July 2011

Fancy SkiDiving to raise money for Schools in Ghana?

Feeling brave and looking for your next challenge?

Why not take a leap from 14, 000 feet IN THE SKY to raise money as part of the WAM Campaign…

Simply fundraise £300 and not only will you have an exhilarating rush, but you will also help to support children in Ghana. The WAM Campaign is supporting 3 schools, one in Tamale (Train To Gain Academy), another in Kumasi and one in Accra  called the Family Outrech Ghana

No experience is necessary!
On the day you will jump with a Parachute instructor and the Me Firi Ghana team will be on hand before the event with tips and advice on how to raise your sponsorship money.

So if you’re ready to take the plunge and raise funds for the WAM, please read on.

Get involved:
To take part, you need to register by 29th July. Please download our information pack by getting in contact with either Jackie or Joseph on:

07932 896845


To see some of the volunteering which took place in Tamale and Accra in 2010, please see the video below

Ghanaian Culture: Takoradi To Takeover?


 One place in Ghana that has steadily emerged over the years is the city of Takoradi. Sekondi-Takoradi (as it is sometimes named), comprising the twin cities of Sekondi and Takoradi, is the capital of the Western Region of Ghana. It is Ghana’s fourth largest city and an industrial and commercial center. The chief industries are timber, plywood, shipbuilding and railroad repair. It lies on the main railway lines to Accra and Kumasi and it has a lot of beautiful beaches which also attracts tourists worldwide.

It is a place I have yet to visit but somewhere I have heard so much about. There is talk that within a few years it may become a significant city in Ghana and may hold the key to Ghana’s growing economy. One of the reasons for this is Oil! The City is currently named (although not official) as the Oil City of Ghana due to the massive discovery of oil in the western region of Ghana in 2007 and has attracted massive migration from people all over the world. When I was in Accra in December 2010 I met several Chinese businessmen all of whom said they would be stopping off at Takoradi at some point! (Which tells its own story).

Takoradi is changing and is no longer being looked at as the “old industrial port city” it once was. Instead new villas with wide verandas are being built, transport Industry is improving and the city centre is to be redeveloped with high-rise buildings to provide more space for new businesses attracted by the oil find.

But then there is always a flipside to economic boom. As the city becomes more lucrative so does the demand for investment and resources. Which usually means one thing; rising prices! Residents of the city have already spoken of rising rent charges since the oil find in 2007. Ultimately the discovery of oil and the emergence of Takoradi as the central industrial hub can only be good for Ghana. But there will be winners and losers, the emergence of Takoradi may be described as a gift and a curse. But what do you think ? Is Takoradi inevitably about to become a major Ghanaian city and overshadow Accra and Kumasi? How will this affect the people in the western region? and does anyone live or visited Takoradi and if so what are your views on the city?

Get in touch via @ www.mefirighana.com, facebook or Twitter and have your say on Takoradi.


Ben JK Anim-Antwi

Ghanaian Musician: Sarkodie Number 2?


We all know when Sarkodie first came on the scene we could not handle him. This guy Awal has the whole Sarkodie package except he’s a younger version!He be too much! I salute him *One time for your mind*


Cloudia K

Me FiRi GHANA interviews Sir Richard Branson for MTV Base Africa

Me FiRi GHANA Co-Founder had the opportunity to be one of five young people who were selected to interview Sir Richard Branson for MTV Base Africa’s NEW MEETS TV Show in conjunction with MTN

See more below and let us know what you think!

Dare to live you dreams too…

Cheryl Hudson: Blog 2 – Like a Local

Some days I actually wake up thinking I’ve lived here my whole life…

Everything is just really familiar. It didn’t that me too long to get used to everything same ways I’m starting to worry about coming back to the UK. True say I have got darker, my accent is deep and I’m far too relaxed about most things. If I say I will get there for 1pm I’m reaching at Quarter to 3 but don’t hate.. wai?

