10 Years Of Sabre Charitable Trust Ghana… #‎HappyFromElmina‬

Coz They’re Happy!

The Sabre Cahritable Trust are happy! and so they should be as they celebrated their tenth birthday this month. To help them celebrate they have teamed up with AECOM Technology Corporation have pledged to donate up to £10,000 – £1 for every like and £5 for every share of Sabre’s promotional video – Happy from Elmina.

Sabre are a charitable trust with an developed educational system in rural (very rural!) areas of Ghana. Leaving an educational platform, in tandem with purpose built, low tech, low impact sustainable buildings. Their philosophy extends to using a local and often unskilled workforce, leaving them with valuable commodifiable skills on completion.


To have achieved what they have when to be frank they can be  faced with bureaucracy narrow focus is incredible. They are a great group, delivering a great deal in a decade on pure invention, determination and sacrifice – they really do deserve to be supported and celebrated.

For more information on Sabre and the work that they do check out their website –

Now all that’s left to do Check out the promo video below and get happy while you like and share!


Me Firi Ghana (@Me_FiRi_GHANA)