November 2010

Me FiRi GHANA Inspired: Quote of the Day

The greatest gift you can give to someone is your time because  you are giving some part of your life which you can never get back

Ghana Football Team: 5 Man Shortlist named…

Marcel Desailly is still in the running to become Ghana’s coach after being named in a five-man shortlist for the post on Monday.

The list drawn up by the Ghana Football Association (GFA) also includes ex-Morocco coach Humberto Cuelho.

It is completed by former Partizan Belgrade coach Goran Stevanovic, Turkish coach Can Vanli and Herbert Addo, who coaches in Ghana.

Ghana are looking for a successor to the Serbian Milovan Rajevac.

Rajevac did not …

The Editors Corner: Charity Begins At Home

As we sit in the comfort of our homes watching TV, eating our dinner or chatting away on our Blackberries it’s very easy to forget just how privileged we are.

For many of us Afribritish youth our grandparents and parents came from the motherland in search of a better life, working hard to establish themselves so they could provide their children with more opportunities than what they may have had back home. As Africans our strong work ethic and determination is a quality we should be extremely proud of and one which most of our parents instil in us from a young age. “If you don’t study hard you will not go to university and get a good job” my mum says as I’m on my way to nursery. An exaggeration to say the least but the point is that as African people we’ve heard statements like these for as long as we can remember and I will also be reinforcing the same message to my children one day.
A lot of us are fortunate enough to be able to go to University and study the subjects we enjoy, are good at or know will get us a good job one day but for thousands of African youth this simply is not an option and we know how the story goes. This is why it is vital that we combine our skills, take our knowledge and use it to benefit our country and there is a lot we can do….

6 Hours Till Christmas UK Premiere

A very cold and frosty Friday marked the premiere of the blockbuster movie, 6 Hours to Christmas at the O2 iMax cinema in Greenwich, London. The red carpet was rolled out as people eagerly waited to see the main cast Chris Attoh and Damilola Adegebite who flew in from Accra Ghana to greet their fans and the media.

Once the red carpet frenzy was over everyone took there seats to listen to the producer and director Shirley Frimpong Manso and the actors say a few words of thanks. The film was not your typical African black magic, poor camera work and shocking special affects you normally expect, from the off you were gripped by the chemistry between the characters Reggie and Pebbles, not to mention the humor which had the whole auditorium in stitches. The twists and turns came thick and fast, the audience were gasping at each one. The predicaments Reggie found himself in were elaborate and extremely funny. So much so that it threatened to border the unrealistic then the twist of all twists came with put everything into perspective. A well made film was greeted at the end by a rousing round of applause, Shirley should be very proud of her creation and the actors for their execution.

I fully recommend everyone to make sure they watch this film during the festive season. Its sure to bring you some christmas cheer!

Me FiRi GHANA Inspired: Quote of the Day

Sometimes a small thing you do can mean everything in another person’s life

Have a listen to the below audio to get even more inspiration this Monday Morning…

Me FiRi GHANA Inspired: Quote of the Day

When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us

DJ Ras Kwame in Accra on Radio 1 tonight at 9pm!!!

Make sure you catch this on the most influential radio station in the country Radio 1 tonight at 9pm. As part of Radio 1’s international music focus, DJ Ras Kwame spent 2 weeks in Accra learning about the thriving music scene.

Also, click here to listen to Ras Kwame’s last Radio 1 Ghana special which broadcasted on Saturday night. UK DJ Richy Pitch delivers a Ghana-influenced Wake Up Mix inspired by his time there recording his latest album, while on the live music side, UK-based Ghanaian rapper M3nsa gives us a Maida Vale Session. Plus the Hottest Homegrown record comes courtesy of another Ghanaian – Lethal B.

Funny prank call. Can you relate to the conversation LOL

Absolutely hilarious.

The “Older brother” needs to receive a grammy for his performance.

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What’s happened to Ghanaian highlife???

Highlife music can be best described as the most ‘authentic’ of Ghanaian music. Since its inception in the early 20th century, highlife has and still remains close to many Ghanaians’ hearts. Early highlife incorporated ‘ashiko’ and ‘osibibasa’ styles. Highlife then developed 3 distinctive styles; guitar band, brass band and ballroom dance band.

WWII impacted highlife by bringing swing and jazz to the West African shores. Along with swing and jazz also came Caribbean music. With these influences highlife took on a ‘modern’ sound, blending together Trinidadian calypso, military brass-band music and Cuban ‘son’ with other African forms. This new style of highlife was personified by E.T Mensah and his band, the Tempos, who reigned the highlife scene in 1940s and ‘50s. The band’s ability to sing in many of the Ghanaian dialects including Twi, Hausa, Ga and Ewe as well as English gained them recognition not just in Ghana but in the UK as well. Other bands of this period included Jerry Hansen and the Ramblers International Band and Uhuru.

The exodus of many Ghanaian musicians…