My accent is proper. Sometimes my Twi mixes Fante but its always done that. My fiancé starts a conversation in Ga and ends it in Pidgin. I was shouting at the TV the other day watching Nollywood and caught myself cussing saying “Aah you de craze papa” – a mix of twi and pidgin. The local language is just a mish mash of Ga, twi, fante and pidgin all in one, kind of universal so that everyone can be involved. I introduced myself to

Me FiRi GHANA Meets Richard Branson – Part 2

“Screw it Lets Do It”: You never know what could happen unless you try…


Never would I have imagined that I would meet let alone seek advice from Sir Richard Branson – well actually I kind of did but not think it will be at this young age! All that we the Me FiRi GHANA Team are doing is living our dream and following our passion, our love for Ghana. Never in a trillion years would we have expected such experiences to come from it. But again, I guess you never know what could happen unless you try…

The whole experience was and is still quite surreal. To meet, interview, shake the hands of, get pictures with and have 3 yes 3 Me FiRi GHANA and Me DoR GHANA T-Shirts signed by Sir Richard Branson – one of the most influential figures in the world – is respectfully still quite insane.

Richard-Branson-Signs-Me-Firi_GHANA-T-Shirt Richard-Branson-Signs-Me-FiRi-GHANA-T-Shirt

I was personally taken-a-back by just how humble, gracious and down to earth Sir Richard Branson is. Hearing how Sir Richard Branson is fuelling his passion to evoke positive change in the world with the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship based in South Africa and The Elders . Would love to meet them all to see how we can help them and how they can help us help evoke greater opportunities for young people in Ghana; hint hint cough cough MTV and MTN 🙂


Nevertheless, the key thing I took away from meeting Sir Richard Branson was when he answered my question and gave advice on business and leadership. He explained how an important element of running a successful business requires true leadership, where true leadership stems from ‘inspiring others to get the best out of them’.

I couldn’t help but be inspired and slightly overcome whereby I had to look at myself, the Me FiRi GHANA brand and the WAM Campaign. I thought to myself if the dream has taken us this far, what’s next? But the words of our annual youth led WAM campaign echoed in my ears “What About ME? It’s NOT About ME…”

Yet still, yes meeting Richard Branson was more than inspiring, but speaking with and meeting some amazing young people as shown in the group picture with Richard Branson was probably as impactful. (From Left, Belinda, Sizwe, Lil Sims, Sir Richard Branson, Ola, Sarah, Arnold Sarfo-Kantanka)

The most iconic part of the day was when Sir Richard Branson looked at my colourful Me FiRi GHANA top (yes I wore this Me FiRi GHANA top on purpose :D) and he asked me “Are you from Ghana?” which I said with a full set of teeth smile “I am indeed Sir” and Sir Richard Branson said with a smile “Yes, Ghana is a beautiful country” to which I said with a Colgate smile (“no dimplesTinie Tempah 2010) “Absolutely Sir”

MTV Base (Africa) and MTN really have made a dream come true and sharing our journey with you we hope that you too dare to dream, because that dream could soon become a reality!

This is another chapter in the Me FiRi GHANA book and hopefully just the beginning of a relationship between  Me FiRi GHANA’s “WAM Campaign”, MTV Base (Africa) and MTN as we all share the vision of “creating leaders tomorrow by inspiring the youth of today”. To this end we say, just how meeting Sir Richard Branson was an opportunity taken and a dream turned to reality, we leave you with this statement “you never know what could happen unless you try…”

Me FiRi GHANA Meets Richard Branson – Part 1

“Screw it Lets Do It”: You never know what could happen unless you try…

So a few weeks back I was 1 of 5 young people selected in the UK to meet none other than Sir Richard Branson as part of MTV Base (Africa) Meets TV Show, in conjunction with MTN.


So let’s go back to the beginning, how did the Co-Founder of Me FiRi GHANA get to meet one of the most celebrated Entrepreneurs ever… Well, an email was circulated about an opportunity to meet a successful entrepreneur as part of the MTV Base (Africa) Meets TV Show. At this point no one told us who it would be, it was just an opportunity!

So I sent an email with some details they requested and before I know it I get an email and phone call from a number with +241 (or something like that) calling me. It was one of the producers from South Africa saying that I had been shortlisted for an interview in two day’s time!

How random is that. I have always wanted to be that person who won those tickets on radio or who got selected to win a trip to America I mean Ghana 😀 but was never proactive enough to cease the opportunity and enter. This one time I do and I get short listed. C-R-A-Z-Y, well, I guess what I’m trying to say is you never know what could happen unless you try…

To cut a long story short, I get interviewed by the amazing Producer (not sure if I’m allowed to mention your name :D) for like 4 minutes and on my way to Church the next day I receive a text at 10:47 saying I’ve been selected and will need to go that same afternoon to a hotel for a de brief to then meet and interview Sir Richard Branson the day after that; the way I could have crashed my car LOLOL.


