we never took these arguments seriously and ended up laughing at ourselves. Because despite how much we pretend to dislike each other, we have a lot in common.

Which brings me to the song by FOKN Bois ‘Thank God We Are Not A Nigerians’. Anyone familiar with this duo knows that they don’t take themselves very seriously and include a lot of humour in their work. This is why this song does not strike me as offensive. In fact I found it really funny because some of the things they say are not only true, I’ve said them myself!

It’s clear to me that this is a joke and anyone who thinks otherwise should get a sense of humour. FOKN Bois are a comic duo; this is what they do. Anyone who’s seen their film ‘Cos Ov Moni’ should not be entirely surprised. Mensa and Kobolor did not insult Nigerians; they just made fun of them. Anyone who thinks that they’re creating a gap between the two countries could not be more wrong. But if you’re a Nigerian I guess you wouldn’t see that way, as the Nigerian who made a reply insults Ghana throughout the entire song. Abi where’s your sense of humour?

By Yaa Nyarko

Ghanaian Actress Jackie Appiah

Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah added one more trophy to her growing collection of awards last weekend when she won the Nigerian Entertainment Awards for Best Pan-African Actress at a ceremony held in New York.

The actress who is currently filming in Lagos, Nigeria couldn’t avail herself at the award ceremony but has expressed her joy and excitement for winning the award.



Jackie stated in a telephone conversation that she has been celebrating the win in Lagos, since she was notified by organizers: “I feel wonderful, I am excited about winning. When they contacted me to inform me, I was like wow, God has done it again

Jackie Appiah really does do us Ghanaian’s Proud with her Unique Style of Acting!!

By Trey’C

Vodafone Ghana Music Awards

Ghana’s leading communication giant, Vodafone Ghana, is now the official title sponsor of the much celebrated Ghana Music Awards.

The new contract gives Vodafone the exclusive rights to the hugely popular event and all activities associated with it.

This means, instead of MTN Ghana Music Awards, the organizers of the event, Charter House, will now name the event Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

At a press briefing held at Citizen Kofi to announce the takeover, the Chief Marketing Officer of Vodafone Ghana, Uche Ofodile, noted, “We believe we have a lot to contribute to the music and entertainment industry in Ghana. We are excited by the new ideas and concepts Charter House have in mind for the Ghana Music Awards. It is a massive event in the calendar of the music industry and we are pleased to be able to support it. The challenges you will see in the Ghana Music Awards next year will create a more vibrant festival”.

Ghana vs Brazil

If you somehow were unable to make it down to watch the game live, The Jointsight Productions & Me FiRi GHANA collaboration have ensured our extended family did not miss out

Check out some of the match highlights and the crowd battles live and direct.

Ghana’s Cedi vs US Doller

This week it was reported that the Ghana cedi decreased in value against the dollar because business men/women (traders) were buying more of the U.S. currency to import goods for resale. This is so that manufacturers could bring raw materials into the West African Nation at a cheaper rate.


Okay, so as you (hopefully) are aware the US are in a bit of a problem, as their economy is not doing well, there is high unemployment, the country has high debts and speculation of the country’s stability is increasing; which is therefore worrying big time influencers in the US.

This has therefore led to a decrease in value of the doller. SO?

Well, as a result, the US Doller is cheaper to buy. SO?

Therefore, businessmen and women are taking advantage of the low rate and are using their cedi’s to buy more dollers so that they can purchase goods from the US at a cheaper rate; whilst the doller is cheap basically!


WAM Campaign: Sky Dive Fundraiser

To raise money in support of the WAM Campaign, Ambassador Fiifi Atta Mills, Ernest Simons, Dzifa & Members of the Me FiRi GHANA Team decided to (for some reason!) JUMP OUT OF A PLANE.

This was no ordinary thing! We were strapped against a professional and pushed out of a plane from 13,000 feet in the air.

But it is not about us. It’s about the kids we raised money for in Ghana as we supported the WAM Campaign. (More info. on WAM – happening this Christmas in Ghana – coming soon)


Fiifi_Atta_Mills_Ernest Simons_Dzifa_Me_FiRi_GHANA_Team
Fiifi_Atta_Mills_Ernest Simons_Dzifa_Me_FiRi_GHANA_Team

Miss Ghana UK 2011

We will be at Miss Ghana UK 2011 with our Me FiRi GHANA Clothing on Sale. We will be doubling up alongside Ernest Simons Photography who will be snapping away taking instand photo’s on the night.

Ladies, ensure you’ve got that pose ready and guys, practice squinting in the mirror 😉

It’s going to be a memorable night so make sure you embrace some of Ghana this Saturday

Event: MISS GHANA UK 2011
Date: 10th September 2011
Venue: Troxy
Address: 490 Commercial Rd London E1 ONX
Venue Address: Troxy 490 Commercial Rd London E1 ONX
Event Start time:  7:00 PM
Event End time: 3:00 AM

More Info: