January 2011

WAM Campaign: Christmas in GHANA Pt 2

The Week Before – Part 1

So we are in Accra and are ready to start reaching out to people living in Ghana and on holiday in Ghana to see who would be able to spend some of their time with the kids in the school when we see a blackberry status update from one of the Team Members saying “Flight Cancelled!”

Okay, so we are sooo confused because every day in Ghana felt like a day trapped in a sauna. The mornings were greeted with the sound of those annoying cockerels and a wave of heat which a cool bucket bath usually helped to neutralise loool. But unbeknown to us London was having one of the coldest winters it’s ever had in 100 years with heavy snow storms. The team member informed us how their airline had rescheduled their flight to

MFG: Quote of the Day

“Nothing great is ever accomplished in life without enthusiasm…”

WAM Campaign: Christmas in GHANA

DAY 1: The beginning – “Everybody hates Chris”

As you may be aware, Me FiRi GHANA went to Accra and Tamale to pursue their WAM Project; a Project designed to support and help develop the lives and opportunities for orphans and less fortunate kids in Ghana. The Project was established in partnership with the creative Ernest Simons and our youth Patron Fiifi Atta Mills.

But what is WAM all about? Well, WAM is an acronym which stands for “What About Me” and the slogan for the WAM Project is “What About Me? It’s Not about ME…  insinuating that we think about ourselves quite a lot of the time, but really need to realise that life is more than about ourselves, part of it is about helping others…

We wanted to blog from Ghana but time and some dodgy internet connections didn’t enable us to do so. Non-the-less, hopefully you followed us on twitter (@Me_FiRi_GHANA) and saw our #ilovemycountry tweets and pictures. If you didn’t, we are about to share and blog with you about the experience… (Please feel free to comment below 🙂 )

Pre Flight

From the moment we stepped off the plan and the hot air at Kotoko airport touched the back of our throats the journey was a madness. When you talk about taking a leap in faith or facing challenges in life that continuously try to hold you back, well that is exactly how the journey began!

So let’s back track to day 1 in London. Two of the Me FiRi GHANA Team jetted off on Friday 17th December from Heathrow at 22:46 but we almost didn’t even make it past check-in! No it’s not because we had overweight luggage (which one of us did but hey, it’s a GH flight). But one of us had a homer Simpson moment and forgot the pin number for our card to pay for the flight tickets (we reserved our tickets the Thursday afternoon before so had to pay for the tickets at the airport – last minute we know – imagine)

Homer Simpson

None the less, by the grace of God we managed to pay for our tickets using another card and we were

MFG: Quote of the Day

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted…” Albert Einstein

Me FiRi GHANA in Music Video with Alicia Keys ???

So why did Me FiRi GHANA feature in one of the most high profile music videos of 2010, alongside worldwide celebrities such as Emmanuel Jal, Alicia Keys, George Clooney, Richard Branson, Ernest Simons, Kele Le Roc and Kofi Annan…???

(See Me FiRi GHANA at 1min 50 sec alongside Ernest Simons)

Well, one bitterly cold afternoon just before Christmas we were invited by a close friend for the “We Want Peace Campaign” Video Shoot from Sudanese music sensation Emmanuel Jal. Unbeknown to us this was not your average rendezvous and since we had never been part of a music video before, from the moment we stepped into the building we felt overwhelmed by the moment.

But let’s back track a little. Who is Emmanuel Jal? Well as a bit of background Emmanuel Jal created a campaign entitled “We Want Peace” and is using his musical gift to spread the message about peace to make the world stand up and realise about the Sudanese election which has now taken place. The main ideology behind this and the reason for the gathering of celebrities, who also backed the campaign, was at the worry of another civil war breaking out as a result of the election. The last civil war saw more than 2 million people lose their lives in 1983, with a further 4 million people said to be displaced; such figures are recorded as being some of the highest since World War II…

For more about Emmanuel Jal, listen to our good friend Ras Kwame as he interviews the former child-soldier turn rapper about his amazing journey, his efforts towards building a better Sudan and why he turned down a major role in the Hollywood blockbuster, Prince of Persia.

Emmanuel Jal has got to be one of the most humble celebrities we have met. One could literally walk past him and not realise that the reason why so many people were gathered for the video shoot was for his music video. Our brief conversation with Emmanuel was fascinating yet inspiring as he spoke briefly about the reason/importance of the video whilst also discussing the history of Africa; especially the close relationship between the Sudanese and Ghanaian people.

Given the above mentioned and this momentous campaign that Emmanuel Jal and his team have decided to take around the world, we have to encourage you all to help spread the message of peace and support Emmanuel Jal and his team as they too help to spread the message of peaceful unity.

Ghana Music: MFG’s Tune for 2011 is…

If you were in Ghana in the last two months then you know that this tune is the bangger for 2011

To be honest, we feel that youtube does not do this tune justice. A serious sound system is required to allow the base to express itself with your hips loool

Comment below and let us know whether its a thumbs up or thumbs down for you…