Picture Taken by Ernest Simons

Photography Picture taken by West Coast Photography

Never would I have imagined that I would meet let alone seek advice from Sir Richard Branson – well actually I kind of did but did not think it will be at this young age! All that we the Me FiRi GHANA Team are doing is living our dream and following our passion, our love for Ghana. Never in a trillion years would we have expected such experiences to come from it. But again, I guess you never know what could happen unless you try…

Ghana vs Nigeria 9th August 2011

Ghana vs Nigeria officially supports Me FiRi GHANA’s WAM Campaign

Where: Watford Football club – Vicarage Road, Watford, Hertfordshire

Date: Tuesday 9th August 2011

Time: KO 7.45pm till 9:45pm

The two West African Giants the Black Stars and the Super Eagles clash again on 9th August 2011

FIFA/UEFA match agent Justin Addo, speaking at a press conference held on the 22nd June 2011 at the Ghana High Commission said:

“There is a huge Nigerian and Ghanaian community in the UK and other parts of Europe who are keen on this game and we will make things easy for them to be able to bring their friends and families to the game. Even though the game will be

Cheryl Hudson: Blog 2 – Living The Life!

Rememeber Chery’s Blog about the challenges of uprooting back home to Ghana, the difficulties and the moments of joy she experienced? Well she’s back with the much anticipated part 2 entitled living the life. 

In my first blog, I spoke to you about what it’s like settling in Ghana and how the locals may see you when you first arrive. It really is great to be back in Ghana. I love waking up every morning to the strong powerful sun and blistering heat, the sound of people making their way across town, the smell of freshly baked bread heated up under the sun’s rays in a basket atop a sellers head and the faint sound of someone’s radio playing you the finest GH tracks. One of the best things about GH is the music. Going into your favorite places and hearing your best tracks, on the television, on the streets and on the radio is just great! I was shopping on Oxford Street in Osu browsing beautiful Ghanaian print cloths and my favorite Terry G song played! It was a brilliant shopping experience!

On the streets, people are blasting famous songs from their shops like “You say wetin” and “Mugebaya”. The artists are normally around town and so are the footballers, and there are many events with some the finest Ghanaian and Nigerian artists performing. They like hanging out. I was at Osu Park watching a football match and Batman aka Samini was there playing basketball and was simultaneously live on Hits Fm. The heat, the smell of woodchip burning and constant hustle and bustle, honking taxi’s and honking fan milk all contribute to that feeling of being back home. Trying to book appointments with wedding planners isn’t easy at the best of times and especially not when there is so much good weather and such relaxing atmosphere all around.

My newly hired wedding planner cuts through all the unnecessary time consuming, money wasting gimmicks like trying to sell wedding corks and other useless wedding paraphernalia to introduce me to my personalised Wedding plans. I feel welcome and adorned in the beautifully decorated shop and the staff feel like I’ve known them for years. Not long to go now… I was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday here on a Sunday, two days after my fiancé celebrated his. We relaxed at the fabulous Coco Beach and Agbamami’s and soaked up the wonderfully rich local culture Ghana has on offer. Although I did miss my family and friends in the UK I did feel truly blessed on my special day. It did rain though! It is currently the tropical rain season and if you usually go Ghana in December, you get there during the Sun Season with the hottest driest weather. It is now peak time for rainstorms and wetness. The velocity of the storms is enthralling. I love the crack of thunder, it’s so piercing it hits you like a Dolby surround sound audio and the flash of lighting is like a thousand light bulbs being lit in the heavens; and when it rains, the rain drops hit hard like pieces of iron being pelted at the soil hitting the ground with a thud. Once the clouds roll over the horizon, the fresh smell of rain greets you as do mammoth puddles and steamed air.

 The adverse weather can also affect the energy systems here where the pipes can shut at any time and so can the electricity, an experience also known as “Lights Off”. I do feel that there should be more in the way of investment by the Government towards these services as doing so would dramatically enhance the standard of living in Ghana. What I love about Ghana is how humble it is. Everyone appreciates everything a lot more. Every bite is savored, every moment is treasured and friendships are built to last forever. Community living is a big part of life here, where your neighbors can come to your house at anytime and you watch out for one another as tradition and culture binds people together. Every day I am astounded by the beauty of Ghana that is so pure, rich and authentic. There are some things that just cannot be bought. Is Ghanaian life understated?